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 on: Today at 03:40:00 AM 
Started by Anbil - Last post by markdubby
using the penimaster pro!

 on: Today at 02:45:39 AM 
Started by notscared - Last post by Lostandsad
That dude hasn’t logged in since 2015 lol

 on: Today at 02:19:28 AM 
Started by algie - Last post by Lostandsad
I just wanted to say there are a lot of great questions here that I’d like to know the answers to as well. Based on my experience so far, it’s not helping my penile torsion. I believe a VED may possibly have a higher chance of fixing it. And for hyperthermia, I believe you can use it before, during, and after traction, it depends on you.

 on: Today at 02:15:25 AM 
Started by Anbil - Last post by Lostandsad
is plaque on the glans even possible?

I believe it’s possible, if you can have plaque directly under it, and it grows bigger, into the area of the glans.

 on: Today at 02:11:16 AM 
Started by Fubar94 - Last post by Lostandsad
joseph, we’re talking in context of Peyronie’s disease, not hair loss. And from what I’ve read on these forums, most members believe it is snake oil.

 on: Today at 02:08:50 AM 
Started by Zappa - Last post by Lostandsad
Yeah you were supposed to get the SOMAerect.

 on: Today at 02:00:03 AM 
Started by terryreynolds - Last post by Lostandsad
Welcome. Unfortunately there’s no “cure” for hard flaccid, I believe improvement is more realistic. It could be caused by some blood flow issue, nerve entrapment, or perhaps your pelvic floor, or a combination of some or all of them. Have you seen a urologist to get any tests done? Do your symptoms get better when you lay down?

 on: Today at 01:56:54 AM 
Started by joseph87 - Last post by Lostandsad
Welcome to the forums. If you plan to stay, please fill out your signature line

And make sure you read the survival guide for a lot of useful info

 on: Today at 01:49:52 AM 
Started by Lostandsad - Last post by Lostandsad
First highlighted post, when you click depression forums, is #1, and it’s just people ranting, which I totally understand.

But yeah I don’t want to argue with you, you are absolutely right. I need the commitment to work on getting better.

 on: Today at 01:32:53 AM 
Started by Fubar94 - Last post by joseph87
No, PRP is the best treatment because Hair follicles can be improved with PRP treatments. It's a risk-free and highly effective way to stop hair loss in its tracks and boost new hair growth in place of the old. After effective PRP therapies, you may even see healthy hair growth. PRP can help transplanted hair cells grow faster after a person has undergone a hair transplant.

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