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Xiaflex Injections / Re: First Round Administered
Last post by FlyGuy876 - Today at 07:54:03 PM

My apologies for not posting back sooner. Been busy with work/life/family. So, after the first round didn't really see any change. We decided to go for round 2 (which should be administered soon) as it can take a few rounds to see change, per the Dr. Curious if it is even worth it and if surgery is the better solution then this game and drawn out process, especially after seeing the cost/insurance break down for this. CVS Speciality sure misled me on the cost. Oh well, ugh!

I'll update again after 2nd round. Sure hoping minimal pain and bruising is the same as the 1st time.
I am really hoping that this is only anxiety but I don't think so since I can feel deformities and the pain is situated there. I also started to see a twist which is not helping with the anxiety. I'm lucky to have been able to get an appointment with an urologist who has more experience with Peyronie's in two days, thought it'll cost me 350$ and I'm terrified to get the diagnosis.
Introduce Yourself / Re: 46 YO waiting for my first...
Last post by Diedrich - Today at 02:59:27 PM
Thanks for the responses! I ordered Restorex and started using that last week. I really can't wait to try the makeup pads to see if that's more comfortable/convenient than wrapping. Such Fun...

I already started a list of questions to ask and get some clarity. This forum and the links have been invaluable.

Mentally, I think I'm fine, my penis never was a huge part of my identity or masculinity. We've been avoiding sex as erections are painful right now so I'm hoping the Dr. Has some suggestions. My husband has been extremely understanding and supportive which is probably why mentally, I'm doing alright.
ngl the ultrasound / injection tomorrow has me stressed out!

almost a decade of being in denial / shame / being undiagnosed comes to an end though!
Introduce Yourself / Selling Used RestoreX
Last post by NC - Today at 02:35:31 PM
Hello, I am new to this forum. I am currently selling my RestoreX Traction Therapy device. I noticed slight improvements with curvature. I didn't take any measurements, but I did notice that my pain went away, and therefore I no longer need it. I have never had a problem with it, but I do highly recommend using the coban as suggested by the company. The device is listed on ebay:

The device has been thoroughly cleaned and well maintained; however, it is always a good idea to clean it again.
Alternative Treatments of Peyronie's Disease / antidepressants
Last post by 20yo - Today at 01:37:20 PM
today i went to the pharmacy to take vitamin e
i asked the pharmacist if it was effective against fibrosis, she said there are more specific molecules for that.
i told her i was taking MSM and she said that worked (my urologist prescribed to me "limbica")
also i mentioned i was taking brintellix, an antidepresant, and she said it was also useful for fibrosis, because it acts by reducing anxiety and making tissues softer, something like that. She said the studied seem to prove that indeed antidepressants have an effect on fibrosis
Penile Implants / Re: Dr Eid on sick leave
Last post by tomas1 - Today at 01:19:59 PM
Hmm, I'll have to check if Waveboy went to Dr Cardone.
Go to a well rated urologist and ask them for pain therapy and they may recommend you some that know about the pelvic  floor and maybe penis. But i guess the pain specialists wont touch your penis anyway.

Also dont rule out Pudendal Neuralgia and Hard Flaccid syndrome. I for example noticed that some stretched like deep squat that are not recommended with PN can flare up my symtptoms. But not always. My condition is also very strange, after all this time i still can not tell what really causes it and why there is sometimes sudden relief

Do you often flex your glutes unconsciously ? I do this very often, sitting, standing, unconsciously. I  am not sure if this is just a natural defense reaction to the pain or if it is part of the problem or even root. So i try to relax it whenever i remember
It sounds like Prostatitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

Aches in scrotum and burning sensation towards urethra point to this.