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What was you VAC injury? I ask because when I first started with Erectile Dysfunction I tried using a VED without good research and problem worsened. After looking back I was doing it all wrong.
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Last post by richestorags - Today at 09:23:39 AM
Partial update: Dr. Trost phoned in a prescription for Indomethacin (anti inflammatory). Swelling from the blowup is receding and the purple blotches are fading. RestoreX use has resumed. Clamping still hurts but it has to be done. My (unit) has what looks to be a dent where the plaque was. I continue to wrap at night as to avoid a blowout from nocturnal erections.
I use trimix 13. Works great but I have burning as soon as injected that continue sometime into the next day. If I use for more than 2 times a week I get residual swelling for a day or two. I will occasionally get some feeling down my right leg with use. Had Erectile Dysfunction for 6 years with very gradual worsening to point pills stopped working and switched to injection 16 months ago. I have noticed an onset of a slight upward curve and some loss of girth from mid shaft distally up to an inch difference from lower shaft. My wife is used to my size and the latter has me checking into surgery so I don't continue to lose. I have done some research and it looks as if I need to make an appointment with Dr. Eid for a consultation. I did order a restorer and hoping that will help. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Last post by Hawk - Today at 09:15:23 AM
I have reached out to Dr. Haaky within the last week about including his name on our list.  I just have not heard back from him yet.  Due in part to location and the excellent reports by three forum members, He would likely be my choice if I could not have Dr. Eid.
Quote from: Patrick321 on March 30, 2023, 06:51:08 PMI think porn addiction/over- masturbating, have sex with a weak erection, forceful masturbating with a weak erection, stretching are most causes for Peyronies. Bending/buckling/over-working a weak erection is the starting point for Peyronies.

Buckling is the key word above. That is exactly how the specialists describe it. When you have a weak erection and there is enough force to cause buckling. An example often used is when you take a short straw and hold it between your thumb and finger and squeeze until it buckles. At the buckle point there is now a crease and this is where scarring and plaque can form.

Where I clearly disagree with you is that you include overuse and stretching in your thinking. Of course, overuse will cause a weakened erection which will make you susceptible to buckling/trauma. You are free to believe whatever you want. But stretching and/or overuse does not cause the type of trauma as with buckling. This is key to understanding what causes Peyronies and understanding why stretching with VED/traction may help.
I agree that your deformity is not bad, and should not cause any problems. I have to ask how long as your erection been this way? I mean how much of this could be congenital?
Quote from: unsureincognito on March 27, 2023, 03:24:07 PMInstead I wanted to try ventripamil or something else but my gp doesn't prescribe that and I don't think the uro I have been sent to does either, it's like they aren't willing to consider other options or they simply just don't have it or aren't trained.

If you originally had a penile fracture, I am not sure what to recommend as we don't have much experience with that on this forum. A deformity from penile fracture is definitely different the a curve caused by Peyronies Disease.

If you have Peyronies Disease (this needs to be confirmed) then generally a urologist will do injections to soften the plaque. Verapamil is an older drug I don't think is used any longer. It essentially was replaced by Xiaflex. Search for "Xiaflex injections" on this site for more information. These injections do not have the thigh rate of success originally hoped for but is a first step prior to surgery. And these injections are not know to correct extreme curves. For example, if you have a 7 degree curve you might only see a 30 degree improvement from Xiaflex injections which still leaves you with a 40 degree curve.

This may be why your doctor is suggesting surgery right out of the gate. If you have an extreme curve, or truly a penile fracture then surgery might be you only option.
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Last post by Jamesevan - Today at 08:21:40 AM
Hi, this is James. 29 years old.

I am new here as I'm recently been diagnosed with peyronies disease. I'm 29 years old and my symptoms started 2 years back with a constant urethral Bruning. I have been to different uros then and every single one of them diagnosed as chronic prostatitis. They might have been right too since the symptoms pointed to prostatitis/cpps, reduced urine flow, constant pain in urethra, burning after urination.

Fast forward 1 year I felt my erections were hard to get and felt like a stone. I have been prone Masturbating since early teens and this might have caused microtrauma over the years. I have been noticing my penis feeling disconnected, pointing to one side on flaccid, but then oneday I noticed a bent to the left. I freaked out as it was there when I was erect too. Combined with Erectile Dysfunction, bent and Erection, I visited a uro. He did tissue sonography and found calcified plaques on the tunica and cc. I was shocked as I heard it, was this end of everything?

Forward to two months, I have come to terms with this, I still have anxiety as I might never have a functional penis again. My curve hasnt got worse but the Erectile Dysfunction is still bad. It works on cialis but I don't know for how long. I'm still young, so worried about my future relationships and can't think of Implants at such a young age. I really hope there were more treatment options in this disease. My doc said there is nothing much that can be done other than surgery. I am currently on vitamin e and colchicine. Xialfex won't probably work as plaque is calcified. I hope oneday I will get this diseases behind me, for now it's difficult to live with it messing you. I am still hopefull, and trying to have a positive outlook towards life, and hopefully we have some effective treatments in the future.
Quote from: brdman13 on March 30, 2023, 07:48:26 PMAnyone know if there are any Doctors in America that will do Pentox injections.

Did you mean Xiaflex injections? The protocol is generally to do Xiaflex injections first to see if they work before surgery. Unless you have an extreme curve. You might want to share some additional symptoms you are experiencing as it will aid members here to offer any advice.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduction
Last post by Mikel7 - Today at 05:39:55 AM
Welcome Nironus to the forum. First line of busines is would you please fill out your signature line --> Signature Line . This will give other members a quick snapshot all about your condition. Then you need to download and study our survival guide --> Survival Guide . This will educate you more regarding peyronies and it's different treatments.

The first thing you should do is to be careful with masturbation. I know you are young and your T levels are probably pretty high but you need to keep it at a minimum now and use a lot of lube and be gentle. Pain is an indicator that something is not right. You said that Cialis gives you headaches, maybe you should try the 2.5 mg dose. Some side effects of it lessen after about 2 to 3 weeks of taking it for some men. This medication is beneficial and can reduce your inflammation and promote healing along with improving erections.

If I were you I would try to find one more Dr, preferably a peyronies specialist if it is all possible. If you are close to Chicago I highly recommend Dr Levine at Rush medical center , or even Dr Trost in Utah.

Study up on traction therapy as I also believe this could be of some benefit for you. Then there is VED therapy which also helps a lot of guys. Read the forum and you will learn more and more which will help you in the long run of things.

I would also ask you if your are health conscious? Do you exercise? Weight train? Eat healthy? This will help your body out with inflammation and also help you in your lifetime with laying down some good habit patterns.

You do need to keep your mind in order and not obsess over this. Yes it is not easy at times but you must adopt a mindset that this is a marathon and not a sprint. You will not conquer this in a month as it takes time and patience and dedication. Distract your mind with video games, walking, doing things you enjoy. Read a good book, do some push ups, etc...

The one thing that you do have in your favor is that you are young and can heal faster than us older gents here. Don't despair and feel like this is going to get worse. You may be through with the worst part already and are on the road to healing. Our minds can play tricks on us at times.

      Mikel7  :)