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Title: It’s been a long time...not getting much easier
Post by: MarkDS on April 29, 2021, 04:31:32 PM
Not posted for a while, not because things have got better, but because sometimes being on the forum reminds me of my situation.

I had incision and grafting to correct a 90 degree bend, but I have been left with poor erections, a residual curve of 45 degrees, loss of length of around 1.5 inches both in erectile and flaccid length.  I was also circumcised at the time, which has made things very uncomfortable due to continual rubbing due little fella no longer hanging down due to loss of length.

I have managed to restore some foreskin length over the last 8 months, which has helped.  But I’m still getting some pain on what little erection I have.

I’m at the end of my tether, and totally exhausted.  I have sought legal advice for a case against the surgeon, but although I wasn’t suitable warned of chance of such an extreme residual curve or loss of length, there doesn’t seem to be a strong enough case.

I have an appointment with the urologist (not the one who did the surgery) I. A couple of months to see why I am getting pain, but also to see if injections will help erections.  But I’m not really sure I want to go down that route.

My wife doesn’t seem too bothered about lack of sex, so I think I may just have to accept things as they are, and just get used the duct intimacy is reserved for special occasions, and things will continue to be a little uncomfortable down below.

Sorry to drone on...I think I just needed to unload 😞
Title: Re: It’s been a long time...not getting much easier
Post by: Mikel7 on April 30, 2021, 05:46:25 AM
I've read a bit about your case and you have been through a lot. Sharing your story does help us and sometimes can give us a new direction of hope. It is true that intimacy is not always sexual in nature and it sounds like your wife is understanding.

 I assume that you have tried Viagra or Cialis or VED?  The injections you refer to are they Trimix?   Don't despair! The fact that you haven't totally given up is shown by your fact of posting here.  Continue to seek out another opinion from your upcoming urologist appointment and share back with us.  We can let our minds take us down a dark and dreadful path of evil forebodings, but don't let that happen to you!  :)  Mike
Title: Re: It’s been a long time...not getting much easier
Post by: Hawk on April 30, 2021, 07:48:23 AM

You have been through a lot.  I took the time to look through your old posts but do not see your age.

I also took the time to format your signature so you can get a little more information in it.

Would you consider an implant consultation with Dr. Mike Fraser - Glasgow, Scotland?  There have been others go down your route and find this was the solution they were looking for all along.  I would suggest you read this journal.  Roddy is a great guy in case you are not familiar with him and I am sure he would answer any questions he could.