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Penile Implants / Re: T.E.P (tunica expansion me...
Last post by jj21 - July 10, 2024, 09:44:25 PM
Thanks Step, appreciate your continued support. Hope all the other members are good, it's been a while.

As an update, I am pretty happy with my titan. The prostatitis is being managed with NSAIDS 4 x a week. It's actually a pretty amazing piece of technology when you think about it. at 80% my titan mimics exactly a natural penis. I really see how people grow to love their implant!

Just wish I could get my flaccid to point down or the dog ear to settle down so I can wear corporate clothes comfortably for work. Really the only issue I have at the moment.

Started perito exercises and will report back if they are of benefit.

Of course, it's possible, but it's crucial to use only reliable and verified pharmacies.

In the US, obtaining Viagra without a prescription is technically not legal, but there are legitimate telehealth services where you can get a prescription after a virtual consultation with a healthcare provider. This ensures you are using the medication safely and legally.
I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. It's great that you've found some relief in the past, but I understand your concern with the recent changes. Here are a few thoughts:

RestoreX desensitization: It's possible that prolonged use of devices like RestoreX could cause some changes in sensitivity, but as you mentioned, this would likely not affect your nocturnal erections.

Peyronie's disease progression: It's reassuring that you haven't noticed a significant relapse or curve change, but any hardening of nodules could potentially affect overall penile health and function.

Brand vs. Generic: There can be differences in the effectiveness of brand-name medications compared to their generic counterparts, even though they contain the same active ingredients. Sometimes the fillers or the absorption rate can vary.

Cialis tolerance: Tolerance to medications can develop over time, which might explain why it doesn't feel as potent as it used to.

Given these possibilities, it might be a good idea to:

Consult your doctor: They can provide a more tailored analysis and perhaps adjust your treatment plan.
Consider medication quality: Always use reputable pharmacies to ensure you are getting genuine medications. The effectiveness can vary greatly between reliable and less reputable sources.

I hope you find some answers and relief soon. Take care!
That's the sad part about our Canadian healthcare. Have you considered going into the US?
Quote from: Marayan on June 12, 2024, 10:36:32 AMAny updates on your jour et with the supplements?

I stopped taking them because after a year there has been no improvement. Check out the recommendations from this reputable source
Quote from: curvedcarnivore on March 15, 2024, 12:00:33 AMThanks Mike.

Have you ever heard of someone getting pain after months of no pain?

I've had peyronies for over a year, and just recently I've been getting significant pain after pretty much no pain at all (except in the very beginning). My mental health took a nosedive recently and seems to be correlated with the pain in my penis, which is on the right side where the main plaque is.
Quote from: Lostand Looking24 on March 18, 2024, 08:17:52 AMAnd on this point.

I was given a leaflet from my doctor which was made by the British Association of Urological Surgeons. It says 'It affects approximately 1 in every 16 men (6%). But most urologists suspect that it is under-reported, and may affect as many as 1 in 10 men (10%).'

Now, assuming your penis is still functioning and you have a curve that is somewhere mild to moderate, not preventing you from intercourse:

If you were told:

What happened is quite common, as much as 10% of men get curved penises in their lifetime.
As long as it is still working functionally and you are able to have intercourse due to the degree of curvature not preventing it, it does not need to be treated if you do not want to. Just make sure to monitor it and if it gets any worse come back for another appointment and we can begin treating it.
If you have lost length and/or girth, you may regain most if not all of it with non-surgical treatment over time which requires just 30 minutes a day using the Restorex according to published data.
The scar tissue usually shrinks and softens in the long-term.
Some men are born with a curve naturally without scar tissue, which they can treat the same way you can treat yours if they choose to, though most don't and live their whole lives with it without seeking treatment.
Sometimes men like yourself acquire these curves later in life, instead of being born with the curve.

Does the above apply to peyronies disease? Yes. Would it in any way be deceptive to someone with peyronies disease? No.

Compared to being told:

You now have a disease of the penis, which has no cure, and 10% of men get it in their lifetime unfortunately. You probably got this disease through rough intercourse or some moment of trauma - if only you didn't have intercourse that day which caused it!
You might improve it with treatment, maybe maybe not, or with a surgery which requires degloving of the penis and/or a penis implant.

