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Introduce Yourself / Re: Sex issue with congenital ...
Last post by Alex83 - Today at 12:12:15 AM
I have almost the same curvature as you after 2 surgeries! I really understand you

I recently heard about Dr Djinovic. Some guys have already had surgery with him, and he's recommended by colleagues in the Balkans.

On this forum I know of only one guy who had his surgery with him, then I read a lot of testimonials about him about other types of surgery.

Personally, I'm considering this surgeon. I can't afford to go back to the United States again with Dr. Gelman (unless if the surgery is free) for a 3rd corrective surgery.
Introduce Yourself / Hello
Last post by DieG - Yesterday at 08:56:13 PM

I have been occasionally reading the forums since 2021. My struggle against this curse began shortly after me and my girlfriend had become sexually active.

Long story short, I didn't really pay that much attention to my business and I suspect that it happened sometime at the age of 17 when I suffered an injury around the groin area during sports. I can recall feeling pain for a month or two, but I certainly didn't expect this outcome that resulted in my dick resembling captain hook...

I did some research and given the severity of the curvature (~45° to the right and ~25° upwards; slight twist) and description of symptoms of Peyronies Disease I wasn't very pleased to conclude that I have it. Quick visit at local urologist only confirmed it, and, to put it lightly, my mood wasn't the best on that day.

Fortunately, my girlfriend is understanding and still supports me to this day. We decided to get me RestoreX to hopefully straighten it out (mostly the bend to the right, the upward curve doesn't cause much trouble if any). I live in Europe and and importing it involved additional hassle that resulted in about 40% higher price than listed on the US site.

RestoreX arrived sometime in March 2022 and I have been using it on and off for a few months with underwhelming results, and then I was forced to take a break due to various irl factors. I probably logged around 30 hours of usage and managed to get to 4 clicks. The device remained dormant in its box until 13/09/2023 when I started using it again.

It has been almost two weeks and I managed to get from 2 to 4 clicks while applying counter-bending to the left. I think I understand why I didn't see much progress in the past (or at least I hope so). Out of curiosity, right after the usual session (15min straight, 15min 4 clicks left) I decided to spend another 15min counter-bending downwards at 1 click and then the device REALLY hit the spot that is seemingly on the far right of scar tissue. I cannot recall similar levels of tension except for the time when I got from 3 to 4 clicks mid-2022. In fact, I noticed that the little guy is way more elastic when counter-bending to the left during erection than it used to be, yet counter-bending it downwards is mission impossible (gently, using hands, of course). That said, I suspect that the area I mentioned contributes to curvature in both directions and I expect to get at least some improvement if I follow-up left counter-bending with downward counter-bending.

I hope to document my progress more thoroughly and hopefully exchange info with you so that we can win this uneven battle together.

Wish me luck and I hope to see you again somewhere on the forums  ;)
Quote from: MrDoh on Yesterday at 03:45:15 AMTook me a couple of weeks to get to position 3, and a couple of months to get to position 4 from 3. Just take it easy, keep it up, and don't give up. You'll progress, maybe not as quickly as you'd like, but you will make progress.

Could you please provide additional details about your own progress (such as specific degree gains or similar achievements)?
Welcome Captainjack to the forum. Thank you for filling out your signature line as this will give you a better member response to your questions. Also if you haven't done it please download our survival guide -->Survival Guide . This is our comprehensive list regarding peyronies and it's different treatments.

Thanks for your info on tinnitus and hearing aids. I have thought about getting some but the idea of having 2 devices in my ears kind of scares me I guess. I know there are times when It would help me hear better. I recently had a bad flareup that set me back a little. Hopefully things will calm down and I will habituate to this. :(

You should look into traction with a device, either the Restorex or the PenimasterPro. They have really helped a lot of members here. Also VED therapy can also help thing out. As far as Cialis is concerned you will have to see if it affects your tinnitus at all. If you have had damage from sound it may not affect you. My damage was definitely ototoxic. The anti  inflammatory affects from Cialis and the oxygen it brings is beneficial.

