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The thing with peyronies disease is that no treatment is guaranteed as they are yet to find a cure.

From reading studies on ESWT some people have had improvement in curvature and plaque size reduction.

I've only had peyronies for 3 months so far so it makes sense to use any treatment available while in the acute phase.

I can imagine it gets harder to treat the longer you leave it as plaques get harder and become calcified.

It's £3,000-£4,000 here in the UK for 6 sessions of ESWT performed weekly.

I'd rather give it a go with the chance of improving the condition and stop it worsening.

I think people can be negative on here and jump to the conclusion it's a scam.

Private health care is never cheap. That's well known.
I noticed that mine kinda smoothes out a bit immediately after traction but eventually it becomes noticable again. Hopefully it progressively gets less and less noticable over time.
I had a consultation today.

What they say makes sense, but who knows the actual success.  They say they have had a very high degree of success.  Some more than others, but improvement regardless.

They use a positve acoustic machine.  Both radial and focus.  Radial is for deeper scar tissue type issues and the focus for shallower treatment to open up the arteries.

Price is just shy of $5000 cdn with is around $3500 US.

The thearpy consist of 6-8 treatments, 2/week.
Then a 6 week break.
And then 6-8 more treatments, 2/week.
Some have required further treatments, others have had great improvement with less than the 16.

And yes, I have read lots on the forum here.

Lots to think about.
Thank you for chiming in, Mikel!

Makes sense, any small latex balloon would be a good replacement.

My issue is not the durability or price of the currently offered latex for the device, it's the efficacy. I got this product 1 year ago and the latex is completely different. Yes it's way more thin, but it was way more effective at suction, thus creating more force.
It's the latex at the top of your thread. I personally think it's the most effective but it rips, which is why they probably made it more durable and why there are conversations on replacements. Maybe I'm being picky but I don't think a more durable latex is as effective and if I can't get the original Latex from PMP, not sure where to go from there and might have to explore Restorex moving forward.

In Germany ESWT isn't that much expensive like in Canada. If you have a private health insurance it is covered otherwise you need to pay ~ 220 Euro for each 20 minutes treatment (still expensive but maybe a good investment). That is why I put it in consideration for me.

There are a lot of different machines that can be used. My urologist has 5 different machines especially for treatment at the penis. I googled the price and it is up to 40keur for each machine. A nurse is doing the ESWT according to his instructions. I was told to use a couple of weeks in advance Cialis or Tadalafil to increase blood flow. Results are only visible with a delay of a couple of month. It is a complicated deasease, of course he couldn't promise a reduction of x degrees curvature. For some it helps, for other not...

And I agree that it is like always in life: be careful when somebody can earn money with your desperation!

I really hope that I can avoid a surgery. Surgery related risks seems quite high to me. That is why I am currently doinig 8 rounds of ESWT combined with other minimal invasive treatments. If I feel well again at some point, I don't care what helped.
I've had shockwave treatment and found it helps with ED.

It's questionable in whether it helps peyronies or not. Then again any type of treatment may or may not help.
It doesn't matter how they package it, shockwave therapy does not help improve peyronies. Search the forum and you will see for yourself. It is a big $$$ for Dr's.
Penile Implants / Careful with MRIs, what else?
Last post by nickadams - June 18, 2024, 03:52:08 AM

We titan implantees are warned to make sure the MRI machine is of a certain type otherwise it could cause some serious damage.

I was wondering if there are any other machines or experiences that could cause us problems that maybe I am not thinking of? Scuba diving? Ultrasound machine? Etc
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Introduce Yourself / Re: New here
Last post by Pfract - June 17, 2024, 11:38:44 PM
Welcome! You are amongst people that understand you and your condition. How long are XML looking at in terms of wait times? Are you thru OHIP?