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Welcome to Dr. Landon Trost - Directly answering member questions in the "Medical Professionals" section below the Treatment boards.,16512.0.html

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 on: Today at 08:54:10 PM 
Started by Sierra2014 - Last post by Sierra2014
Hey guys. I just joined that forum and man I wish I had found it earlier. I’m 32 years old.

This confusing journey started 8 months ago when I noticed a definite hourglass when becoming erect. Things filled out okay after that and since then I’ve noticed the hourglass in flaccid and semi erect state only but it is very hit and miss. I made an appointment with a urologist but they couldn’t get in me until last week. In the mean time doing a lot of online reading I just hopefully chalked it up to hard flaccid because my penis has always gone between and long flaccid to shrivelled. And since there was never any pain with or without an erection I was hoping it wasn’t peyronie’s

At my appointment the doctor felt my penis for about 2 seconds, said there was very minor calcification. Said there was nothing he or I could do about it and come back in 2 years if I can’t get an erection because at that point I would have nothing to lose and we could talk about surgery. Since the appointment I have felt a dull pain in my flaccid penis come and go.  Does it make sense for pain to start 8 months after first noting it? At this point I’m not sure if I’m making it up in my head. I left the doctors more confused and lost than before.

After reading this forum I realize there is quite a bit of stuff you can try and really wish I had started it earlier. Made me even more disappointed in my doctor visit as he really didn’t seem to care or know there are other options.  Sorry if I lost anyone in all that but my question is it normal for pain to start after 8 months? I’m not even convinced the doctor didn’t just say I had calcification and he couldn’t do anything to help just to get me out of his hair. He was answering my questions while he was walking out the door lol.

 on: Today at 07:55:07 PM 
Started by Rim - Last post by Rim
I am currently suffering nerve damage which resulted in

Loss of Sensation
Numbness (In glans) I can only feel pinching and sharpness.

Its been 11 days since the injury .

What has helped you guys?

 on: Today at 07:01:06 PM 
Started by Nolte94 - Last post by martin111
Nolte94, Thank you for your posts, very inspiring, good luck with further progress. Could you reveal which urologist you visited in Germany (I assume you visited one in your country :) )? Here or on priv if you preffer.  Unfortunately I have problems with finding urologist familiar with non-surgical treatment, so looking around for good one in EU. Thanks.

 on: Today at 06:58:23 PM 
Started by sydbarrett - Last post by Pfract
sydbarrett: Hello and welcome to the forum!

Before you continue with the surgery, please consider taking some time to try some things first: namely traction and VED. Many members have had success with restorex. The user "monty" also has a thread where he shows his progress with the VED after months of usage. He correct a lot of his curvature and gained back some length. You can clearly see it in the photos.

Vitamins and supplements do nothing for you, so don't waste time on them. If you are having erection issues, ask your doctor for Daily cialis and try it on. Very well tolerated by the body.

By surgery, i don't know if you are talking about excision and grafting, nesbit or plication. But keep in mind, that a Penile implant may also be indicated in your situation and depending on some factors, may even be the best choice. See here:

There's also some members from the UK here, that had the device there. So you can reach out to them, and read their implant diaries. Please stick around with us, and also look for the survival guide on the forum. Has valuable information. Very important too is that you try your best to not disconnect from your wife. A partner's support on this thing is night and day on the mental aspect.

Stay strong!

 on: Today at 06:51:48 PM 
Started by Pfract - Last post by Pfract
This topic has been moved to Traction and Traction Devices for correcting Peyronies Disease.

 on: Today at 06:51:01 PM 
Started by DaveAlexander - Last post by Pfract
Traction by hand and correcting curvature? Not saying you are lying, but i find a hard time believing traction by hand does anything. It is simply not possible to replicate the intensity and duration of a session with Restorex. I have a device, and tried hand traction some times in the past before having it. There is no comparison....

You should definitely consider restorex, in my point of view.

 on: Today at 06:46:26 PM 
Started by owenwales - Last post by Pfract
Hey Owen! Welcome aboard.