The vitamin E and castor oil will not hurt you but may actually do nothing at all. Nsaids will help with inflammation. You should also look into heat therapy as it also provides healing. Your injury is about 9 months old so you may be out
of the acute stage. Being careful with sexual activity is something you need to put on your list of things to do. Pain is an indicator that something is not right. Hopefully you have got a good DR that you are working with. Educate yourself to the point that you know more than your DR.

Mikel7  :)
Penile Implants / Re: Final update
Last post by davie159 - Yesterday at 01:03:31 PM
The incision was in the scrotum
That is why I made the book, photos and videos. It took me years of trial and error to get it just right.  I wrote Dr. Lin many times.  If I get banned from here, you can write him and ask to contact me.
  He gave me permission to create the website about my experience of curing my peyronies through his website.
  there is a lot to it.  Many details. Most important is regaining a strong erection.  This is done through supplements, limiting ejaculation frequency to 3 times a week max.
  Nighttime erections are important.  the massage stimulates the healing action and the nighttime erections heal one small area at a time.  Sleep always has had magical power to heal tissue damage (like  a cut on arm).

  If anyone wants to pm me and get my email, I will copy and paste the book to you.  Read the book and then if you are on board, we can talk on phone.  It takes a few months to get going but then it becomes second nature. 

  after that, you can pass the material on to others.  I spent enough time and money doing this.  i was going to walk away completely from helping otheres, but peyronies affected my life so much that I still read this site.  And let me tell you, its painful to watch everyone do the same bull#$%t on here and wind up getting the implant.

  The implant is total destruction to the penis.
I wish to have a transplant from a black guy.


Am sorry but the rumours are true!
I'm new to the forum and came across this feed.  I too suffer from tinnitus from hearing loss.  I know this is a Peyronies Disease forum, but I found great relief from using a hearing aid in my affected ear. I also consulted with an audiologist from Treblehealth.  It was a game changer for me.  I no longer use a hearing aid and have habituated to the noise.  Now if I can only figure these plaques without further damaging my hearing.
Surgery for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Anyone used Mr David Ralph...
Last post by Pete10 - Yesterday at 06:58:24 AM
In 2018 (at age of 58) I went to the Tampere University Hospital for two transurethral resections of the prostate that both failed badly. The first one was done in August, it was carried out incorrectly against the instructions, and urination stopped completely. The second resection happened in November 2018.  It destroyed orgasm (about 2-3% left) and significantly weakened sensation. Also, it destroyed ejaculation and caused a widely-spread Peyronie's disease. Both surgeries were done by dr. Ala-Lipasti (beaware of him).
One year after the TURP surgeries Peyronies plaque was U-shaped, more than 270° around penis, causing upwards curvature ~60...70° and left curvature ~30...40°. Hour glass shape was existing. Also backwards bending (hinge) happened quite easily.
 I tried SWS (Shock wave), PRP, Xiaflex (4 injections), US-treatment, Tadalafil / Sildenafil for several months, different stretching devices, but no help.

During winter 2021-2022 and spring 2022 I contacted several clinics. Answers I got are shortly below:

Dr. Franklin Kuehhas – Austria: Penile straightening procedure based on an incision and grafting technique.
Dr. Augustin Fraile – Lyxurologia -Spain: Corporoplasty with tachoSil
Dr.Djinovic – Serbia: "The short answer – this is a complex case of Peyronies disease that can be successfully treated only by corporoplasty – reconstruction of tunica albuginea by grafting and relaxing incisions with simultaneous implantation of penile prosthesis.
Dr. Tobias Pottek – Germany: I have a lot of experience in surgical therapy of PEYRONIE´s disease. For the last 35 years I have done more than 1500 corporoplasties with different materials, the recent years more or less with TACHOSIL-patches. However, the best life-quality-results we see in patients who do not need surgery.
Prof. Dr. med. Georgios Hatzichristodoulou - Germany: No proposal before meeting.  Because of Covid meeting was not possible.
Dr. David Ralph - UK: Modification of a Nesbit Procedure called a Yachia which widens the narrow part at the same time as straightening the penis

I had to choose something and randomly I picked Dr. David Ralph.  Surgery was in May 2022 in London. Penile prosthesis was not an option for me, I couldn´t even think to having it.

