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Title: The Definitive Journal on Penile Implant Surgery - by Merrix
Post by: Hawk on September 14, 2018, 07:25:43 PM
Attached is an 80,000-word journal of one man's journey from Erectile Dysfunction to 2 years post-op with an implant. It is too large to post without a PDF attachment.  It makes every other journal on the internet pale in comparison by providing detailed, physical, psychological, and philosophical insights. We include this with Merrix's full permission.  This journal is included not only because his journal is far more comprehensive than mine, but his experiences and his philosophy are different than mine.  He is also almost 3 decades younger than I am.  I include this here with the utmost thanks to Merrix.  This journal is nothing short of a treasure and a huge contribution to men suffering Erectile Dysfunction or otherwise considering an implant.  It deserves being posted where it is easy to find and preserved. 

As time permits we might index it for greater usability.
Consider reading the last several posts in the journal then beginning at the first post.  Reading only the first several weeks could give a false impression of the final status.

Thank you Merrix !

Warning, a few explicit photos