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Welcome to Dr. Landon Trost - Directly answering member questions in the "Medical Professionals" section below the Treatment boards.,16512.0.html

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 on: Yesterday at 11:44:11 PM 
Started by khasselbach - Last post by chrisaaa7
Hey Man, sorry to hear about your situation, there is a lot of useful information on this forum that can help. Everyone’s story/experience/recovery is different but by doing some research I’m sure you can find some things to help you. Good luck !

 on: Yesterday at 10:04:09 PM 
Started by khasselbach - Last post by khasselbach
Hello. I’m 37 yo and I was diagnosed after a traumatic intercourse experience. Penis wasn’t hard enough (drinking) and bent hard on a thrust. Could’ve used more lube too. Honestly thought I fractured it. Felt like a large painful nodule in mid shaft. No change in color. Went to urologist immediately and thought it could’ve been Mondor’s but a bit early for Peyronie’s plaque. No clinical signs of fracture.  In retrospect, I actually remember feeling a plaque in my penis while taking a piss before this injury, but it was smaller. I think I’ve had the disease for a while and the most recent traumatic episode in December was a reinjury. Makes me wonder how many people walking around with plaques subclinically.
Anyways, first thing my uro recommended was RestoreX and that was hard to use til I read the forum and somebody recommended using makeup pads. Game changer.
Starting taking the basic supplements. Also in my urology appointment my blood pressure was 170/110 so I went back to my PCP and got evaluated. Tried to eat healthier and exercise but eventually started on Losartan after recording high pressure at home. Eventually prescribed Pentox but haven’t taken it more than a week so far. Been putting a red light on the plaque during traction to help break down the fibrosis.
I just got a VED and trying some different topicals after traction. Considering DMSO but not the Thacker formula. Hesitant to mix DMSO with various agents but I bought a text on it so may start trying it out. Applying castor oil at night. Quit drinking alcohol recently and it’s been hard to quit Zyn, but nicotine is a vasoconstrictor so certainly not helping anything.
Nodule is getting smaller and less painful. Sex and masturbation were near impossible first 1-2 months after injury but that’s slowly getting better. Dorsal deformity seems to be improving as well but it’s hard to tell without a consistent sexual partner.
If you made it this far, I’m impressed. Thanks for reading and to everybody sharing information.


 on: Yesterday at 09:04:13 PM 
Started by Obsie - Last post by westerntown
I see a chirporactor once weekly to work on spinal correction, and pelvic floor. Everyday after our sessions i use the pemf for 3000hz. I feel it in my hips and sacrum when using. That being said, I dont know if its helping, however, i recently have been feeling better for a multitude of factors (got some relief in my lower back doing back stretches and core work) and if the pemf helped that would be awseome, however Id imagine it didnt. Its important to note, I never used the pemf on my penis. And i dont think you should- the chiro would have likely mentioned if that was a possible avenue to explore. Just my 2 cents, take care now

 on: Yesterday at 08:35:39 PM 
Started by P11050 - Last post by P11050
What your getting from me is I’m pretty darn happy with my results.   To call my results life changing for my wife and I would be an understatement. 

I spent the last 18 months doing what most people on this forum likely do.  Continuously searching for something to help me.  Same google searches.  Same articles.  Praying something new would come up.  It’s not a stretch to say that this can be a condition that can consume you psychologically.  Our sexuality and expression of it are central to who most of us are.

I read posts on this forum over and over for those 18 months and debated whether to post after my results.  In the end I felt like I had an obligation to share it.

And yes.  What he is doing is different.  And the studies he’s published show that.  That’s why I posted. 

The whole point is controlled fractures.  That’s the goal.  Most guys who have a fracture are sent to the ER where they have emergency surgery and terrible outcomes that make it worse. 

An update on myself.  I’m now 6 weeks out.  Swelling is completely subsided.  I have no erectile function loss.

As a scientist you know that there are differing levels of scientific evidence.

Case reports, all the way up to double blinded studies that cost tens of millions of dollars.  Legitimate scientists/practitioners offer what they have to their communities to be peer reviewed, which he has done.  No one is doing multi million dollar double blinded studies out of their office.  Studies of lesser levels of evidence are really a call to action to your peers for better studies which are very burdensome and $$.

I know if no one challenging his published results.  He was the head of Andrology at Mayo.

