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Title: Corpus Spongiosum progress.
Post by: JS1991 on February 15, 2018, 03:44:07 AM
Quick story on my own personal progress. Last Wednesday night I applied heat, stretched, then stupidly manipulated my semi-erect penis. I had a ~40-50% erection while I was mindlessly adjusting my curve (10-15 degrees) back to straight while watching YouTube videos. I then applied a lot of heat again, probably the most I've ever applied, with a hand warmer. When I got up, my penis was numb and I couldn't achieve an erection. This gave me anxiety, which exacerbated the situation. I got my emotions under control and was able to achieve erection and orgasm.

I went to sleep, but woke up extra sore with a weird erection; I couldn't pinpoint what was wrong with it. I didn't figure it out until Sunday: my Corpus Spongiosum wasn't fully filling with blood, causing a flat feeling, and a chafing feeling if I grabbed it to pee or masturbate, since there was no blood cushioning the urethra. I also had minor sensation loss, but I was achieving nocturnal erections as well as erection by thought alone.

I took off traction therapy on Monday. Tuesday, I received my CoQ10, L-Arginine and Acetyl L-Carnitine in the mail and took my first daily dose. Today, I took my second daily dose, and as of about an hour ago, my corpus spongiosum feels completely natural and back to normal. I did notice a little scar at the base of my spongiosum as well as the middle a few days ago, although these had been points where I felt pain since the beginning of my Peyronie's, so perhaps I exacerbated existing scars/plaques/dents. Luckily I just ordered Pentox, so that will help curb progression. I don't know if this reversal was due to it being a "minor" injury and resolving in a week, or if the three supplements I started yesterday cured it.

I also want to note that I've seen big benefits in traction and heat therapy, and I'm looking forward to trying VED therapy. I'll check back in tomorrow night with updates, hopefully things stay the same. A big thanks to the people behind this forum, without it I wouldn't be as surprisingly mentally strong as I am, and that is strictly due to the knowledge I've gained and applied to myself from these forums. Knowledge is power.
Title: Re: Corpus Spongiosum progress.
Post by: JS1991 on February 15, 2018, 01:05:57 PM
My stretching sessions definitely average around 20+ minutes. Thanks for all the advice, Paolo, I'll be following it from now on! Luckily everything is still good, so I'm going to stay off traction until the weekend, and then gently ease my way back into it.
Title: Re: Corpus Spongiosum progress.
Post by: JS1991 on February 15, 2018, 06:42:26 PM
Thanks, Tsanchez. I'm pretty sure I caused it myself by manipulating my curve while semi-erect, not from traction, but I am letting my penis rest completely for the next week. So far everything feels good and pretty much back to normal (or as normal as my penis was before this incident, lol).