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You have to take into consideration where you are, where you want to do your procedure and the financing router you want to go. You first should decide to which doctors you want to go. Then call their office and find out pricing for out of pocket. After that, estimate how your other expenses will be. Flights, accommodations, food and medication for recovery, etc.

Then you can either ask the bank for the entirety of the loan with or without some savings on your end or you can get a credit card that is tailored for medical expenses/surgery. Dr Eid had this on his website, last time i checked.

Be mindful of the shortcomings of flying out of country for such a surgery when you have some decent surgeons in your are.
Yes, in 2013 I developed two lumps or nodules that were easily palpable.Some indentations then became evident in the weeks thereafter. I started taking Pentox twice a day or perhaps three times, I can't recall. After about a year, or perhaps a little longer, I noticed the lumps shrank and pretty much disappeared. If I were to really dig for them, perhaps I could feel traces, but I don't like to do that. They were palpably gone.

I must add, more than a year into the Pentox, a third lump materialized. So I discount Pentox as having done anything to cure these nodules - if I arew a new one while on the drug, I don't see how it was effective. It must have simply been the natural course of my personal "kind" of Peyronies.

Over the ensuing months, after the nodules went away, my indentations did indeed fill out again. So I consider that particular bout of Peyronies Disease to have resolved successfully - took about 2+ years in total.

Unfortunately, a new bout started in 2021, so clearly this is something I'll deal with for life.

But yes, nodules/lumps can go away. My guess is that these are not classic "calcifications" of Peyronies Disease - these are local tissue inflammations that can and do shrink. Calcifications would be the more classic Peyronies scarring.

Experience using Combination of Treatments / Re: Xiaflex Timing
Last post by danh - May 27, 2023, 09:00:17 AM

I can say that the 3 lumps that I  had disappeared after 2 years. I still do daily traction and VED occasionally .
What I've seen here is a significant number of men saying that they thought the acute phase was over only to find it started up again (myself included) even when being very careful. My opinion: no one knows if masturbation will affect Peyronies Disease adversely. 

So I'm not going to deny myself pleasure because it might be detrimental. For all we know nocturnal erections cause damage and plaque. Can we stop that? (BTW that's how I first noticed it, woke up many nights from intense pain with NTEs) The debate over how it starts hasn't born results IMO. I do what I can to get my penis bigger and stronger, but I'm sure not giving up sex. That's so ironic! 
Penile Implants / Re: Trapper implant journey 33...
Last post by Waveboy - May 26, 2023, 10:35:50 PM
Hey Trapper,

I just read your story and all the comments. I love Dr. Hakky, He was a angel in my eyes from where Tampa Fl F@@@Erectile Dysfunction me up and made me worse than with peroynies. Yes he made same comment to  me of this would be the smallest I would ever be again. Yes I am a bit older than you. So my recover was a bit longer than 12 weeks. I am here to say I am thankful that I am straight and can have sex again! Yes you will go through the I want it sooner than later because we are human and we are men. I am almost back to my length before peroynies even after my 1st hack job in Tampa that took 2 inches away from me and just about made it where I couldn't have sex even with IPP and just left me with statement " use what you have and be thankful". So I just wanted a functioning straight Dick. Now I am half and inch shorter than pre peroynies and my girth is wider yes wider! A lot of crap will go through your mind. Yes I tried VED after surgery but it started putting painful pressure on tubes in my sac going to cylinders and Dr. Hakky said stop so I didn't damage IPP and have to go back in. I realized I was being greedy and rushing things. So I just gave it time because yes I was smaller and thinner then. Just gave it time. The pump is in my sac and it took awhile before my nuts liked their new roommate. I hope things continue to immprove for you. Dr. Hakky is the MAN! this forum is awesome for support!

waveboy out!
Introduce Yourself / Re: Injecting Peptides - BPC 1...
Last post by FrankPD - May 26, 2023, 09:33:59 PM
Hello, what was the tanning bed for?  I get the red light but wouldn't a tanning bed burn you?  Is that what red light therapy would do?
Introduce Yourself / Re: Injecting Peptides - BPC 1...
Last post by Dent4ever - May 26, 2023, 09:18:11 PM
Please my friend do NOT take saw palmetto. This could cause PFS like symptoms -(post finasteride syndrome) because it lowers your DHT levels which is crucial to maintain penile health. I accidentally stumbled across your post and just wanted to throw in my 2Censts.. You can browse propeciahelp and people developed fibrous tissue/poeyronies like symptoms from this supplement.

Good luck in healing buddy!
Experience using Combination of Treatments / Re: Xiaflex Timing
Last post by zrx1200mn - May 26, 2023, 08:14:03 PM
Quote from: danh on April 22, 2023, 08:17:14 AMI got this same answer from Dr. Trost. I went over three months between round one and two. "And got great results".
Also, with the four week hiatus of no intercouse after the injections, I wasn't about to rush back for another round.

What were the great results?
I've go an appointment coming up at the end of June, hoping to be able to try Xiaflex, in addition to RestoreX use. I've been using RestoreX for 20 months.
Quote from: TonySa on January 08, 2018, 09:08:59 PMFT has a dedicated gay forum

I'm new to the forum (and gay). Would like to discuss other gay men's experience. What is FT? Thanks.