Do you see my point? The truth is, the first thing is actually closer to what reality is if you have a mild to moderate case. Though most of us tell ourselves the second thing. Why?

I'm pretty much half your age and have a curve to the right. For me it is mostly a mental issue. I woke up one day with a 20 degree curve and yet it still works just fine, the same as it did before. I can go my whole life with this newly acquired curve with no issue whatsoever. Am I treating mine? Yeah. If I didn't, and it remained the same my entire life, would I be in any way at all physically impaired? No. If I get erectile dysfunction or diminishing erection quality in the long term am I going to attribute it to my 'disease'? No, I'm going to attribute it to the normal, expected regression in erectile tissue as I age. Just as everyone else does.

Most people who get peyronies only get one occurrence in their life time.

My advice would be to stop telling yourself it is a disease. Tell yourself what it literally is, with no label. You have a newly acquired curve, which can be treated if you want to.

A lot of bodybuilders get torn biceps, torn pecs. They don't tell themselves they have a disease, even though their torn muscle never returns to completely back to normal. What they do is adjust their methods of working out said muscles. They still hit the gym and make gains.

Maybe what I'm saying is controversial. Maybe people with more severe peyronies will not like what I say, it is not applicable to them anyway. But the truth is, as someone who is only 23 with this, when most people on this forum are double to even triple my age and more and so things like erectile dysfunction which you may or may not have may be wrongly associated with their peyronies disease when it is just the natural occurrence of ED with age.

I have had no physical issues caused by this newly acquired curve. If I was told that up to 10% of men acquire a curve in their life time and as long as it is not causing any physical issues it's fine, I would not even be on this forum. The truth is that being told that would not even be a lie, it's true. It applies to peyronies 'disease'. But because I was told it is a 'disease' that's when it started to bother me mentally.

I hope this helps.

Very insightful! And very helpful! Thanks a lot for that, I'll be returning to it when I need to refresh my perspective.
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Agressive peyronies, multi...
Last post by Sonic - July 09, 2024, 05:30:45 PM
Carbs and sugar make it worse for me. Eating as clean as I can, trying to avoid things like pasta, rice bread, etc and focusing on good sources of protein, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits make a difference. The problem is sticking to it, as I always seem to revert to the bad habits now and again.

As for scarring, thing about me is 3 urologists have palpated and said there is no scar tissue that can be felt, or that it is so minor that it can't be felt by hand, never made an US.

I do not feel diet ever made a change in dents, however during my multiple day water fasts the symptoms of hard flaccid pretty much vanishes completely and the semi erect hourglassing becomes much less present. I assume this is because when I do not eat and only consume water my entire pelvic region/prostate becomes relaxed allowing for better blood flow and a much softer flaccid hang rather than the retracted state that you get from HF.

I am hoping the VED can help with the dents with time. We'll see. I don't have any high hopes but what can one do..
Thanks Sonic, I really appreciate it. Hopefully, one day we will find a way to significantly improve this condition and start living our lives like normal people again.

What kind of diet do you follow? For you personally, is there anything that helps to soften/reduce scaring and dents? 

For me, Tadafil used to be great when the tissue was softer. Every morning I had a solid erection and  the tissue was well stretched, which gave a boost to my mental health. Now, while it still helps with erections, I noticed that the tissue isn't stretched to the same extent - which is really a shame.
Quote from: Vril8 on July 09, 2024, 01:25:26 PMI've also bought a Somacorrect, but it's still in the box. I've been scared away from VED after reading posts about overpumping, but now I think I need to use every option available.

That's why I always recommend people on here to get a pump with a gauge. It reduces the fear by letting you know exactly what pressure you are hovering around. With pumps like Soma etc, you have to go by feel. Since you have already bought it at least use it. Just be cautious, do not be afraid. You should never feel any pain, and if you feel some discomfort never apply more pressure to the pump, signs of discomfort means you have already gone past the pressure your penis is used to. Take it slow. Ease into it, and as time goes you will become more comfortable both with the use of the device and it's pressure. You have to let the penis get accustomed to the vacuum.