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Just remember the old truism: correlation does not mean causation. Just because two things happen in a sequence does not necessarily mean one caused the other.  It's hard to imagine how pulling on the penis could cause true prostatitis. But having suffered prostatitis off and on since I was a teenager (I'm 52 now) I can certainly sympathize with your situation - it can be quite annoying and uncomfortable.

Mindfulness. There are so many moments in life, for most of us and most of the time really, where things are actually just fine as they are and we don't need to worry about our penis problems. We miss those moments to be content and feel okay with the world if we constantly let our worried thoughts invade them. If we relish each of the moments when we have the chance to, then over time and overall the picture and perception of our lives will usually change.
Hi robotunicorn,

I have read through your posts with interest. I'm not exactly sure what to say that could help you right now. I can try though, and start by saying that I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. You are clearly very distressed at the moment and battling with some big emotions. I can empathise to a degree. At times throughout my peyronies journey, I have had the same or very similar worries. Concerns specifically about blood supply and absolutely petrified that my penis would fall off. 16 months on and it still hasn't. It's still there, firmly attached and getting better even. There were many times it went numb and pale, cold even. But the blow flow would invariably return and the sensation came back.

I guess what I'm saying is that those specific symptoms can be transient and resolve with time. Try not to catastrophise or assume it is a medical emergency. Don't assume it would stay that way forever. Your anxiety and runaway thoughts are probably making this much worse an ordeal than it needs to be. Your worried thoughts by themselves could be making your penis feel numb and prevent erections. If you associate it with pain and discomfort and fear, then...of course it isn't going to want to play. Hawk pointed out something similar.

This next bit might just be supposition on my part, but I think as men, when we think we have injured our penis, it is instinct and/or reflex to try and protect it, and in doing so we retract it and tighten up. Hence why pelvic floor issues are often associated with peyronies and erectile dysfunction. That could be something to work on and see if it makes a difference - pelvic floor relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing. What I found helpful was imagining "dropping the bucket" (with my pelvic floor muscles) and also the thought of relaxing my penis into a warm bath. It's kind of amazing how much it loosens things up down there.

Anyway, hold in there mate, breathe, try taking a step back from your worries and just give it some time.
Hi Jimmothy,

Yeah I am well beyond the blame game stage now, but it took coming here and writing it all out (in journal format almost) to get to that point of understanding and acceptance. I hear what you're saying and agree mostly - that for must of us the susceptability to it was already there and trying to indentify a specific cause or incident that caused it is kinda pointless. But in my case, with all the excessive wanking and abuse I put my penis through, the likely cause is pretty obvious. With or without an underlying predisposition - which very well could be present - that kind of repeated microtrauma by itself could explain how I ended up with this condition. I only realised that in hindsight though, but it was important and relieving to arrive at that conclusion. If it was more likely than not myself that did this to me, then I can live with and make peace with that. If it was something or something else I'd have to make peace with that too of course, it would just be a difficult and complicated issue to sort through. I am very focussed on healing now, and have been from the start really, but I can't deny it was important and freeing to work through those issues and questions as it allowed me to move forward psychologically in my journey with peyronies.
Hey curvedcarnivore,

Most of the scientific interest and research papers are focussed on Pinus Pinaster extract specifically. It's also known as French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. iHerb has a good range and super fast shipping (less than one week) to Australia (I saw on your profile that you're a fellow Aussie).

Random question back to you...assuming you on a carnivore diet as your profile name suggests, where do plant extracts fit in with that? 
Introduce Yourself / Re: I Need to Make Time
Last post by Mikel7 - Today at 07:11:56 AM
Yes take your time. You say you have had this for 20 years, so patiently researching things a little is not going to kill you. :)
Quote from: DaneS89 on Yesterday at 08:07:50 AMCurvedcarnivore - yes, Pygnogenol is Pine Bark (Pinus Pinaster), but not all Pine Bark is Pygnogenol. Pygnogenol is a patent/trademarked name that indicates the product is always sourced from Pinus Pinaster. There are other, cheaper Pine Bark products on the market but they can come from other species of Pine.

Thank you for this. Does it matter which I get?
Quote from: Hawk on Yesterday at 11:32:03 AMWith or without a specific challenge of Peyronies Disease, it is human nature to squander life waiting to achieve a goal or certain circumstances before you enjoy life.  It is a fool who waits to arrive at the perfect destination rather than enjoying the journey even with all of its challenges.

I'll also keep this is mind. It's very challenging to enjoy life as a man without a penis, but I will try to not let it destroy me. As I have no idea what will happen in the future, and I want to stop robbing myself of today over fear of tomorrow.
Introduce Yourself / Re: I Need to Make Time
Last post by hardtobe - Today at 01:17:59 AM
Pfract and Mikel7, thank you for answering my post, it's good to have someone to talk to. Yes Mikel7, I see the wisdom of slowing down the show. I don't want to get ahead of my wife because she needs healing time also. When I find a skilled doctor and get a proper exam, that will tell the tale.

As for Dr.Kuan, I searched the forum with the word " kuan" and found four or five entries. I am unskilled at posting and quoting, so I'll just give you the gyst of it. SEATTLEMAN asks Dr.Trost about a xiaflex injection method proposed by Dr.Kuan. Dr.Trost invented it and had been had been doing it for seven years already. Dr.Eid was unaware of it and did not think it worthwhile. To my mind this puts Dr.Kuan in the same league as those doctors, maybe not on the all-star team, but worth looking into. Diligence is due. Inquiries have been made.

There are four other doctors in the Seattle area mentioned in those posts with whom our brothers have consulted. I'll start my search with them.
Xiaflex Injections / Re: Seattle doc
Last post by hardtobe - Yesterday at 05:33:24 PM
I am brand new to the forum and a little unsure about replying, should this post be a message instead? I would like to know about your experience with Dr. Kuan as he seems well qualified to treat peyronies. When I first got peyronies about 20 years ago I went to Swedish urology group and though I was examined by a different doctor, Dr. Kuan would have been the doctor to perform a Nesbitt procedure. Would have been I say because I chickened out. Now I want to get treated, likely with an implant. Read my initial post for details. I would appreciate it if you have any thoughts about him.