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Title: For a penile injury, is it safe to attempt to use scar reducing treatments?
Post by: unsureincognito on July 11, 2022, 09:43:15 AM
the midshaft on my penis it is bent and their is a moderate lump of 'protective' scar tissue surrounding the area, from my own observations... and what I've learnt, this is of course there as a sort of compensatory adaptation to protect against further damage and/or give the area a chance to heal. I have not done nofap, but it's been a year since then, currently not truly sexually active, although if I was I do have to consider that there's a big chance I'd suffer further 'slight' injuries in the future anyway, I can't consider surgery or constant treatment every time a minor injury appears, they're probably fairly common actually.

For the actual 'bust' in the middle though, this is something I wanted to ask about and hopefully someone can offer some guidance. Would it even be a good idea to try to reduce that scar tissue volume given that's it's essentially the thing that stands between the CC bending further in a way that isn't exactly natural, therefor 'exposing' the damaged area and opening me up for more pain and or, again, further risk of injury? I mean I have seen this, the scar tissue from an injury (not from the progressive type of this disease) does serve a purpose.

Elsewise I just wait and try nofap with vitamin e, that might work given I only have a 'mild' case, some days are better than others especially after abstinence I can still get hard with minimal pain, and feel something, but I am just wondering if 'targeting' the midshaft would be worth it treatment-wise. Injections (asked my doc about tablets and injections but they did not think it would be useful to me, and I can only get them through a uro at best), have been used for a while throughout many, with mostly good results, however I don't know about lasting implications/after effects or the like after injections from usage though...

What do you think?
Title: Re: For a penile injury, is it safe to attempt to use scar reducing treatments?
Post by: Bud luck on July 20, 2022, 03:03:35 PM
I did get a P-shot injection that made my penis worse, also the Shockwave therapy made it worse. But everyone  is different, maybe would work for you