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Title: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on February 26, 2020, 08:16:41 PM
3 weeks till my revision. Lgx to replace titan.

I went for my pre surgery testing and will chat with my urologist surgeon on Friday for one last time before the surgery.

My history. March 2019, after dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, peyronies, hourglassing, plaque, and venous leaks for almost 3 years before having a titan implant put in. I had an 18 cm plus 1 rte put in for 19 cm total. Right after surgery I was about 5.5 inches and I was straight. My surgical notes stated after implant was put in and cycled I still had a curvature of 30 degrees. Modeling was done and notes said implant straightened it out.

I have a journal for that journey. I will say I was totally happy with the titan and the implant. My viewpoint was if this thing breaks I will get it fixed. Straight and got most of my length back.

Summer 2019 I developed a hernia in my groin. It was very close to my reservoir location. I dealt with the pain till dec. Decided to get the hernia fixed and scheduled for jan. Met with the hernia surgeon twice. Asked if he would want a ct scan to make sure where tubes and reservoir is. Said it was not needed. Hernia surgery would not affect the implant.

Night before implant pumped up and was a solid 6.5 inches. 5.5 flaccid with my titan. As I said totally happy.

One week after hernia surgery tried to pump up. 10 pumps and bulb collapsed. No hard penis. Deflated tried again. Same thing happened. Immediately scheduled meeting with original implant surgeon as well as hernia surgeon.

Hernia surgeon said it was a coincidence. Not related.

Original implant surgeon said, it was probably a pump issue and hernia surgery should not affect implant. He would recommend just fixing the pump as that was probably the issue. Tugging in the groin could have affected tube connections. It really was not a real issue. He inspected me thoroughly. While there I asked about a prominent ridge on my left side of the penis at the groin. It is a dog ear. No problem. Will see about a repair.

Decided to see my general doc as I was not happy with either viewpoint.  He referred me to a new urologist in town. Made an appt. He does implants regularly but only 2 to 3 a month. First thing he ordered was a ct scan. Reservoir is empty. Saline is actually visible around reservoir on the ct. He also did not like the protrusion of some the tubes in my groin as well as a very hard dog ear projection the left side of my penis.

He recommended a removal and replacement. The tubes from pump to reservoir, as well as reservoir needs to be changed. Pump should also be changed since tubes are being replaced.  Should just change it all and start fresh.

We discussed my history with Erectile Dysfunction and peyronies. The titan fixed it and have not had any issues in the past year. Love my titan. I would have no problem keeping it.

He discussed taking the titan out and putting an lgx in. I told him I had no interest in a cx at all. I also have one tip shorter than the other. He said the tips could be evened out and should get another cm added to the length. This should be the 18 cm lgx with a 2 cm rte. He did not think I am ready for a 21 cm lgx but would see. I was concerned about the lgx and peyronies. He said since titan was in for the past year it would be good and the lgx would give me some relief from the hard ridges protruding from my penis and limit possibility of any erosion.

At this point nervous as hell. Not about the implant. Getting that fixed. Just wondering about the lgx and the new surgeon. I am a bit stuck as I am going to need both a general surgeon and my urologist surgeon in the or. Hernia mesh will need to be redone at same time reservoir and tubing is placed as it looks like the reservoir may be tied to the mesh.

Insurance approvals are done. At this point just waiting till the 18th. I am going local this time for several personal reasons. I guess I will see how it all goes. Whatever happens it will be interesting to compare the new lgx to the titan. One bright spot hopefully is i already have 19 cm total cylinders and rtes now so i am hopeful i should not get shortened and might get another 1 or 2 cm for 20 or 21 total length cylinders.

I will keep you all posted on how things go. I will say the new doc has already given me antibiotics and gabapentin to start 5 days before surgery to get a start on the infection risk with the revision surgery.

I do wonder how recovery will be. Last time was pretty easy for the most part.


Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Hawk on February 26, 2020, 11:48:08 PM
How did the issues with the warranty on the Titan shake out?   Is your insurance just footing the bill?  Is Coloplast paying for the LGX??

Wonder why they don't just disconnect tubes, leave the deflated reservoir in and put the new reservoir on the other side from the mesh unless.  My understanding is that it is typical to leave the old deflated reservoir.  That way they would not have to redo the mesh.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on February 27, 2020, 10:02:25 AM
I got all the approvals on tuesday for insurance coverage for the removal and replacement including paying for new implant. My circumstances are probably unusual. The reservoir and and tubing need to be taken out of my groin and not left in. Since they are going to be tugging and pulling a lot in the area it was thought a whole revision would be best. They did not want to take a chance and prefer to make sure everything works when I leave the or and my only issues would be the normal ones.

Those are bad enough as it is. Well 3 weeks till my next adventure.

No worries, no concerns, no anxiety. Just wish it was sooner but my wife is recovering from her surgery for next few weeks. So that is as soon as I could do it.

One observation is, i have had a straight, hard penis from march 7 2019 until January 6 2020. Then soft or as soft as deflated titans get, which is a semi. It is not hard enough to do anything with though. I look down and it is looking down like a chastised dog. I want it looking up at me all excited and looking for our next adventure.

Getting this fixed asap. Why go through life with a soft one when I can have a hard one. It is just a little pain to get through to get to the reward. Hell both my knees hurt worse than the pain from my first implant surgery. And they hurt all the time. Implant surgery pain goes away eventually.

