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Title: Difficult/painful orgsam
Post by: Carnut on June 30, 2018, 07:03:01 AM
About 2 months ago I became unable to reach orgasm during normal sex. I have lost some penis sensitivity but vaginial intercourse stills feels good.  Sometimes I could get off by hand but could take 15 minutes. Never had this problem before. Actually used to get off too quickly at times. Also since this began, the last two times I orgasmed by hand I get extreme pain like spasm in right groin and down leg. Some penis pain but nothing like in the abdomen,groin area  It last for about 3 minutes but it’s pretty bad. It takes a bit of effort to orgasm. Little info: 69,in fair health,active. I’ve had external beam radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Completed 2012. Have been dealing with leg and some pelvic neuropathy past 2 years. I’ve not been diagnosed to date. Been tested for it all, MS, CIDP, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, etc, you name it. No one has ever been concerned about the radiation. See my urologist in 3 weeks and will ask what he thinks.