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I just wondered if anyone has tried the clear penis extender sheath.
They are reasonable cheap and made of a thick soft plastic.
I thought about using plenty of lubricant, putting it on when semi-erect and allowing it to grow inside the device.
Or am I being too simplistic.


Hi there, fellow UK resident.

What are you trying to achieve by using the sheath?
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Maybe the thickness of the plastic would lessen the bend, help to break up the plaque.
It was just a thought!


I too have looked at these.

Only concern is that they are totally straight so I would be putting my curved cock inside.

Quite like the idea of getting my girth/length back to give the OH a good seeing to, just like the old days!
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I saw a guy on youtube that uses this for penis enlargment and sells them on amazon for a really high price. I have wondered about it to and where to buy the tubing to make my own. Seems like a simple hassle free way to stretch out the penis and where it all day long without any problems.