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Title: For those who had surgery with kuehhas - stage
Post by: kusher on August 19, 2020, 01:09:32 PM
Guys for the past 3 years and ever since I had surgery with kuehhas, my penile health is getting worse and worse. Kuehhas placed a non absorbable suture on my penis without my consent. This metal suture is preventing the penis from fully expanding during erection.

The suture is causing daily uncomfortable sensations and it is acting like a block that is blocking blood from entering the penis.

Imagine having something like a metal inside ur penis that is causing uncomfortable sensations and Erectile Dysfunction..

I tried nofap, sports, keto diet, pills, ved, traction etc....

Non of these treatment worked in giving me a normal erection. Whenever I have erection, blood only goes to right side but does not get to left side.

Am only 25 years old to handle all this crap. My life quality has really gone down since kuehhas/stage surgery.

Let us stand together and stop the stage marketing scam.
Title: Re: For those who had surgery with kuehhas - stage
Post by: walterand on August 21, 2020, 02:41:47 PM
Hi kusher
I am Walter, 29 yo, I have congenital curvature.
Dr. Kuehhas seemed to me one of the best andrologists to treat cases of penile curvature. As far as I know, the Stage technique does not make use of non-absorbable stitches; absorbable ones are used instead.
I wonder why he didn’t explain you about non-absorbable suture in your case. Why didn’t he tell you about it? That’s disturbing, I wasn’t expecting this behaviour from a doctor like him.
In my case, I underwent surgery to try to solve my situation some years ago, and you’re right, we’re too young to handle all this crap. My urologist said that I would feel better after his surgery, and that I would not feel anything. Actually he also did not explain me about his crappy non-absorbable suture, I’m currently feeling almost the same problems you’ve reported, which is why I am suing him.
According to my country’s legislation, doctors ALWAYS need to inform to their patients all the materials and risks of their proposed surgeries, and get a paper with the patient’s consent before the surgical approach – things which didn’t happen in my case.
Well I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where one of the best andrologists of the world works. He is Dr. Egydio, and his techniques do not require non-absorbable suture. In my case he explained me that he will remove all the stitches left within my penis by my previous urologist, being replaced by absorbable ones, cutting the tissue fibers which impede my penis to have a straight erection.  Nowadays I am just waiting for a judicial decision to oblige my previous urologist to pay for my penile repair with Dr. Egydio.
If you have financial conditions to come here to Brazil and have a talk with Dr. Egydio, maybe he can help you, and re-operate you. He’s been the best doctor I’ve ever got in touch with in my life. He is very famous and yes, very commented here in this forum.

Feel free to write me if you have questions, I will be glad to help you if I can.