3 very long weeks. At least I am still over 5.5 inches flaccid with the titan cylinders deflated keeping me some length.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on February 27, 2020, 10:07:20 AM
Good luck and prayers for you Sw01.

Let us know the date when you get close, so we can all be thinking of you.

Thanks for sharing.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: tomas1 on February 27, 2020, 02:56:17 PM
I also wish you well on your new implant.
I wonder if they will tell you if the tubing had been nicked in the hernia surgery,
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on February 27, 2020, 09:18:20 PM
Hey SW! Time to test out a VED on your penis just for the sake of it?
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on February 27, 2020, 10:13:09 PM
I definitely have nothing to lose with using the ved. I still only get about .5 inch growth. So I am pretty stuck on the 6.5 length I was when fully pumped.

I figure I am going to have pretty detailed op notes from the surgeons involved in the follow up. In this day and age they can gloss over a routine surgery but are normally required to note any abnormal situations. My hernia surgery op notes said everything went fine and nothing out of the ordinary was noted.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on March 08, 2020, 11:33:30 PM
Well about 9 days till my revision. I visited my new surgeons. I am first up for the day at 6 am. Insurance has all been approved. Tubing issue is actually getting worse in my groin.

My granddaughter jumped in my lap and I thought I was going to have to go to er. I saw stars for sure. Not sure what is going on with tubing but it is protruding more from my groin and noticeably hard.

Nervous as can be. Mainly just about the lgx. Went back to see urologist again and he assured me I should have no worries. I have a flaccid 6 inch penis. No hourglass any more. No curve. No plaque he or I could find. Not sure where it went.

I have a prominent fold at the base of my penis on one side from the titan cylinders which the urologist is concerned about for potential erosion. One main reason he wants to replace the entire implant with the lgx. After cycling for a year one tip is lower in the glans than it was, and the other tip is now even lower.

So now I have bad reservoir, tubing, and a potential erosion issue, along with uneven tips.

So, food for thought. Get the best doc you can for whatever surgery you are having done. DO NOT GET A HERNIA FIXED WITHOUT YOUR DOC DOING A CT AND KNOWING WHERE THE F YOUR IMPLANT PARTS ARE. IF HE WONT DO IT WALK AWAY.

I am going local for a few reasons. 1. I am needing a team to fix this who have worked together. 2. My wife cannot travel very far for a while due to her health issues which are not good. 3. I want this fixed and actually feel comfortable with my local urologist and surgeon.

Just nervous about the lgx. I loved what the titan did for my curve, hourglass, and plaque. Hopefully the lgx is plenty hard when pumped I will not be having sex with a semi and reinjured my penis.

Worst case scenario is revision 3 back to titan. You have to stay positive and laugh somewhat at this stuff or we would all go crazy. As my wife says. It's perspective. 3 surgeries for her and she still has an opening from her brain straight into her ear canal. Still discussing the next one for her in a few months.

I and she though still like my hard pumped up male appendage when the stars all line up and she is into having sex. It might not happen as often as either her or I wish. But by god I am getting my implant fixed so if she has the energy I am ready.

One thing I can do is compare the 2 devices as far as non peyronies issue goes. For peyronies I do not think anything beats a titan.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on March 09, 2020, 01:12:07 AM
Hey man... that is a lot on your plate right now... try to stay strong through all this! Hopefully you will be better off this time around. A lot of folks around say the Lgx also gets "super hard" and they don't need the titan, so i am curious to see what your thoughts will be!
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on March 18, 2020, 06:44:55 AM
Well sitting in preop. Just got stuck with the biggest iv needle they have. Running several different kinds of antibiotics in me for the next hour or so.

I ws also given 5 days worth of antibiotics and gabapentin which I took the 5 days before surgery to help with any risk of infection.

Nervous as hell. Not for implant though. I want that back in and operating ASAP. Mainly just for the issues with the hernia mesh and reservoir. I was already informed I may end up with a couple incisions in my groin area in order to get to it and keep hernia fixed.

Nervous about lgx and what size cylinders doc uses. I have no control over that and hate it. Right now I have 19 cm cylinders. Hoping for at least 20 cm total. It would be nice if he could get the 21 cm lgx in without potential tip erosion issues.

 I will be happy after all is said and done to have my last erect size with the titan of 6.5 inches long and 5.5 girth. I hope the LGX gets me back there. The doc said he would put the longest cylinder he could with the fewest rtes.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on March 18, 2020, 07:49:07 AM
Good luck bud, we are hoping for a successful surgery for you.
Bear hugs and prayers
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Roddy on March 18, 2020, 12:09:15 PM
Good luck SW01. You’re maybe out the other side now. I hope everything went well.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on March 18, 2020, 12:53:54 PM
Good luck SW01! Though times to be under the knife now... Hopefully everything will go well.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: TonySa on March 18, 2020, 09:25:49 PM
Hope your recovery is going well!  I’ve found the revision recovery much smoother than the original install.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Hawk on March 19, 2020, 12:19:04 PM
Best wishes!  Anxious to hear back from you.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on March 20, 2020, 01:54:09 PM
2 days after surgery. I was lucky to get surgery. One of the last ones before they were stopped at my hospital due to the virus.

