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Title: Some improvement - WARNING - pics included
Post by: jj21 on April 20, 2019, 11:13:16 AM
First pic is early March after 2 months on Pentox and Cialis daily.

Second pic is just 20th April after 3 and half Months Pentox + Cialis daily + 1 month VED + 2 weeks light manual traction.

Prior to the first pic my curvature was a bit worse, unfortunately I dont have a pic of this however my Uro does and I will get it off him.

Have started to slowly gain some girth back I think. You can visually see in the pics - the first pic the base is a bit thinner than the second pic. The curvature also seems to have improved from the base. Still about an inch down in length but I am able to have sex and erections are good.

The main issue at the moment is the hinge point, there two hinge point where my erection is still a bit bendy and this can make sex difficult - if anyone has any tips or advice on this I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm hopeful that it will continue to improve and I will straighten out but to anyone who is reading this do have hope - watch all NeoV's videos on his youtube channel and start the treatments. Get to a good Uro ASAP and don't waste time. I wasted six months with a useless Uro before starting pentox etc.

Title: Re: Some improvement - WARNING - pics included
Post by: jj21 on April 20, 2019, 09:14:00 PM
Thanks bro... I can do a comparison with flaccid the problem is the shape of my flaccid is constantly changing - at times it's completely normal, other times it twists to the left and usually when laying down it will roll to the left and a bit upwards (same direction as curvature so I presume that's from plaque/scar tissue).

I just started heat therapy actually and noticed my flaccid penis takes a good shape while applying heat, also get erect quicker i'm presuming from the heat promoting blood flow to the area.

What you described doesn't sound like peyronies (but still could be) as your erect penis hasn't changed in size (I presume hasn't changed in shape either).

Should see a doc perhaps, could also be pelvic floor issues or fitness related as you say.

Try the keto diet man, it's great for weight loss. I've done it before and will be doing it again in a few months.

Title: Re: Some improvement - WARNING - pics included
Post by: jj21 on April 29, 2019, 12:28:05 AM
Newuser - Thanks a lot, i'll answer your questions below:

Cialis daily - at 5mg a day I don't really experience any side effects. However, it's common for people on higher doses (using 10-20mg as needed) to experience headaches, blocked nose etc. I usually take these before bed.

Pentox - 3 times a day I usually spread these out and have them with meals it helps reduce the nausea. I also experienced some depression, anxiety, insomnia and heartburn. Over about a month the side effects decreased. I now rarely get heartburn or insomnia and perhaps slight anxiety. The pentox does have  a somewhat stimulant effect. Keep in mind it effects everyone differently so you may not experience these sides.

I am seeing a urologist who specialises in peyronies - he did the ultrasound and prescribed the medication. Prior to this I saw a different urologist who just brushed me aside and advised it wasn't peyronies. All he did was prescribe me cialis as needed (20mg) and rushed me out of his office. So make sure you find a good urologist willing to treat you and who specialises in peyronies. Keep trying as the quicker you start treatment the better.

Theres also a list of doctors on this site somewhere so if you're located close by try and see one of them.

Start treatment ASAP and stop masturbating or erection checking. I noticed the last few weeks complete abstinence seems to help a lot.

Good luck
Title: Re: Some improvement - WARNING - pics included
Post by: jj21 on May 04, 2019, 05:21:35 AM
Program - the ultrasound didn't show any scar tissue but the doc could feel some fibrosis. Doesn't mean the scar tissue isn't there it just doesn't always show up or is subtle (as explained by my doc).

If I were you i'd still get it though, it also can show if there's a venous leak.