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Penile Implants / Re: 37 Year old athlete implan...
Last post by IwillbeatPD - Yesterday at 10:57:18 AM
To clarify, I could not have sex the 1-2 months leading up to surgery. Well I could, but the risk was way too high for injury.

While I'm here... Day 11 update:

Had my follow up appointment this AM and Hakky said everything looked good. I think about 95% of the swelling and bruising in my sack is gone. It looks almost normal now.

I have to say, Hakky is a class act. The guy is incredibly smart but talks to you like a normal person.

No other major news to report today.
Introduce Yourself / Re: New here, after nesbit sur...
Last post by Jdheuehxbsnnd - Yesterday at 09:37:20 AM

Thanks you for your answer.

The doctor removed my frenulum because it was a nesbit and the cut was around the penis. This doctor performed a lot of such surgeries and that's why I chose him. These devices are quite expensive. Are there cheaper alternatives?
Introduce Yourself / Re: New here, after nesbit sur...
Last post by Mikel7 - Yesterday at 06:14:05 AM
I am not form Poland although my ancestors were. Explain more about why you had your frenulum removed? Traction therapy is when a device is attached to your penis and stretched over a certain length of time. The force is constant and it causes micro tears to form. With repeated daily use it lengthens and corrects curvatures of the penis. The Restorex and the PenimasterPro are the two most commonly used devices. They do work.
research on boron heard it is good for Erectile Dysfunction. But side effects are to be considered too.
Penile Implants / Re: 37 Year old athlete implan...
Last post by IwillbeatPD - December 08, 2023, 10:56:50 PM
Day 10:

Another successful day of cycling. Did 30 minutes both morning and night. Oddly enough I think I felt more pain in the area underneath my dick, where my sack connects. I guess that makes sense since that's where they cut into from the scrotal approach. At this rate it's hard to tell since I think it's all nerve pain and it kind of radiates. Sometimes I'll feel it in my shaft, other times in my sack. Cycling was painful but manageable. Im not using pain meds for cycling, but taking 2 Tylenols before bed.

If it wasn't for this pain in my scrotum, I'd feel like normal pretty much. I say scrotum pain but as mentioned I really have no idea where it's coming from since it's like a radiating pain. What I do know, is I have to figure out how to stand without my sack throbbing. Because I want to start getting out some. Sometimes no matter what position I'm in it's like a constant throbbing feel. I could be standing straight up without moving and feel pain that's 7/10, and it's from the pump hanging in my sack I'm pretty sure. I have briefs but they're normal ones not the special ones with the supportive pouch. I think a lot of this will be relieved when I get my Separatec briefs. I've concluded part of the problem is that sense my pump is not just low, but also BEHIND my testicles...the heavy pump actually pulls my sack back also. I think these briefs have a separate pouch for your balls so I think that will help a lot to keep things in place. I'm also sure the more things heal the less sensitive everything will be.

In other news, I switched to heat today, and WOW. What a difference. I'm only doing ice after my cycling. I also started using heat before cycling to warm up the tissue. Since I can't take baths yet this is the next best thing.

One last weekend in my air bnb laying around will be a breathe of fresh air to be back home next week.

This surgery really is a funny thing. There's literally no clear path. Everyone has their own struggles, some similar and some different.

I have my final appointment with Hakky soon and will be interested to hear his thoughts at almost 2 weeks post op.

Overall, still happy with my decision and I think things are going great and as expected. Obviously, I'd prefer to not have the pain, but it's expected and I plan to be dealing with it the first 1-2 months. If I feel this much better in 10 days, I can imagine how much better I'll be at one month. Once again, my reminder to myself when I've had the "what did I do" thoughts along the remembering the alternative. I stress this alot because I think more people need to compare to their situation BEFORE surgery, not before Peyronies. For me anyway, I couldn't have sex in the months before surgery. If I did, it was extremely risky and there was a chance I'd end up in the ER over one small wrong move. If so, that one incident could have cost me inches if I ruptured my dick. Worth it? Not to me, so I stopped sex the last month. Then remembering how 1.5 hours of my day was consumed with restorex/ VED. Using pills. And most importantly, the mental toll it takes feeling inadequate because you know you have a deformed and unstable dick. I thought about it DAILY. Everytime I saw a girl, I'd think about it. So while this recovery is tough, I'll take this any day over what I had before.