I have to say, I woke up and saw the doc. He was smiling and told me I would probably want to know first that he did upsize me to 18 cm cylinders plus 2 rtes for a total length of 20 cm. He was also able to remove all of the old pieces of the titan and hoped that would take care the pain in my groin.

Surgery went a bit long at over 3 hours. He did spend some time looking for the reason for the reservoir leak but found no obvious cuts or tears. He then installed the new lgx.

Last year I spent the night in the hospital on an iv and pain meds as needed. I went home the next afternoon after being discharged from the hospital with my catheter and drain removed at the hospital after them being in only the one day.

After this surgery, I woke up in the mummy wrap with a catheter and jp drain left in to go home in until doc follow up in 2 days. Was given a 5 mg oxy before I left the hospital. It was nice to only have a 20 minute car ride home.

No real discomfort at all. The biggest irritation was the catheter and the drain. I did lay down for a bit when I got home but woke up around 7 the same day of surgery and spent some time walking around the house with no issues. I was walking slow but no real pain just some ache. First pain pill at home was about 10 pm and went to sleep. I did stay laying flat except for a couple of walks around the house. Surgery was wed.

Spent thursday laying flat and tapered pain pills off to 1 pill every 12 hours. No real pain, just an ache. I did look forward to my first follow up appt friday morning to get the mummy wrap off, as well as the catheter and drain out.

Took my last pain pill at 5 am friday morning and saw the doc, later that morning. he removed the mummy wrap, catheter and drain. He had me pumped up a bit after surgery while I was in the mummy wrap. He deflated me at this visit. At this point I was given my post instructions. I have to stay out of the tub for 2 weeks. His scrotal incision is glued but I have a pretty long groin incision as well.

Looking over my package, I have to say while it looks a bit beat up, but no bruising either on my penis or sac yet. I do have some swelling on my fat pad but that is where the incision was made to remove the old reservoir and tubing. No bruising yet though there either.

I am walking around fine with no issues. I would have absolutely no issues walking anywhere I think at day 2. I am getting up and down easy. While I thought my initial install went well. For me, i can say i am up and walking a lot easier at day 2 this time.

As to pain, while i am probably on some residual pain pill from early this morning. I have no ache at all. Absolutely very comfortable laying down. No problem at all getting up to go to the bathroom. Being deflated this time makes urinating in the toilet a lot easier. Have not even taken any tylenol which I could take if needed. I am taking antibiotics and gabapentin for the next week to help with potential infection risk.

I am pleased and happy with how things are going. My goal was to get my implant back and have no more issues with the hernia. I will say I am pleased also with the urologist who did this removal and install. He was extremely cognizant of all my concerns. While I did not look forward to this surgery. I wanted my implant back along with my hernia issues taken care of. Time will tell. I will see how things go over the next few weeks and how the lgx compares to the titan. The lgx pump looks huge sitting next to my titan one. Since I have both key chain models I will add a picture of them side by side.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on March 20, 2020, 05:55:40 PM
So glad to know it went well for you SW01! Hopefully you will not have any issues with Covid, as that would be the last thing you need. You had both devices now and i am eager to know how you will find the LGX. Fingers crossed for you!  8)
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on March 21, 2020, 08:21:52 AM
Thanks for the detailed report. It will offer hope for others if the face the same situation.
Very curious about your new model vs. the Titan.
I also look forward to seeing the difference in pump size.
How you will compare the two in actual intercourse will be interesting too.
If you are brave enough to include some pics, that would be great too.
Congratulations on your size increase.
Best wishes,
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Roddy on March 21, 2020, 12:57:15 PM
Delighted to hear this has gone very smoothly for you, SW01. By the sounds of your report you’re doing great and long may that continue. You sound as tho your recovery from replacement surgery is so much easier than the original surgery last year. Delighted for you. Keep us posted.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on March 23, 2020, 08:02:41 PM
Day 5.

All I can say is WOW. The revision has been smooth sailing so far it scares me. I just keep thinking this cannot be it and there has to be something more.

I have not had a pain pill since last friday. 6 o clock the day after surgery. I have one more day of antibiotics along with about another week of gabapentin to help with potential infection risk.

Swelling has gone down enough to get a bone press measure with no issues. My flaccid with the lgx is 5.5 inches. This is the same measurement with my titan the night before revision surgery. The doc on day 2 deflated me as good as he could so I am recuperating soft rather than pumped up 60 percent.

I am moving around just fine. I can get up out of bed fine, up and out of a chair fine, and walking up and down my driveway with no issues period. No walking funny, or slow, nothing. Just normal. My only sore spot is where the jp drain was inserted although it has closed over.

Going to the bathroom is a lot different this year. I have no problem using a toilet. I can do it standing up if I wanted. Last year I was inflated about 60 percent though, which really affected urination then. Now i am just flaccid so urinating is fine.

Today i also noticed i was not standing straight out and was actually angled down. I can only think that is strictly due to swelling inside my penis is pretty much gone. Today my penis looks about like it did the night before revision surgery.

The only bruising I have is along my incisions. I have bruising along the scrotal as well as my groin lower stomache incisions.

My sac does not have anywhere near the fluid it had in it last year. I can easily feel my left testicle, the pump, and when carefully massaging around, the deflate button on that huge feeling block of the ams pump. My right testicle has not though shown up yet. It took a couple months last year before I found it as well. I am sure it will show up soon.

