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Title: new member
Post by: VA_Bent on May 26, 2015, 07:52:34 PM
What did your medical doctor conclude?
   urologist confirmed Peyronies Disease
How long have you had symptoms?
    about 4 months
What are your symptoms?
    curvature/indentation on the left side of my penis. no particular pain and indention/curve disappears almost immediately after ejaculation 
What treatments have you tried and what were the results?
    none as of yet. Dr said wait and he was to check to see if my insurance covered Xiaflex (which it does) and he would let me know.  but having read a few posts here tonight, I plan to call tomorrow and see what I should be doing NOW!
Do you have insurance or means to get medical treatment?
where are you in dealing with the psychological aspects of Peyronies Disease?
   nothing structured.  will probably ask when I have my next appt.  I'm a gay man whose partner of 15 years died of cancer last year (before I exhibited symptoms).  part of me feels bad about sweating this, when I think he would have donated his penis just to live.
Are you in a relationship?
   see above
Title: Re: new member
Post by: james1947 on May 29, 2015, 12:29:00 AM
I would like to ask a few question ans say a few things.
Based on what your doctor diagnosed you with Peyronies?
You should start treatment as soon as you can (not Xiaflex in this stage, have many other things to do before).
Best chance to stop Peyronies from progressing and even reverse the symptoms is treating it early.
For this reason, as your doctors told you to wait, In my opinion you should get to a Peyronies specialist. You may find one close to you here:,4063.0.html
Also in my opinion you should start on Pentox, low dose Cialis, Ubiquinol (if you can afford) and VED. Or maybe I should mention VED first.