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VED's, Rings, Devices to Treat Erectile Dysfunction / Penimaster
Last post by Tobehonest - September 14, 2023, 07:42:18 PM
Does anyone have any experience with penimaster. Looks promising
How close is it to the glans, when your penis is stretched? When it is just beneath the glans you can use restorex. Do a search here. Especially in the section of doctor Trost who invented the Restorex.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Too young for this
Last post by beaulieu1008 - September 14, 2023, 05:05:53 PM
There are some expert urologists in Britain. Maybe any one in the forum can tell you who. And then you can ask your doctor for a referral. And if he doesn't want to, register with an other one.
Causes of Peyronies Disease / Edging
Last post by chris4u4fun - September 14, 2023, 02:40:57 PM
I like edging for hours. Is it good or bad? I would think considering healthy blood flow is needed to go there often, it might be good. What is the wisdom over here?
Thank you so much for the information. Happy for you! I hope to see the same results as you.  :)
Introduce Yourself / Re: Too young for this
Last post by whydidthishavetohappen - September 14, 2023, 12:52:44 PM
I dont really want to post any pictures. I've seen on this forum already that xiaflex seems to cause more problems than positives and the implant proceedure is very expensive even with insurance im pretty sure. Moving to the US could be something I could do however, but I dont have the money at the moment and most likely won't ever have the money. Moving to the US would also interrupt my current plans of joining the army.

This situation is very annoying considering almost all of my friends around me are having relationships and having sex and im here unable to do anything and they question why.


Oh also I forgot to mention im currently talking to a girl who likes me but I think im starting to lose her as shes getting bored because I havent been able to talk to her about anything more than romantic things as I know I wont sexually be able to accomplish anything. If I didn't have peyronies i'd most likely already be with her

One last thing, all my friends around me do drugs, drink and lead mostly unhealthy lifestyles and don't have any problems really. Whereas up to now I have never smoked, drank or ever done any drugs yet im stuck with a non functional penis at 18
Introduce Yourself / Re: Sex issue with congenital ...
Last post by Hawk - September 14, 2023, 12:15:04 PM
Isn't it possible to ship a Restorex to someone in the US and have them ship it to you in the UK?
Introduce Yourself / Re: Too young for this
Last post by Hawk - September 14, 2023, 12:13:00 PM
Are you up to posting a photo of your erect penis?  If not, there is no need to explain.  I have been on the forum for almost 20 years and have never posted a photo.  If you are comfortable posting, a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

If you read the survival guide and spent time on the forum, you must know that the VERY WORST scenario is that you would need an implant that would give you a straight functional penis without removing ANY penile tissue.  You're glans and spongiosium would get naturally erect, and you could have sex longer than any guy you know.  So that is ALWAYS THERE AS A FALLBACK POSITION/ ACE IN THE HOLE!

Short of that, I know damn well you can get a Restorex to your address in the U.K.even if you have to have someone else ship it.  If you are a candidate for Xiaflex, that is within your future reach.  You are 18 !  If you need to, you can immigrate to the U.S., work for six months, get insurance, and have the procedure.  It would be less than a year out of your life and an adventure.

I once held an 18-year-old boy in my arms who decided (while drunk) that his life was too messed up, and he shot himself with a shotgun.  I went into the ER with him and helped the staff. (I was a cop at the time).  He died.  I will never forget him.  How badly I wanted to tell him that nothing can be so wrong at 18 that it cannot be resolved into a good life.  NEVER forget that.  Doctors and devices can help your penis, but it is up to you to take responsibility for and fix your mind.  Alcohol, pot, and illegal drugs are an enemy to your mind and your body.
Hi, guys,

I'm 10 months post-op and am often asked about size, scarring, etc.

1) Erection shape -> it's straight, I don't see any changes for a few months now.
2) Erection quality -> I would say the same as before surgery, here it's more about lifestyle, food, exercise, etc.
3) Scars -> I don't feel the stitches anymore, they dissolved for me around 8-9 months, I guess. The incision scar is almost unnoticeable, you can see a little on the right side, but no drama.
4) Length ->best part, somewhere around 9 months I reached full length as before surgery (maybe like 1-3 mm less). My opinion is that if your case is congenital and you could sort of straighten your penis during erection (like me), it means you don't actually have that much one side shorter, rather limited by the longer one, if you understand. If you stretch your penis straight at flacid and measure the length, that's your potential length of a straight erection, right?
I should add that I have a shitload of hours of phallosan under my belt (well over 1000), so that is certainly a factor as well ;D .
5) Girth ->I made the mistake of not having an accurate measurement before surgery, but I would guess it would be similar. I started using bathmate occasionally from 6 months onwards.

So, as Pfract posted, if you choose the right type of surgery for your case, the right doc, and are careful and patient in your recovery, you will have a good result.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Too young for this
Last post by whydidthishavetohappen - September 14, 2023, 07:30:50 AM
Reply to Hawk

1. Was your penis ever mostly straight?
Not that I can remember however, I never had any pain and my actual erection angle was normal and didnt restrict me from anything

2. If so, was there an accident or something that changed it?
I can remember anything that could've caused it

3. Are your erections firm and lasting?
They can be but I think stress from this disease causes an inability to get fully erect sometimes

4. Have you tried traction?
I'm living in the UK which means its difficult to get access to the RestoreX, there are some european alternatives but a lot of people on this forum have talked about them negatively, also im not sure how a traction device would reduce my actual erection angle (not penile curvature angle)