I am looking forward to pumping up and seeing what this one does. The cylinders on the lgx are softer than the titan for sure. I can definitely feel the lgx cylinders inside my penis though. If I push on the sides there is very little give in them.

My tips are even now and at this time while flaccid are both well into the glans. I really am anxious about starting to pump this up and make sure I am still straight. I will add some pictures to show the comparison between the titan flaccid and lgx flaccid. I just want to make sure all swelling is gone for sure. I want to be fair to both units.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: tomas1 on March 23, 2020, 08:51:36 PM
Wow, it sounds like you got a great replacement.
My experience was almost identical to yours.
I do wish my surgeon would have used the LGX, but he is under the misguided impression that cylinders 18cm or larger need the CX.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: TonySa on March 24, 2020, 07:57:20 AM
Congrats, and cheers to an ongoing smooth recovery!
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on March 24, 2020, 10:14:52 AM
Wow, congrats to all the great results.

Please send pics of the two pumps side by side.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on March 25, 2020, 12:07:16 AM
SW01: just for the simple fact that your flaccid is the same size as presurgery you have already own. Great reassurance on it's own right there!    8)
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on March 26, 2020, 10:57:07 PM
One week.

Still going well after 1 week. I still cannot believe how easy this one is going. So good that I was out in the barn prepping equipment for spring. Starting mowers, tractors, etc. My wife missed me and rushed out to make sure I was still not lifting anything over 10 pounds.

I do still have a little ache but not taking anything. My scrotal incision is still a little tender and bruised just on the cut. My groin incision is also healing. I am really looking forward to a bath then the hot tub before it gets to hot.

I will say right this pump still feels huge. I cannot believe at week 1 I can feel all around it and actually tell where the deflate button. No swelling in my scrotum. It is also pretty loos although I can feel a little tissue on the right side. It does feel like I am stuck to the pump in one spot. It took me over 3 months last year to get the titan pump free floating. All I can do is keep working on this one.

I could easily pump up and deflate but my doc told me to wait a few weeks. Flaccid size is still constant at about 5.5 inches.

Girth still looks a bit narrower but hard to tell until I pump up and measure. I am getting my glans growth back and doing kegels does cause my head to flex. I am also getting my morning wood back. Nothing real hard but I will stick out at 3 o clock until the morning urination. Then back to a 4.30 down.

If I am sitting or laying down I am wearing my penis back against my stomache. When walking around I wear some tight boxer briefs and a jock over that. I look funny wearing it outside the undies but it works.

Looking pretty good so far. Time will tell if this 20 cm total ams 700 lgx will do what the titan did. The cylinders are noticeably softer. This is even after just one week.

One thing I can say is the jumble of tubes I could feel in my lower right groin are gone and I no longer see stars if I move wrong.

I cannot to wait to pump this up and see how this thing does and try it out.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on April 03, 2020, 08:25:04 AM
2 weeks 2 days.

I still cannot really believe this is pretty much the same surgery I had last year. My wife even commented that I am doing so much better faster than the last time.

It was about this time last year the titan started getting fuller and fuller and I had my episode with the deflate button. I got confused with the titan pump and while I thought I was pressing the deflate button I was actually just pushing on a non button side. Last year I still had a lot of internal fluid or trauma tissue in my scrotum. That made finding the deflate button confusing.

This years lgx pump is totally different and my scrotum is pretty much back to normal. I can massage my sac and feel all around the new pump. Locating the deflate button is easy. You just find the long edge and feel for the raised center part. That is it.

The lgx pump is really big and I am finding the edges to be sharp and it feels like they catch on something from time to time. When that happens i get a sharp pain. My right testicle dis show up but is crowded out by the pump and is not dropping down. The pump is positioned sideways with the button out so the length of the pump block kind of inhibits its room just a bit.

The incision glue dropped off at the end of week 2 and left me with a really nice clean sac. It blends in with last years pretty well. No issue there. My sac looks normal. Swelling is gone and no bruising at all. My only swelling is still just on my right side lower groin where the cut was made to remove the old pump and tubing. It is not bad but I can still feel some raised tissue.

As for recuperation. I was up and going easily within 3 days of surgery. Being deflated I had no problem with wearing my penis up in some tight boxer briefs. I did lay flat pretty much for about the first 5 days just to make sure I kept the blood pooling in my crotch to a minimum. I had absolutely no problem with walking, getting up and down, or sitting since day 3 of this year revision surgery. Other than an occasional twinge from from the incision, I also have had no pain. Due to the virus, I am keeping my 2 year old grandchild since her daycare shut down. I had no problem keeping her since day 5 after revision surgery. I did not pick her up but had no issues playing with her on the floor, or getting up and down off the floor for that matter. I had no problem hiding everything in the boxers and lose baggy pants either.

If I had just had the scrotal incision i could also put on pants with no problem. The lateral groin incision however made wearing Jean's uncomfortable.

Now as to the lgx cylinders. With all the comments I read about the lgx cylinders, I was expecting them to be a lot less stiff than my old titan cylinders. Not so much I am finding out.

When I stand up to urinate they still give me a heavy flaccid. Some have written about them looking like a shriveled up worm. I definitely do not have that look. I am still showing a 5.5 inch flaccid. The same as the titan. Girth is about the same. Not being real hard and pumped measuring that is probably not really accurate at this point.