Lastly, my official post surgery erect length measurement was 7.5 inches BPL. 7 inches even without pressing the ruler into the skin. No idea about girth but didn't feel it was an accurate comparison without natural engorgement to fill out the spong/glans. I'll take that measurement at about 30-45 days, but as mentioned I already have more girth on the top half of my shaft where the narrowing was. Bottom half prob slightly less. Can't wait, or even imagine, how my dick will look at 6 months!
Penile Implants / Re: 37 Year old athlete implan...
Last post by AverageBloke - December 08, 2023, 06:03:59 PM
I've heard that Dr Eid says keeping it pointed up is only important in the first couple weeks after surgery as the scar capsule forms fast. Even then, only do what is comfortable for you.

I wore my flaccid down and erection angle did not change. 3pm erect angle and my flaccid angle is at 6pm.

If your pump is also hurting, maybe take a day off from the cycling.

My best advice for you would be don't stress too much about the little things, take your time and just enjoy the implant when you get cleared for sex. Cycle normally for the first 3-6 months and just use it like a normal penis.
Introduce Yourself / multimodal care
Last post by Casper28 - December 08, 2023, 06:01:28 PM
Good evening everyone, at the end of November I visited Dr. PG ROME.
As expected I did the ULTRASOUND before the visit, discovering positive parameters:
As of May 23: 38.2 mm longitudinally x 24.7 mm transversely x 5.5 mm thick = 2.720 cubic centimeters
As of November 23: 28 mm longitudinally x 19.2 mm transversely x 4.6 mm thick = 1,310 cubic centimeters (-51%)

The two calcifications on May 23 measured 2.3x3.7 and 2.2x6.2 respectively, today 1.6x2.6 and 1.6x5, here too the echo highlights a notable improvement.

Another isolated calcification measured 1.4x5.2 November 2.6x3.3 on May 23, in this case the shape has changed and it seems that the calculation still results in a smaller volume.

ELASTOSONOGRAPHY today has a deformation index of approximately 2.00 compared to the May23 value of 3.68

Regarding the increase in curvature towards the right a few months ago, Doctor PG confirmed to me that it is still a positive factor and that essentially the reduction in volumes occurred above all on the left, therefore less resistance of the tissues and respective elongation on that side.

Personally, when I touch the plate, I don't perceive a difference, the curvature is always around 80° towards the top and further towards the right for the reasons I described above. The erection has improved, probably thanks to the stable therapy of Cialis 5mg per day, which gives me spontaneous erections and on contact as happened before all this mess.

The Doctor has decided that given the extraordinary response (-51%) of the oral therapy he will not prescribe infiltrations or different treatments. If everything goes well there is no point in supplementing and risking upheavals, so much so that he has extended the period of my next visit, which will be in July 2024. , in 9 months instead of 6 months as usual.

-1 ALPAVIR ONE when waking up fasting, 1 ALPAVIR DUE when waking up fasting, 2 PEYFLOG half morning fasting, 2 PEYFLOG mid afternoon fasting, SCLERO-HYAL morning and evening, DOULAUT half day.

I have welcomed the new events but I have to see the curve really change before I get to my head, for now the difficulties in relationships and the frustration in approaching the fairer sex remain.

Will update
I totally get the travel concerns. Personally, I have concerns about literally everything. From collecting the document to choosing transportation!  I'm fairly new here too. Last month, I took a short trip with my VED and RestoreX in my checked bag. I threw in a little note about the medical necessity just in case. Honestly, had no issues at all! Security probably sees all sorts of things, and as long as it's properly packed, they seem to understand. Also, about Miami private jet charter – randomly, a friend suggested it for a weekend getaway. Still on my bucket list, though!
Surgery for Peyronie's Disease / Re: My Peyronie's surgery diar...
Last post by MiddleAgedMan - December 08, 2023, 05:44:06 PM
One year post-op update. The good news is that the scar tissue issue that made foreskin retraction difficult resolved by itself and I haven't needed any further surgery. The less good news is that the curvature has returned to some degree, I haven't measured properly but would guess I have a 30-40 degree upward bend, as opposed to around 10 deg after surgery. It seems not to be an issue for intercourse so provided it stays this way I'm ok with the result. I have no problems with getting an erection or any reduced sensation, so other than the minor curve everything works as it should. I haven't changed my mind about the choice of this type of surgery, I would still recommend it to anyone in my situation.
Alternative Treatments of Peyronie's Disease / Hello
Last post by kalu12 - December 08, 2023, 05:29:38 PM

Is there any cure for this awful condition ?

Or is there no hope, i feel kinda depressed about this and is eating all the zest for life for me, i'm 25