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Title: Viagra and Venous Leakage
Post by: welshwales on June 09, 2014, 07:33:29 PM
I saw my new uro today for the first time. She seems pretty good, way better than the previous guy, and is a specialist in Erectile Dysfunction. She suspects I have developed venous leakage due to the locations of some of the new plaques, and is organising the necessary tests to confirm this, and to look at the size and stage of the plaques. She was pleased that I am using the VED properly, and thought that the successful progress in combating both the bends and size/girth loss are really promising. I've regained about 2cm in length and the girth I have regained is about half of what I lost, and that is thanks to the good folk on this forum! She wants to wait for the results of the tests until she is willing to prescribe pentox and daily cialis on the NHS, but said that it's mainly due to NHS bureaucracy than anything else (I also have to have a simple psych assessment if I want it funded by the NHS because it is necessary to show that the Erectile Dysfunction is causing distress). She has given me private prescriptions to use if want, but I am not in a good financial position at the moment, so I'll be waiting until I get the NHS scripts. But she has given me a one off NHS script for 8 sildenafil 50mgs for use in the meantime.

Anyways, there are some questions I have thought of since seeing the uro.
First, is what should I expect from the viagra, what does it feel like to use? I'm not expecting miracles, and I know that stimulation is required for it to work etc. but if I do have VL, will the drug keep a good and steady flow of blood into the penis to maintain the erection long enough for successful intercourse? Is it worth using a cock ring once the erection is there?
Title: Re: Viagra and Venous Leakage
Post by: C_lab34 on June 10, 2014, 12:22:10 AM
It all depends on the severity of your venous leakage. The trouble with venous leakage is that, unless you have a specific test, a cavernosometry, you won't have objective knowledge of the severity of your condition. A leak could be confined to one or two faulty veins damaged by an accident, or it could be an underlying problem with the smooth muscle tissue. Viagra will likely help you get an erection and make it firmer, but it won't do much for keeping one. I have had venous leak symptoms all my life, and I currently take 5mg cialis. The cialis does help the erection come on a little quicker and firmer, but it's still a battle to keep it. My erections are by no means effortlessly maintained once achieved. I suspect you'll experience something similar.