I am deflated and when not wearing it up, I point down at about 4 or 4.30. My titan at 10 months was pointing down at 4.30 to 5 o clock position. The dog ears with the titan are gone but the deflated lgx cylinders are definitely stiff. They just do seem to give me more fluid bend to my penis.

To be honest I am feeling a bit mixed at this point. Being deflated, the lgx cylinders are stiffer than I expected but noticeably softer than the titans. The lgx pump is a lot more noticeable in my scrotum though and the wide block is crowding out my right testicle a bit. I would hate to accidentally hit the block part of the pump as I think the rectangular points could hurt something. I will say i was very careful with the titan pump in my scrotum and plan to be more more careful with the lgx one.

I don't go to my next appt until april 16 so am not supposed to pump till then. I definitely cannot wait to see how the lgx pumped up compares to the titan. And how it deflates. I was lucky with my titan. My titan would actually one touch release. I pushed the button and the titan deflated on it's own. I hope the lgx does the same.

All in all things are going very well with no issues so far. Fingers crossed.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: tomas1 on April 03, 2020, 12:58:50 PM
Wow, it sounds like you are having a good result on your revision.
My AMS pump is totally one touch and I never have to squeeze the fluid from my penis.

Since my testicles have shrunk so much from testosterone use, the AMS pump finds plenty room to roam in my scrotum.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on April 04, 2020, 03:54:12 PM
I'm surprised at your reaction to the lgx cylinders, regarding the softness. It was also Similar to other users in how they comment about the pump being so big compared to the Titan. I always wondered what would be the motives from AMS on that, and why they don't make a different pump version so doctors could choose. I guess we will never know?

Anyway, it's still some time till your next appointment. Hoping it's all smooth sailing for you now after all this.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on April 16, 2020, 10:16:46 PM
4 weeks since the revision and things are going pretty good. I have not had any real issues for the most part.

My only real pain is some tenderness in my scrotum. It definitely feels tighter with the new ams pump crowding my right testicle still. For some reason I am also feeling a little pain around the squared off edges of the new pump. Why a company would put rectangular plastic near a testcle is beyond me. A woman had to design this thing. Just saying.

Pumping is no issue at all. The only thing with the ams pump is you have to give the pump a good first squeeze and feel a pop. No pop no pumping up. Feel the pop, it starts inflating with each pump.

Deflate works good. Push button on the ams pump and you can feel a gurgling and deflate happens. It works for me the same as the titan otr did.

I look shorter and thinner so far but have not pumped really so time will tell on that point. Deflated flaccid I am hanging at about 4.30 already. The titan did not do that for several months.  I tried to put some pictures on but got error messages. Will try to figure that out.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on April 23, 2020, 01:41:10 AM
5 weeks in to this revision.

I still cannot believe how good this recovery has gone. I have had very little pain. I have had some tenderness in my scrotum though with my right testicle and the ams pump trying to crowd one another out.

As for stats. Pumped up hard I am just at 6.5 inches long and around 5.5 girth. These were my titan stats on jan 6th. If I am standing up my erection fully pumped points up at 1 o clock and is extremely rigid. I can push it down to the 3 o clock position though. That is not something I could do with the titan. With the titan fully pumped it was pretty much missionary for first 3 to 4 months.

No sex yet although everything functions just fine. We could just other issues keep us from it. My glans is fully engorging so that is great.

I was worried about stiffness but do not think I have to worry about that. The ams cylinders are still pretty stiff flaccid but not nearly as hard as titan. Pulling out to urinate I still have a hefty package to deal with and get out of Levi's to stand up pee.

Even though I have not been pumped up for 3 months, I saw no notice of any hourglassing or curve after I started cycling this ams.

The cylinders are definitely easier to deal with. Yesterday I spent 6 hours on a zero turn mower and wore Levi's.  Today I put a 20 foot culvert in a ditch and moved gravel on my tractor for 6 hours. Also in Levi's. Not a bit of discomfort even after 2 good days of outdoor work.

Last year I was wearing loose shorts at around 5 weeks when I was mowing on the zero turn. At 5 weeks I had a real issue wearing Levi's to work in. The titan cylinders just stuck up and out to much to be comfortable. Last year I was wearing loose shorts or sweat pants to work in outside till about month 3 or so. In Levi's this year at week 5. Big difference.

I did one time get my right testicle caught against the pump and had that sharp groin pain like when one gets squeezed to hard. Rearranged myself in my Levi's and kept right on working.

The ams pump is pretty easy to use. Just feel that first pop and it inflates. Deflation works just like titan. Push button hold for a few seconds and it deflates.

I definitely loved my titan, but have to say the ams cylinders are  more comfortable flaccid and right now get me really hard. Time will tell if they soften up over time and the pumped up hardness changes.

I tried to put pictures in again, but keep getting errors even at low resolution.

Anyone has any questions about the 2 or my experience using central ky doc just send me message.

Insurance so far has paid the doc and anesthesiologist. Non insurance amount so far is 260. Hospital part has not shown up yet. I am wondering how the removal and replacement shakes out for that bill.  Right now though no hernia issues, no poking tubes in my groin, and no sharp pains in my groin if I move or bend over wrong.