Honestly, I just felt like I’d be selfish if I just scanned this forum for my own benefit but didn’t share my experience.

If Dr. Trost is treating human beings, I’m quite sure he has some grumpy/unsatisfied patients too.  My experience was remarkable.  I’m grateful.  It completely changed the trajectory of my life.  I do feel I’d be selfish not to share.

 on: Yesterday at 08:25:35 PM 
Started by TonySa - Last post by Bak
Sorry but I disagree.

I am a scientist and this is not how a scientific study is done properly.
Dr. Trost has clear conflict of interests in these studies and in RestoreX. He previously worked at Mayo, so your argument is not really strong.

In the studies that he did when her combined traction devices+Xiaflex he compared RestoreX only to other very "crappy" traction devices. He did not compare it to PeniMaster PRO for instance, but only to very old and bad devices. This is not how one should make scientific studies: if you want to show that a traction device is better, you should compare it with the best existing ones on the market, not only to old and bad ones.

 on: Yesterday at 07:59:54 PM 
Started by Curvekiller94 - Last post by Tobyg
This gives me hope.

 on: Yesterday at 06:06:41 PM 
Started by shrunken_dick - Last post by Stepone
Understood, but as I said the Titan restored my girth.
BUT, you need to have a meeting with a HIGH VOLUME implant doctor and find out what they can do for you.
I am not sure where you live, but I would definitely check them out and get real answers.

 on: Yesterday at 05:44:17 PM 
Started by Hawk - Last post by Henry1953
Thanks for the information in your reply, as well as from your many other posts.

I got Peyronies Disease in January 2021. I was told by my first urologist to take lots of vitamin E and wait 6 months before I came back, and it probably would be healed by then on its own. After a bit of research I decided to find a new and better informed urologist. My new urologist referred me to Restorex, as I indicated I wanted to start with a more conservative treatment first before jumping into plication, incisions, implants, etc. I started Restorex three months ago. After 4 weeks I started to get blisters and a possible genital wart, probably due to the self adhesive tape. My urologist put me on Imiquimod and it cleared everything up. At this time I can have intercourse, and that's with a 90% erection and a 30 degree curvature. I just started Restorex again today and hopefully will be able to complete the full three month treatment without any further issues. I'm hoping that at the end of three months I won't have to have any type of corrective surgery, but if I do, I'll just do some due diligence on high-volume and successful surgeons. If does get to that point, I'm currently leaning towards Dr. Karpman in California, as he appears to be pretty highly rated and isn't that far from my location.

 on: Yesterday at 05:19:26 PM 
Started by james1947 - Last post by Bak
Name: Bak
Date: May 16, 2022
Level of calcification (if any): mild/low level of calcification
Result: Neutral
Number Of Shots: 8 (4 cycles of 2 shots each, every 6 weeks)
Doctor: James Kashanian, NYC
Modeling: Self, manual and via RestoreX
Summary: Each cycle was made of 2 injections a week. I had 4 cycles in total, each cycle every 6 weeks. The curvature measurement were made prior the first injection of each cycle, in the doctor office. To measure the curvature, I received a medication (injection) to stimulate erection, and the measurement was made with erect penis.

1. Prior to my 1st cycle the curvature was 55 degree, pointing upward.
2. At the beginning of the 2nd cycle, the curvature had worsen to 65-70 degrees. I also developed a bruise after the 2nd injection of this cycle, but not big deal, it went away in one week with no complications
3. At the beginning of the 3rd cycle, the curvature was 55 degrees again.
4. At the beginning of the 4th cycle, the curvature was 45 degrees. I developed a bruise after the 1st injection of this cycle which then went away in a week with no complications.

I am now waiting a few weeks and doing only manipulation with RestoreX and will then decide whether to continue with more Xiaflex injections or not.

 on: Yesterday at 04:50:29 PM 
Started by P11050 - Last post by Bak
To be honest, your messages and story just sound like good publicity/advertisement for Dr. Trost.

His paper are peer reviewed, true. I read some of those and they have either no control groups, or they have controls which are not statistically significant. To be honest, I was not convinced by his research - I am a scientist myself too and I do science as a profession.

I wished what Dr. Trost says it is true, but his findings and methods do not seem to match what other people obtained with the same techniques.

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