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Title: How To Use Extender Rods
Post by: jewels09 on February 13, 2022, 12:24:21 PM
Hey guys, first time post.

My injury happened Oct 30th on first time having sex w my girlfriend. Long story short, I was misdiagnosed a few times but in totality I have an urethra tear and a fracture on the right side of my shaft. I've developed plaque on both the right, with some directly opposite.

I'd underwent my first injection (Verapamil) on my right side & bought the PMP, which I began using yesterday. Can anybody help break down the extender rod regarding force control & weight? I can't seem to find any how-to's on it & the breakdown videos don't seem to lead me in that direction.

Thanks in advance. Been reading this forum for the past month & gained a lot of insight because of it.