I do have one noticeable tube on the left side of my shaft at my groin. It is only noticeable while flaccid and when pumped you cannot feel it. It is where tube comes up out of cylinder makes a 180 and goes to pump. My titan had 6 cm of uninflatable  parts. My ams has 6.5 of uninflatable parts. I wonder if the additional .5 cm rte is the issue there. The shorter the rte the lower in your crus the top of the tube exiting the cylinder will be and that 180 could be more gradual. So less rtes is definitely better. I would need a 21 cm cylinder with ams to get no rte and have only 4.5 cm of uninflatable section. Maybe in 10 years or so I hope. I hope this one stays good for a while.

So at 5 weeks all is good and my activity level is pretty much normal for this time of year.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on April 23, 2020, 07:08:13 AM
Thanks for sharing and such detail.
It’s great to hear about the comparisons between the two models. This should help newbies in hearing your compares.
Your criticism of the pump could be specific to you, as I don’t recall anyone else complaining about the pumps size, but I am sure what you say is real. I wonder if you have big balls, lol and this could be the the issue. Perhaps your ball sac is having to stretch even more and thus putting pressure on the pump against one of your balls.
I also appreciate your observations about the RTE’s, that is something I didn’t know.
I am very happy for you and the fact that you are doing so well.
By the way, many of us struggled with what kind of underwear to wear to keep the pain levels down, what have you found to be the most comfortable? 
Also your tag line doesn’t say. I suspect you may be younger because of your fast healing or not, just curious?
Oh I always found it easier to upload photos on my computer, than my phone.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on April 26, 2020, 09:34:42 PM
I am 58 years old and have been retired for several years. I stay really active on my farm along with regular exercise so that might have helped with recovery. I had really no issues at all.

I do have good sized testicles, so that could be part of the issue. They are smaller than they used to be since the fall and testosterone stopped. My right testicle has settled down and tucked itself right next to the pump, so things are getting more comfortable fast. I am wearing the same Reebok boxer briefs I have worn for years. I get them at Sam's. They keep me tucked in tight. No issues at all. I do tend to hang down my right pants leg a bit.

Now for the nitty gritty. Pumping up regularly now. There are distinct differences between the titan and ams cylinders. Fully pumped up the ams cylinders are softer I can move my penis around easier. Fully pumped up titan I was hard and could not bend it at all.

If you read my other journal you know i had peyronies, a good curve, plaque and an hourglass. Pictures there. I had a titan put in march 2019 and it literally fixed me totally. I was straight and was close to my pre Erectile Dysfunction 7 inches after 10 months of cycling.

Failed jan 2020 and revised march 2020 with an ams 700 lgx. I have been cycling and have a slight curve back. Nothing bad and to be honest it is less than my pre Erectile Dysfunction natural one. I just comment to make everyone aware the titan cylinders straightened even that out.

Am I unhappy. Nope. I am liking this ams more and more. My pre Erectile Dysfunction curve was like a banana but not a major curve. I am now maybe about an 11.30 if 12 is straight. Maybe over time things straighten completely back out but if not I am happy happy.

I always said if this thing breaks, I am getting it fixed replaced, etc until I cannot do so any longer. I got nothing to lose. I am back to pumping up.

Now to important stuff. Sex. My wife and I are slowly moving forward. She did notice the ams is definitely softer to her. Not nearly as rigid. She did say so far she prefers the ams. It has been awhile for us due to medical issues so i will just state her opinion. For me, I do not really notice a difference. I pump up and get definitely hard enough to penetrate. I can bend the ams cylinders down enough to engage in other positions besides missionary, which is good. This is going into week 6. That was not doable with my titan for months.

Oral sex feels great. She can feel the pump but the tubes are not real noticeable. She is not much of a ball sac fondler so no real issue there. There is one tube on the base of my penis she can feel if stroking me all the way down. Mostly she stays at the head and a couple inches down and does not have any issue with the cylinders. When I am into it, my glans engorges and the tips cannot be found. I have no issue climaxing at all and it feels amazing just like always.

I feel like I'm sized just fine and my urologist did a great job with it. He said he would do everything he could to get the longest cylinders he could use placed, and he did.

Pumping up, my tips are about 2/3 into glans and fully pumped I have just the slightest pressure. Cycling my titan I had absolutely no pressure at the end of 10 months of cycling. I am hoping the longer ams cylinders with regular cycling gets my last bit of pre Erectile Dysfunction length back and I hit my 7 inches good.

All in all totally satisfied for sure. I wish I had not had a revision but am glad it worked out so well so far.

A lot of people wonder which is better, titan or ams. They both have their pros and cons. I loved my titan, and am loving this ams. Being in the 6.5 to 7 inch range I think the ams is going to be fine and what little bananaish type curve is back is ok. It might go away over time anyway.

My one most important thing. I pump up, I get hard. I can have sex again.

I am really having a hard time coming up with any real negatives for either model.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Pfract on April 26, 2020, 11:13:12 PM
Couldn't be happier for you SW01.... you have been through quite the endeavor with your implant and all is good again... at this point i am just hoping that you stick here with us. At least in between your love sessions, which i imagine is going to be harder and harder...  8)
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Alibaba on May 01, 2020, 10:58:25 PM
Very good to hear the great progress. Maintaining size and angle with the AMS is certainly an improvement over so many stories of past years.    Damn that square block on top.  I hated it and my right nut hated it worse.  Supposedly Boston Scientific finally is putting longer tubing in their kits. I wonder if they made heavier cylinders too since i had mine in Jan 2015?  Keep up the great progress.  Corn been in the ground for 2  1/2 weeks here and waiting on it to come up. Been a lot of cool weather. I thought beans would need replanted. Figured seed rotted in ground, but dug some up yesterday and they are about to pop through. Cheers man. 2nd time around is easier.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on May 07, 2020, 09:31:10 AM
7 weeks today.

