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Quote from: alex75 on January 26, 2023, 01:17:23 PMHi I explane to you my situation and hope can help someone.Already are 6 years from when I started with IPP,very severe at beginning and I was very sad...Year after year a little better.And now is a good situation.Need a lot of patience.Lot of months,What I changed from then?No more curvature or pain,plaque is gone away using Castor Oil too.This progress thanks by changing only my health status;no more smoke,no more drink alcoohl,eating a lot of stagional fruits and vegetables,no SUGAR!,no waste food.High quality beef and fresh fish,in synthesis biological foods.I do a lot of sport like running and especially heavy weights for keep high testoterone level.Sleep about 9/10 hours/day.Positive thinking ever and be happy the most time possible.Our body can repair all damage if we put it in the right situation,giving it the time that it need.Be positive everything's gonnna be alright.

This Is some very positive news.. thank you for sharing
It gives mme some hope
Hello dear members,

I wanted to ask if anyone else is from Austria and can recommend a doctor here or, for example: knows Dr. Kühhas and has had experiences with him? Or can anyone here recommend anyone?

I would then post before and after photos or keep you up to date.

Would be very happy.

Warm greetings
Hello Willi,

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I've searched the forum but would like an opinion on a recent case. I'm from Austria and I'm wondering where the best option is to have an operation here. Or should I start a thread here and ask? I would also be willing to post before and after pictures as well as describe the whole process or capture it with pictures.
Ive had a similar experience greycat. Things look better in VED than without. Still holding out hope that i can close the gap. One thing i watch out for is if the foreskin area is starting to puff up with fluid it can make it look like the narrowing/dent is filling out, which can be misleading and should be a sign i think to take a break or lower pressure.
Introduce Yourself / New Here
Last post by Bobo1955 - Yesterday at 10:25:07 PM
Officially diagnosed today. Plaque, 30degree bend to the left with an indentation on the left.
Experiencing constant low grade flaccid pain that increases when I lay down to sleep and is reduced when I am active and working out. I am roughly 6 months in and refraining from any sexual activity. No pain during erection but pain after ejaculation for roughly 24-48 hours. Pain changes from week to week, sometimes aching, sometimes a burning on the outside in the location of the banding. Changes from day to day and pain dissapears completely only to return a day later.
Prescribed Pentox, Cialis, and supplied information for a traction device. Working with a Peyronies specialist from my urology group.
Thanks for the support here.
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Bud luck diary
Last post by Bud luck - Yesterday at 08:49:24 PM
It was a O Zone therapy combined with a PRP shot,the injections were very painful, for a while my penis was more sensitive and my orgasms stronger but the erections weren't harder, it just felt more sensitive. A month after the shot I felt my nighttime erections weaker and I mentioned to the wacko 'Dr', she said that wasn't related to the shot, then everyday I masturbate between 3 to 4 times a day, and sometimes vigorously while it was soft.Around two months after the injection is when I developed the rotation and the penis root weakness,so maybe the injection caused me inflammation that later turned into fibrosis causing worse deformity.
Penile Implants / Re: Pain post implant
Last post by jj21 - Yesterday at 08:29:24 PM
I've been really interested in AveravBlokes journey as well as he is also from Australia. 

I dont think he has been very active on the forums (I could be wrong).

I spoke to Dr Eid about Peyronies pain, he advised that usually post-implant, pain from peyronies does subside but there is no guarantee. 

What is the latest news? I also plan to see Dr Morey once I am stable.
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Bud luck diary
Last post by Atoka - Yesterday at 06:12:27 PM
I am sorry for what you are going through.  I understand it.  I am also sorry to press this point, but I will ask again.  Do you remember if after the prp shot, did you vigorously masterbate and perhaps injure yourself?  Or were your gentle and this was not an issue? At that time, was there high pressure erections due to the shot? 

I ask again, to be very clear, because if we can separate the our the issues, maybe we can understand what the cause of trauma is. 

Again, I am sorry to press, and if you are not comfortable thinking it through and answering I understand.
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Bud luck diary
Last post by Bud luck - Yesterday at 05:09:55 PM
I masturbate sometimes with a half erection,because I had the feeling to need to ejaculated often, I don't really know what happened to me, I just keep experimenting and getting worse every time, I just have to accept my situation and stop doing things. Now I'm also very depressed so that is making everything worse