Well... if you can, get started on traction as soon as possible. I would go for a Restorex device (there's ways to get one in Europe) or a PMP. As for your erections, make sure to mention that to your GP and ask for daily Cialis. Start with the 2.5 and you can up that to 5mg, if the first option doesn't work alright. It helps a lot with blood flow. You can combine it too with L-argigine. It's a therapy recommended by physicians. Vitamins do nothing. Don't waste your time.

The easier you start getting on Traction and VED too, if you have the possibility the more you have chances of slowing down the progression from the disease.

As for the shockwave, if it is financially feasible go for it. Generally members don't find that there's worsening. Just no benefit. sadly.

As for the smoking and drinking, i do both, and i don't find that my condition has improved. Bare in mind that with time, smoking will worsen your Erectile Dysfunction. But that's after years of smoking.

Please read the survival guide and this:

Stick around!

 on: Today at 03:33:05 PM 
Started by owenwales - Last post by owenwales
Hi all,

Last night I noticed a significant curve and shrinkage of my penis (dont know angle but certainly very noticable, penis shortened around 2 centimeters erect). After some frantic googling I found out about this disease for the first time last night. Basically I've noticed some pain/feeling in my penis for approximatley 9 months but thought nothing of it as it wasn't having a truly noticable effect. I've noticed that erections havn't been as strong in the last few months, but I've put this down to high iron levels which can have an effect on erections (dont know if this has an impact on peronie's).

After discovering this last night I made a trip and had a check-up with a urologist today. I'm currently living in a foreign country and shall move back to the U.K. just before Christmas and likely stay for the foreseeable future. The doctor's recommendation was that I take ESWT treatment alongside an enjection in an attempt to break up the plaque (not sure what the injection is as was in a bit of a daze). The plan is that I start a course of treatment of 5-6 sessions starting on Wednesday for two weeks before I leave the country. Now, he explained to me that there's absolutley no guarantee that this would work but that it's far better to try this before surgery later down the line. I've had a little bit of optimism since then, but since discovering this forum I've noticed many previous posts discouraging ESWT treatment. Some of this is on the lines of profiteering from private surgery's which maybe has some truth, but the place I'm going for treatment is very inexspensive compared to UK levels.

First of all I'm wondering if anyone here has undertook this type of treatment at an early stage or as a first treatment option and what the results were?
Secondly, I'm wondering what measures I myself can take to prevent further growth of the plaque - such as vitamins etc.
Thirdly. as well as this I'm a smoker and fairly havy drinker - does quitting/ cutting far back on this have a potential impact on my outcomes?

As well as this I'm also fairly young for the disease (26) - I'm wondering if this can have an effect on impact and outcomes

Thanks for all inputs and all the best guys

 on: Today at 02:58:35 PM 
Started by DaveAlexander - Last post by DaveAlexander
So I did traction by hand for some time and I´m sure it corrected my curve since it was way worse in the beginning. But it seemed to cause narrowing which was very concerning. My question is is there a difference between traction by hand and a device? Restore X claims that it will help with dents and narrowing too? What are your experiences with it?

I´m not sure id I should invest in a VED or a Traction Device.

 on: Today at 01:57:59 PM 
Started by sydbarrett - Last post by sydbarrett
Hello, I've had Peyronies Disease for close to 2 years now; in Dec 19, I first experienced pain whilst having sex with my wife, but didn't think much of it, however, I continued to experience pain for a long time whenever I got an erection. NHS appointments were very slow and few and far between, and the first consultant dismissed it (unsurprising as he only examined my flaccid penis) however the second diagnosed it from photos and recommended II buy a pump, which I used religiously fr a while, but which I must admit, I've stopped using. I eventually got seen by a more senior consultant who immediately detected the plaque, which is bizarre, as I can never detect it (is this unusual?), even when he showed me where it was.
he says I'm in the stable phase now - I can still get a pretty good erection however my penis is pretty deformed (including a bend, shortening, 'waisting' and indentations) but there is no longer any pain. When I try to have sex (only twice in the last two years), my wife says she can't feel it which is very depressing. I'm on a year-long waitlist for an operation, but the consultant has warned me that I will experience more shortening. I really don't know whether to go ahead or not. He says, don't believe any surgeon that says they can lengthen it - all procedures end up with shortening according to him. Just looking really for a community of men that understands what I'm going through, and that can offer some advice ... many thanks in advance

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