All I can say is wow still. My erection is straightening out as I keep cycling and keep it pumped up a bit. I am over 6.5 bone pressed with a wood ruler and just over 5.5 girth. No hourglassing either.

There really is a noticeable difference with the ams vs titan cylinders. My activity level at 7 weeks is normal. I do not even think about my penis level or location in my shorts. I get up, get dressed, put on boxer briefs, work Levi's, and head outside.

Pulling out old fencing and putting up a new one is no issue. I remember with titan, it was not so easy to deal with it while actively moving around. I wore a lot of loose shorts last year and mostly worked from tractor or mower.

We are using it again and everything feels normal. We are both hoping for a better year health wise.

I am getting used to the pump as well. It is a little crowded in my sac but my right testicle has accepted the new addition and they are lying right next to one another with no problem now. The way they are laying it is hard to tell the pump is in the scrotum. Feels like 2 large testicles. One harder than the other though.

I also do not feel the tubing in my scrotum and the pump is sitting in a good location. My old titan pump was a bit high and if I was riding my atv it was never comfortable. The surgeon moved this one down a bit and it stays out better when straddling a seat. Nice perc for this revision.

Inflation and deflation is easy. Feel pop.pump up and go. To deflate. Push button and hold it. You can feel saline running out and see cylinders deflate. That is it. To get completely empty I do squeeze it at the same time. That gives me a good flaccid look. My flaccid is still pretty solid though so no issue pulling it out to urinate. Flaccid I am still over 5 inches so no real difference between the ams or titan.

At this point I can say I was satisfied with my titan, but am totally satisfied as well with this ams. My wife did say she liked the feel of the ams over the titan. Pumped up, I really would have said both models of cylinders felt the same as far as hardness goes. She says the ams cylinders feel softer to her and a bit more natural. Just her opinion.

I know I am not writing as detailed ledger for this revision as I did for the titan install. Things are just pretty much normal so nothing much to detail. I think that is pretty great. My new surgeon did a great job removing my old one and putting this one in. I have no aches, pain, etc.

I just feel normal, which pretty much says it all.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on May 07, 2020, 04:26:51 PM
great news and glad things are going so well.
Were you ever able to take any pics of your new penis?

and were you ever able to take pics of the two sample pumps, side by side.

Thanks for the great report, you might have just inspired me to do the same.

Best wishes and congratulations
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Roddy on May 08, 2020, 08:00:05 PM
Hi SW01

I’m delighted to hear you are recovering so well from your revision surgery. This is wonderful news for any implantees on here who at some point may need a replacement at some point in the future. To be honest, I’ve kept up with your replacement diary without much comment and you seem to be recovering so easily - it’s tremendous motivation for any of us if we’re ever placed in the position that we’ll need a replacement. Thank you for keeping your journal going, second time around. I’m sure I speak for many when I say we’re glad to read this.  There does not appear to be much difference in the 2 implant models from your description of both. Interesting, as there are a few on here that would say the Titan is so much better than the other. You suggest they’re very similar. Anyway, my friend, take care and good luck to you. Thank you so much as always for your valuable contribution.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on July 12, 2020, 07:58:19 PM
Ok. 4 months into the revision. Things are still going great. No healing issues. Still straight. No hourglass, no peyronies issues at all.

Anyone who read my past postings know I was freaked out about moving from a titan to lgx for the revision. The doc assured that since I had been pumping and using the titan, a revision with lgx would be fine and work out.

He was right. I am still straight. No hourglass, no issues at all. I am still at a hard wood ruler bone press right at 6.75 long. 5.5 girth. This is almost my pre peyronies just under 7 and 5.5 girth. No problems at all.

The revision really hit me hard due to circumstances for it. I just look for the bright side. I always said on a revision whenever that was I was hoping for a cylinder increase. I got it. From 19 to 20 cm total. No length increase yet but at 6.75 I am still good. The lgx cylinders are great. Still hard. No peyronies issues at all. Not a fan of their pump though. To many square edges. I still think a sadist developed it. They sure do want it to torture the testicles. My right one and the pump do not get along real well. The lgx cylinders and the titan pump would be the best of both worlds.

I have had both so I can honestly say it. I will say as I always have. I am happy with either one. If I had another revision tomorrow I would do do. Doc could could put either in and I would be good. Pros, cons, no big deal. Hard penis, have sex. What is the issue or what negative could i say about thst.

Yes there is a process to this. Yes, a learning curve. So what. Put the time in figure it out. Reap the benefits.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Hawk on July 13, 2020, 12:18:45 AM
Thanks for sharing, great post.

Do you see a big advantage with the flaccid state with the LGX or negligible?
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on July 16, 2020, 07:59:30 PM
I have had this lgx for 4 months. The cylinders are softer right out of the gate for sure. Having had both this lgx and titan I can say flaccid is the same with either one. At about 6 months my titan cylinders were fine and caused me no issues. My flaccid non pumped up look is the same. I am 5.5 inches flaccid, nonpumped. Both the same. Look is exactly the same. Tips sit flaccid at the ridge of my glans. Both did that. Pumped up and not turned on I am 6.5 inches. If I am into it my glans engorges just like always and I go past 6.75 inches. Someone said it was not possible with 20 cm cylinders. Yep it is. Wood ruler bone pressed says so. I press hard but that is only way to do it. Same every time.

