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Title: years of pain a few questions
Post by: blonelu on July 27, 2013, 02:12:27 PM
I have searched and read for weeks here and elseware. Lots of good info. Thanks.

My story.

Blunt  trauma 16 years ago @ the very base of penis.
Constant pain while flaccid or erect.
More pain when ejaculating, and constant pain is worse for a few days after ejaculating.
Semi circular lump/scar/plaque?
Lump is about the size of a standard marble, its mostly on the left side but kind of wraps half way around
Very localised urethra stricture, weak urination
Major lower back injuries a few years before and several years after the incident.
Bacterial prostitutes 7 and 15 years after the  trauma
I guess caused by urine backflowing to prostate due to stricture???? First case was @age 26....

The Incident
I was obsessed that my penis was very slightly angled to the left (not bent or curved)
so stupid me I would frequently  try to manipulate it like a chiropractor adjusts your spine.......
I got to placing one finger against my pelvis on the right side of penis base then bend the shaft to the right with my other hand.
One night i was to forceful, heard a pop went instantly limp and felt lots of pain.
The blood drained into my sac and it and the base of my shaft were black and blue for several days.
I never went to a doctor just hoped it would heal.

I started being woken up by painful half erections.
a few weeks later I masterbated result was allot of pain.
The constant pain and ejaculation pain lessened over time. Then got really bad with the prostate issue. At that time (8 years later) I went to a urologist.

Ive been to three  urologists since they are all pretty dismissive about the pain.
The first tried to put a scope into bladder but couldn't get past the stricture so he put me under general Anastasia and forced through. He said it might be neurological and we tried some meds but said there was nothing else to do. It was Flomax  and something else. Meds didn't help.

The last guy did a retrograde , showed me the stricture. He scheduled a surgery said he would make a few cuts on the inside of urethra and leave a catheter in for a while.
I asked what he would do if the urethra was not damaged just squeezed down by the scar/plaque.
He said it didn't matter he would cut and expand anyways. But he didn't. He went in there found the wall to be collapsed but not damaged.
Now he is ignoring the scar that is exactly where the stricture is, saying its neurological from muscle spasm and to maybe try talk/cognitive therapy...meditation.....etc
He said the muscle was totally clenched up even under general Anastasia, and said he st reached the stricture out from the inside.....WTF

I can understand the muscle tension thing but if its totally clenched when I'm out cold how will cognitive therapy help??????

So now I'm out money and insurance, but found a free clinic that hopefully will perscribe something for the pain.

I have read that nothing is particular effective, but I'd like suggestions for next weeks appointment.

Also should I tell this doc that's nerve pain or muscle tension pain?

Thanks     sorry for the long post.
Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: NeoV on July 28, 2013, 07:38:38 AM
I'm truly sorry to hear about all of this.

Money being an issue is just awful along with pain/problems. If you broke your penis, which it sounds like you did, it is considered an emergency that should be treated immediately. I'm sorry you did not treat it but honestly I'm not sure if treatment would have fixed it or not, I think most people do not have a 100% recovery after a penile fracture.

My advice is what works for me, and so it may not help everyone. Your case deserves special attention, as does all of ours. I cannot properly diagnose you or tell you what to do at this point since I am new to this forum, but I can give you advice based on my pain issues that are prostate and peyronies related.

I highly recommend you try to relax your pelvic floor muscles via squatting and reverse kegels. Squat down on the floor and push slightly, aka a "reverse kegel". Squatting can do wonders for pelvic clenching. I and another on this forum, as well as many on a separate one found that ejaculating only while squatting and making sure to never clench in order to achieve orgasm helps significantly for post ejaculatory pain. I've been pain free for over a month by being very careful with my ejaculations. Avoid sitting while masturbating, avoid orgasming with a weaker than 100% erection, and make sure you are fully turned on. Personally I cannot even orgasm while lying on my back because of the resulting pain. Try standing up or squatting. Squatting will allow you to really push and allow for multiple ejaculatory "pumps" as their called. Also stay hydrated and avoid foods that result in any kind of inflammation.

If your issue is from scar tissue on the tunica indenting the urethra, you could try very gentle stretching of the penis but I cannot honestly advise you to try this due to the dangers associated with it. My urethra is also indented, in fact only my urethra is indented from my peyronies, and no where else. Stretching my penis out straight has helped smooth out the dent and made urination easier. Please be very very careful whatever you do.

I am also helped a lot by icing my penis. If you did break your penis, ice would have been of a lot of help. A lot of doctors will simply put you on anti inflammatory and recommend ice for what might be a minor break, while others will operate.

If you are in constant pain, I recommend taking a break from ejaculation and applying ice to the penis. If you do ejaculate, make it a clean one with no clenching and try squatting.

That's all I can really say, since my prostate/urethra issues are just as confusing for me as for you or anyone. Other members here may be able to give you more concrete advice. Good luck!

Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: james1947 on July 28, 2013, 05:16:48 PM

Uncompetitive doctors have everywhere. You should prepare yourself for the appointment so I am proposing you to read everything you can to understand better what you may have.
Regarding pain, Pentox has helped and is helping many forum members, it is advised also by all the leading Peyronies specialist.
Pentox helps to have better blood flow into the penis and in combination with low dose Cialis may soften and reduce the plaque.
Sorry you are here :( but welcome to the forum :)

Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: blonelu on August 27, 2013, 09:37:43 PM
Well I got no help from the clinic, but hey it was free.

About two weeks ago I started doing allot of the things that are recommended in these forums.
I quit smoking, started taking all of the most recommended OTC supplements,  and am applying heat to the the area frequently. I'd like to get a blood flow test done because my penis is constantly very cold and shriveled up.

So far the only thing that is helping is applying heat to the area.
It really helps with the pain, but the coldness and pain return pretty quick after i remove the heat.

Thanks for all the help.
Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: Norm on August 27, 2013, 10:18:39 PM
Two things you said make me pretty sure that you have a blood flow problem, just as you suspect: 1) is that your penis is cold and shriveled, and 2) that heat helps. You probably need something more powerful than the supplements. Pentox and Cialis are popular choices here. I take both myself and it really helps the penis hang fuller. You need to find a good Uro who can write these scrips for you. If you can't, there are a few reputable online pharmacies you can try.
Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: inkhorn on August 28, 2013, 07:05:31 AM
Norm- Speaking of hanging fuller, I've noticed that since I've been using traction, I hang much fuller when flaccid.Even though that cuts the blood flow off temporarily.When I have the time I try to follow right behind it with VED, kinda like an exercise routine. Inkhorn
Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: jackp on August 28, 2013, 11:59:25 AM
To confirm a blood flow problem you need to see a urologist and have a Color Doppler. It is a simple, painless, ultra shound wher they check your blood flow flaccid then inject PGE1 to procuce an erection and check the blood flow again.

Title: Re: years of pain a few questions
Post by: J Francois Eid, MD on July 07, 2022, 07:43:34 AM
Very sorry to hear about your ordeal with pain. I will refrain from commenting on the urethral injury. I am not an expert in reconstructive urology and there are many experts in that domain that can be more helpful. It's also often difficult to diagnose the cause of chronic persistent penile pain and one needs a complete evaluation including physical examination in order to make any meaningful comments.