2 weeks after the surgery:
Erections are good (same as before), but painful.
Mild (sometimes moderate) pain exists all the time.
Huge swelling is still present. It has decreased, but very slowly. There is so much swelling that
foreskin can not be pulled back. This worries me a lot.
Shortening is big, 5 cm. This is a real disappointment. Beforehand was told that shortening is max. 1cm. Stretching has not been possible so far because of swelling and pain.
Clear light, yellow fluid was coming out from the wound (under foreskin).
55° upwards curvature was measured in meeting before operation and 40° in operation.
Normally the curvature was 60...70°. The artificial erection was softer than normal and
this is the reason for difference. Left angle was 30...40°. Because of swelling it is difficult to see how much there is improvement.

4 weeks after the surgery:
Today it was possible first time to see the wound.  It seems that the stitches have ripped and the wound has opened almost half way. When asking, I got an message: "Professor Ralph has seen your email and images and advised that there is a little over granulation that we would normally treat with silver nitrate stick." I had that treatment.

6 weeks after the surgery:
The wound is still open. Swelling has decreased but very slowly and there is still quite a big lump under the skin.
Lengthwise there is no elasticity left, flaccid length is almost the same as erect length. This is bothering me very much.
The suture area looks quite strange.

12 weeks after the surgery:
Open wound had finally healed.

15 weeks after the surgery:
Still some swelling exists.

6 months after the surgery:
I´ve been using stretching device and vacuum pump daily since beginning of September (now for 3 months), but got really marginal or almost no improvement.  Before September stretching was not possible because of pain.
Biggest problem is numbness. Sensation has decreased clearly after the surgery. This and big shortening makes sex practically impossible, the target of the surgery did not succeed at all.
There is a big bulge under the penis. It seems that the corpus cavernosum is trying to expand, but the opposite side tissues can´t stretch and this is causing the big bulge.
Shaft is not as rigid as it was before operation.

1 year 3 months after the surgery:
All the same problems exist as before. 
Penis in not straight, it has strange S-shape, 30° curve upwards and 25...30°curve left.

THE SURGERY WAS A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT – things got worse than they were.
Welcome MisterFreedom to the forum. Thank you for your very detailed first post! Now could you please fill out your signature line -->Signature Line . This will give you a better member response. Also you need to download and read our survival guide -->Survival Guide . This is a comprehensive list regarding peyronies and it's treatments.

First thing I would say is to definitely dump your urologist. You are paying them for their service and this person appears to have no knowledge or understanding regarding peyronies. Many of us here have also had to switch Dr's because of their inexperience. Finding a peyronies Dr or one that will work with you can be difficult. Hopefully your upcoming appointment in November will be better.

It sounds like you possibly had a slight fracture during intercourse and a Uti for a man is possible. So the flacid ultrasound did not reveal much? You may possibly need one with an erection which would also give your Dr a picture of the internal blood flow.

Pain is an indicator that something is going on and you need to be careful with sex. Advil and heat therapy can help a little bit. You can also have some pelvic issues going on which will cause pain throughout your groin and penile area. There are youtube videos regarding such. You could have hard flacid also which is an area all by itself.

You should take some preliminary measurements of your penis in case things change. I would also educate yourself more on traction and VED therapy as it does help a lot of us regarding peyronies. The supplements also could be of some benefit , but i would also suggest getting on low dose Cialis if you can tolerate it. It will facilitate healing and promote erections.

Finally you need to have a list of questions for your next Dr's appointment. I take a clip board with me to every Dr's visit with everything written down I want to ask. You may not have peroneis and that would be great! If you do though remember that this disease takes time and patience as there is no easy fix. Read the forum and you will better educate yourself from other members experience.

Mikel7 :)