Eswt and scarring

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Anyone experienced shockwawe treatment lead to peyronies or scarring? I think I had more scarring after two treatments.
Slight curvature to the left when erect (10-15) More curvature when flaccid. Severe pain. Anxious. Got diagnosed with Peyronies Disease chronic phase in 2016. New injury 5 months ago. Been seeing several urologists wich all say its not peyronies. 38 years old.


i did 8 sessions of eswt and developed a new plaque some weeks after the last session. it might be connected, it might not be.... who knows? i would not do it again.
30yrs, diagnosed in feb. 2018 after possible injury (not sure), 4 plaques, 4 dents, S-surve, 30° right/45° up curve, tingle in the legs, sometimes penile pain an depressed.



are those actually confirmed plaques? its hard for me to understand this and your situation as apparently you are getting new "plaques" virtually all the time. form xiaflex to ESWT to changing the volume of your hearing aids. its really strange. im just wondering as eswt is considered safe for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, do people with Peyronies have to basically keep their penis in a scaffold as any harsh movement, any sexual activity, virtually anything really can make peyronies worse or cause new plaques years after onset? basically its confines you to a life of depression and loneliness if you dont get an implant because any rough sexual activity cannot be done at least not with a clear mind? what kind of life is that? surely having peyronies at a young age means you'll get it over and over again over your life? how depressing is this thought, I cannot describe
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