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Yes, start with position 1 until you can go to position 2. Then do position 2 for a while. Then when you're used to that, move to position 3. Took me a couple of weeks to get to position 3, and a couple of months to get to position 4 from 3. Just take it easy, keep it up, and don't give up. You'll progress, maybe not as quickly as you'd like, but you will make progress.

Couple of other things, the makeup pads on the clamp plates really help for comfort. And using a tissue when counterbending helps things slide nicely. I also use some aloe gel in the morning and before bed to keep things mellow down there :-).
Where does it give the list of instructions on the site? just seems to be a bunch of letters/case studies.
This is my link from 16 years ago!  It took much trial and error to master.  I have come a long way from this post to my final healing.
It is up to Hawk to let me post the book.  I will just copy and paste it where he wants. I have been banned in past for saying that I healed from that site.  I can tell you first hand that is the way to heal.
Um did you have a link to a resource or something? You didn't post any steps.
  Back for third time and sure to be banned but maybe I can get through to at least one member and save them.

  I wrote a 300 page book on how to regain erectile function, and how to erect fully and massage the scar on the penis When Erect.
  Healing occurs when the scar/collogen scar is massaged against the healthy adjacent erectile tissue.  Supplements such as L-arginine, Dhea, Low doses of Tribulas, Fish Oil, and Warm wraps about 105 degrees with wet facecloth are all used. (help soften scar)

  I will gladly donate my book and post link to youtube videos of how to erect to maximum without ejaculating and then the massage.  I will even talk on phone with someone.

  I have recovered from severe peyronies due to a smash during sex and then trying to manually stretch my penis back to health which made it 100 times worse.

  I used which I found 20 years ago and studied everything on there to make an "Idiots Guide" to curing Peyronies.

  I had a website 10 months ago which failed miserably.  I was destroyed by stretchers and injection advertisement.  I lost alot of money and finally bailed out after losing over $8,000 with website, computer tech, and advertising.  It was called MensNaturalTreatment.   It is real and it works!

  You Cannot stretch collogen scar tissue back to health!  You must Heal the collogen scar and transform it Back to erectile tissue!  Stretching inflames and enlarges the damaged area temporarily giving you a false perception that the concave area is "filling out"
  In reality, you are causing more damage and more, denser peyronies!

  The penis is made up of 70-80% erectile tissue and 20-30% collogen tissue.  The more healthy erectile tissue you have, the faster the healing.   Stretching causes more collogen tissue which significantly sets you back months to years in healing as now you have less healthy erectile tissue to promote healing.

  Its like a scab in your penis!  Maybe that is best way to describe it. 

Why does it take months to years to heal scar tissue in your penis as opposed to a cut on your arm??

Because the penile tissue is one of the most complex tissue on Earth!  It can stretch 2-4 times its original size without tearing when healthy.  It also is a very thick tissue.

  I explain everything from how ejaculation frequency, exercise, cupping massage, and supplements all help healing.

The once you regain Real, Strong erectile function, you can begin healing. A technique called ballooning (like edging) is used during massage but is much better.

  A strong natural erection, nighttime erections, penile massage for 20 minutes 1-2 times a day followed by a warm wrap to promote healing are the keys to healing!

  This system worked for me!  I am here to help, not make money!  I dont need any of your dam money!

Just tired of watching man after man annihilate their damaged penis with the stretcher and then be forced to get the implant.

  Looking foward to helping unless I get banned again  lol   Robert
Surgery for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Peyronies advice in NYC
Last post by Pfract - September 19, 2023, 10:27:19 PM
Please have a look at Dr. Landon Trost's website.

HE lists the most up to date treatment information and protocols and he is a highly regarded specialist that also does xiaflex injections.

He offers video consultations which you may be interested in to get some guidance. Hopefully he can recommend somebody in your area.
Surgery for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Bulbocavernosus muscle inj...
Last post by Pfract - September 19, 2023, 10:15:17 PM
Hey Kelis:

Given all that you describe, the best thing you can do is try to find a sexual medicine specialist that you can work with and that can start by making a full diagnosis of your condition. You know that you are already suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, but to what extent? Have you tried medication to help out with Erectile Dysfunction? How bad was your fracture? If the curve isn't too severe and the size loss wasn't great, you may still attempt to have sex with the help of pills and/or a constriction ring to achieve successful penetration.

If you are not comfortable with those or you don't wish to proceed down this route then you may be suited for a Penile implant sooner rather than later.

But that requires a lot of research and depends on a lot of factors on your end too. So tell us more about your plans and what do you want to do in the future about your condition. (an implant would solve the problem with the muscle you describe, by the way..)

Good luck with finding a used device for sale in such a short time. If you can, whilst you are here it may be better to purchase it even if you spend more money than to deal with the hassle of finding a parcel forwarder to your Country.
Surgery for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Anyone had Extra Tunical G...
Last post by Pfract - September 19, 2023, 10:08:16 PM
Hey Benjamin! thank you for sharing your account with Dr. Brian Christine! Did you experience any Erectile Dysfunction after the procedure or any other adverse thing?