No more gains for me so far even though the last doc added another cm to the prior titan cylinders. I am within an eighth of my pre Erectile Dysfunction, young man size so I am good and not worrying about it anymore.

I will answer this question I have gotten. Why would I do this to myself. Duh. I fell. Prior to that I had a great sex life. After fall nothing. Took viagra with venous leak so hurt myself more. Peyronies, plaque, hourglass, etc. No hard on, nothing. When I found out about implants. Again. Duh. No choice really. Find a doc, get implanted.

Seriously, I wonder sometimes about comments. I am 58, my wife is 59. We are in great shape. Active. No other health issues. Sex is important. If we never did it again if it was a medical reason, she and I would deal and be ok. But if you can have penetrative sex, oral, etc., again, why would you not.

If it ain't working what do you have to lose. One of my first comments after getting the titan. If this thing breaks I am getting it fixed asap. Period. Period. Period.

This revision breaks. Guess what. Getting it fixed asap. Period, period, period. If I get to point they can't fix it. I am no worse off than before titan. No hard on, no sex. Worry about that if it happens.

Enjoying the lgx just like the titan. As I said before. They both have pros and cons. I could care less. I can pump up and have really good sex again. Trust your doc. I found a couple good ones. They both took care of me.

Good luck to everyone out there.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Tortão Pra Direita on February 23, 2021, 08:19:37 PM
I will add some pictures to show the comparison between the titan flaccid and lgx flaccid. I just want to make sure all swelling is gone for sure. I want to be fair to both units.

Man, you forgot these pics! ;D
But that's ok, you said above that both look like the same flaccid, so that's enough.

Very informative journal. I'm deciding between a Titan and a LGX-700. The only reason I consider a LGX is cause I've seen some videos and it looks better flaccid. But a Titan is much better for my case, cause I have a narrowing.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Hawk on February 23, 2021, 09:11:19 PM
How many people closely inspect your flaccid penis?  The entire point of surgery is so you will have an awesome erect penis and satisfy your partner, not so you can compare penises at the locker room.  Having said that, the Titan cylinders are hydrophilic meaning they attract not only the antibiotics they are dipped in, but they attract the body's fat tissue and become much softer, a process that progresses for well over a year.  One man gave an account of going to a nudist resort and asked his wife to observe from the bench as he walked around several groups.  No one even appeared to glance his way, so I don't understand the concern.

If anyone noticed me in a public shower, all they would think is (He must be a shower. Surely he does not double in size when he gets an erection).  It feels pretty normal deflated and looks normal other than larger than average.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Tortão Pra Direita on February 24, 2021, 07:23:13 AM
These little concerns start to arise since it is a big change for me. But you are right. The source of this concern is some 2 or 3 videos I've seen of men inflating and deflating their Titan, and it doesn't look so good deflated, in my opinion. For example

To be honest: I don't know these men's previous condition. Maybe they had total Erectile Dysfunction or advanced diabetes, who knows. In these cases, there is almost no vascularization of the cavernosa so the flaccid penis has more chances of looking like smashed or presenting dog ears (this is what the coloplast representative told me).
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on February 24, 2021, 07:52:28 AM
A thousand thanks for your detailed reports on both models and how they affected you. I hope I won’t need a revision, but it’s nice to know there is not much difference. I had a full recovery plus when it comes to girth. When I am F^@$!ng the wife, I see a fat dick penetrating her. It’s hard to believe I went from a semi-functioning hourglass bent skinny dick to a nice thick beautiful dick.
Most guys don’t come back to this site after they get their implants and it works out, but I am thankful for your continued input as what you share is important.
Stay well, enjoy the new penis, and be safe.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Hawk on February 24, 2021, 09:50:16 AM

Thanks for the great report.  I hope those without an implant will take the time to read these great journals. I am not optimistic that within a month someone won't ask "but what about my glans with an implant?" 

Any views about the larger somewhat square pump with the LGX?
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: SW01 on March 13, 2021, 08:20:58 PM
Wow. 1 year since my revision. Things are going so good and. I am not going to rehash prior posts.

Still really happy here. I am just under 7 inches. A bit over 5.5 in girth. I still get morning wood and when my wife starts playing with me I can go to a 90 degree angle without pumping at all. Obviously not good enough for penetration but good for oral. So I will say what happens after an implant is just related to your body.

Having had both titan and ams, all I can say is if I need a revision and my doc did one or the other only. I could care less. My only question would be how long are the cylinders and did you use any rtes and if you did why.

Personally I am hoping for a 21 cm total length next time when the time comes.


Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Stepone on March 14, 2021, 04:52:09 PM
Congratulations to you.
Thanks for posting.
Stay in touch.

Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Hawk on March 14, 2021, 10:09:45 PM
I enjoyed all your posts SW.  Thanks for staying active.
Title: Re: Sw01 Revision Journal
Post by: Roddy on March 15, 2021, 06:45:26 PM
Great to hear from you, SW01. Glad you are well and still having such success.