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Title: Leave of Absence
Post by: Larry H on September 30, 2006, 11:52:20 AM
As some of you may know I have my house on the market here in VA for a planned relocation to south Texas. This is requiring some time to research the real estate market in the San Antonio area through the internet, my son who lives there, and a real estate agent. Simply stated I'll need to be in a position to act when I get a contract on my home here.

In addition, a part time golf course job I took on when I retired has mushroomed into a full time job. The course owner has asked me to help him through a bind with course maintenance. Then to cap all of this off, my son and I are in the early stages of setting up a national sales agency operating out of San Antonio.

All of the above has left me with virtually no time to properly attend to PDS matters, and a building frustration over not being able to do a proper job for the PDS. In view of this I have asked Hawk to grant me a leave of absence until I can relocate and return to a more normal daily routine. I hate to be in this position at a time when many exciting things are beginning to happen with our efforts. However, I must realistically assess my current situation and act accordingly. I have requested that I retain access to the TT and other areas of the PDS site, and I will stay in contact with Hawk. I want to follow the forum as much as time allows and try to become active again ASAP.

There are several issues that are left hanging, one of which is the letter that I wrote to Julian Osbon the owner of Augusta Medical. He has not responded and it has been my intention to bring this to the attention of the forum. However, I have had some conflicting thoughts on the matter. On one hand it seems incredible that a reputable manufacturer of medical devices would not respond to such a letter, but perhaps he has good reason not to do so. We know that they took a pretty had hit from the FDA on their promotion of the Soma Correct for treatment of Peyronies Disease. So much so that they won't mention Peyronies Disease in any way shape or form. The Augusta sales rep would would not even acknowledge Peyronies Disease when I discussed the Soma Correct with him some time ago, only Erectile Dysfunction. Would it then not stand to reason the Osbon would not formally and officially acknowledge the fact that an Augusta employee did in fact try to promote the Soma Correct for the treatment of Peyronies Disease. Just a thought on this matter for you consideration.

If any of you wish to communicate with with me at any time please do so at "[email protected]" or by PM. It may be a couple of days before I get back to you, but I will do so.

Thanks for your understanding as I try to get my affairs back to normal.

Title: Re: Leave of Absence
Post by: Hawk on October 01, 2006, 09:27:10 PM
Blink who has the background, and who has worked with Larry, has agreed to to assume the role of "Acting Director of Awareness" during Larry's leave of absence.  I thank him and all of you for your contributions in this community.

I look forward to Larry getting settled and back into full activity, and hope this gives him the break he needs.

Larry has indicated that he will still follow up on some pending issues and that he may work on a project or two but that he needs the option to redirect his attention as circimstances may demand.

Title: Good Luck Larry
Post by: Liam on October 01, 2006, 10:36:02 PM
Larry, sounds like you have a plate full.  Good luck in your endeavors.  We appreciate your work and know you "ain't finished", yet.

Blink, Good luck in your new roll.  I think you are the perfect person to continue Larry's work and to add your own skills to the effort.
Title: Re: Leave of Absence
Post by: Larry H on October 02, 2006, 06:19:44 PM

Thanks much, I've been putting this off for several weeks but it needed to be done. I'll be around and perhaps the freedom from "deadlines" will actually allow me to be a little more active.

Blink, you'll do a fine job and contact me at any time. I'm not fading away, just dropping back to punt.

Title: Re: Blink and Larry
Post by: ComeBacKid on October 09, 2006, 10:44:59 PM

A personal thanks for your efforts in the Peyronies Disease awareness arena, we need more people like you, I hope you have a good move and we will see you back here in no time. 


Congrats with your new role, I think you will make a hell of a guy to do the job with your energy.  Hows the brochure coming a long?  Do you have any good ideas for Peyronies Disease awareness?  What do you think of a mass mailing campaign to doctors as we talked about previously.
Title: Re: Leave of Absence
Post by: Blink on October 10, 2006, 03:26:35 PM
Larry, I've been busy lately so I must apologize for not contacting you earlier. I hope all goes well for you. A very big" Thank You" for all you have done and will do to further our cause. I have some big shoes to fill, I will do my best to keep up your good work. God Bless You! Keep the Faith...Blink
Title: Re: Leave of Absence
Post by: Larry H on October 10, 2006, 05:20:52 PM

Thanks for the kind words. I'll be around so feel free to contact me anytime at "[email protected]" or PM. I'll be glad to help all I can. I'm not running away but I do need to concentrate on some pressing issues none the of which is a 1700 mile move.

Thanks Much,