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4 months old and in perfect working order. The tension part was replaced under warranty and the new one has less than 10 hours on it. I'll send you both the old and new as you can still use the old one, the spring just doesn't "lock" down for convenience.

No STDs or other communicable diseases. Fully cleaned and disinfected with isopropyl alcohol. Looking for $320 US (shipping included for continental US). Will ship int'l for whatever the rate is with your preferred shipper. Includes all the original packaging.

Please DM me.


Why are you selling it? Did it work for you?
55, married, diagnosed at 50, have tried Pentox and now using proextender.  30 degree curve upward about 1.5 inches from head...profound shortening.


I'm also selling my device.

It's been a real blessing for me over the past year and a half. I'm done with my Peyronies Disease treatment now and I'm ready to pass on the device to anyone else who needs it.

I just made a listing on eBay for those who're interested.

See for my progress. Significant girth improvement, some length improvement.

Feel free to PM with any questions or concerns.


Quote from: Blake420 on January 29, 2021, 07:57:32 PM
Why are you selling it? Did it work for you?

I had a very, very mild curvature. It worked for that. Didn't get any measurable length or girth, but I only wore for the indicated amount of time.


Hey Ashanti. Thanks for sharing your link. You have a couple of watchers, so it should sell easily. Always impresses me how people can buy used stuff like this but I'm not opposed to it.
I born checked the album and the reduction on curvature was very cool to see! Congrats! Why not go further?


 Hey do you guys still have this restorex for sale? I'm in UK and can't seem to get hold of one..cheers