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Successfully performed counterbending for the first time today. Managed to get to the second "click." It's a bit awkward getting everything in place but the stretch feels great and I have high hopes that I'll see exponential improvements in a couple months.

Can you tell me more about your experience with Dr. Djinovic, what did he tell you about surgery, and what was the cost.
Quote from: Mikel7 on June 02, 2024, 05:24:39 AMIf you search for sponge makeup pads I'm sure they will provide the same gripping action. Just look for the circular ones.  Try these -->Makeup Pads

The ones shown at your link don't have the attachment strap. I guess I'll just do my own search though. Thanks
Introduce Yourself / Re: My story
Last post by Mikel7 - June 11, 2024, 05:49:36 AM
Welcome User12345 to the forum and thank you for filling out your signature line. Also please read and study our survival guide as this will give you a better understanding of peyronies and it's different treatments.

I am sorry for your break up and your injury. Dealing with the break up is difficult coupled with all of the negative emotions and self doubting yourself. Getting on some meds to help out with this is showing you are being responsible for your own mental health. Remember that you will make it through this part of your life and it will not define who you are! Break ups occur and everyone has experienced them. Healing and a fresh start will happen in time.

For the peyronies/injury part you really need to be under the care of a peyronies specialist if it is possible. Starting traction with the Restorex or PMP is a must. Follow this up with VED therapy and you should see some improvements. keep the anxiety and worrying down to a minimum as it does not help you in healing. Ruminating over negative thoughts must be stopped and replaced with the idea that you WILL get over this and YOU do have value! Get up each day and focus on something positive to think about and be proactive in your healing from peyronies. Adopt the mindset that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Read through the forum and you will see that each and every man has also experienced these negative destructive thought patterns. Also discussing this with someone can be helpful also. You're going to make it !!  :)
It sounds like you are getting great results from the device! Engaging in sex is on every mans mind here as to how it will affect their recovery. You need to gauge your pain level and erection quality. Gentleness is at the forefront of everything and a rock hard erection with a lot of lube. When I was in the acute stage of peyronies sex was limited to about 1 time every 10 days. I would be in pain afterwards and used heat therapy to facilitate healing. I did not cause any more damage but I was always in extreme anxiety that I would. Each man has to test the waters to see how sex affects them. In retrospect I believe now that anxiety did a lot more damage than I realized.
Agree with the Free Willy concept.

Glad to hear you are seeing some positive results.
Really hope you can get some curvature improvement from Restorex, as I can see that you are working hard to make it happen.

I am considerably older, but still inspired by your journey, ( I feel for you younger guys, as this is such an unfair affliction, particularly at your stage in life)

Please continue to report on your progress. The success percentages claimed by doctors and device providers, in my opinion, are greatly exaggerated.
Info provided by members is huge.
Developmental Drugs & Treatments / Re: Myostatin inhibitors
Last post by happyman - June 10, 2024, 07:19:07 PM
I know some guys that have been using Ace 083 for pe reasons and report a fuller heavier penis, not sure how it would implicate in peyronies

pey ron clear some of your inbox so i can send you messages!
I know how to get it now but no one wants to join on a group buy for it and i dont have thousands myself
This may be approaching bro science territory but I'm becoming a firm believer in "going commando." It's more comfortable and most underwear has all kinds of synthetic polyester and spandex that cannot be good for penile/testicular health. I also recommend sleeping naked to ensure that nocturnal erections can reach their full strength.

I took new pictures and did official measurements of curvature of both my downwards curve as well as my slight curve to the left.  Turns out that my degree of curvature isn't as bad as I thought, or maybe I have started to see some improvements from my all time worst.

Downwards curve: 43 degrees
Leftwards curve: 12 degrees

Erection Quality:
I have been having very consistent solid erections.  Especially when I wear boxers instead of briefs.  I have been getting several of them throughout the day amidst my gloom and doom of having this disease.  I have also been waking up with morning wood every day.

My pain levels have decreased a lot!  No prostate discomfort anymore (may have just been a temporary thing unrelated), haven't had much flaccid pain throughout the day.  I think using a rice sock multiple times throughout the day has been a big help with that.  I also haven't had much pain during erections either.  I've been masturbating for the past couple of days (still feels weird saying that) to check where I'm at with both pain and curvature, and I am not really feeling pain after that either.  That's a very new thing for me.  I have been feeling pain after masturbation for months (if not over a year). 

What I've been doing:
900mg Propolis
300mg CoQ10
30 minutes of RestoreX (15 min straight, 15 min slight counter bend)
NOTE: While doing traction I have been wrapping a far infared heating pad around the restore x device which applies heat while i'm doing traction (It doesn't come in contact with my skin).  I then will apply heat for 20-30 minutes after traction.
Keto diet
Intermittent fasting

I plan on upping my activity levels and doing some manual stretching.  I think neoman has some great videos on YouTube and I saw a great case of improvement on another thread from manual traction.  I also intent to do pelvic floor exercises, strengthen my core, and apply castor oil to the skin.