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Injections for Erectile Dysfunction / Trimix question
Last post by IwillbeatPD - September 16, 2023, 12:42:50 AM
Hey everyone-

If you've read my previous posts you know I've been fighting this battle a while. I've used up to 20mg of tadalfil as needed for sex and had ok results, but still too risky to have a girl on top. When I showed Dr Hakky a video of my penis erect, he actually told me in the office not to have sex at that level of rigidity.

He advised the next step is injections, and to be honest I've been hesitant about them-so hoping to get a couple answers here. I'll preface this by saying I'm aware of the risk of scarring with trimix, but then again you have nothing to lose at this point right? If anyone suggests I skip injections and go straight to implant please do chime in.

Anyway, I am not used to injecting anything, so the idea of mixing these two solutions and then injecting them into my penis is a little scary. But, I do think I'm at that point that I need to try this as a next step prior to implant.

My questions are:

1. What was your dose of trimix? I was advised to start at 10mg. I'm a little worried about this though because Hakky seemed very concerned about the erection lasting too long. I was only mildly concerned initially, but after talking to him I was thinking, okay this is a really serious situation and it's actually good chances I could end up in the ER. We ended the call with him telling me to start with 7-8mg, and then increase by 5 mg at a time. I'm assuming you all don't use tadalfil at the same time? Or you do?

2. I've heard if after 3-4 hours of an erection, it's time for the ER if you can't get it to go down. Is it I need to be in the ER being seen in 3-4 hours? Or that's the point I need to leave my house to head there? (It's 30 min away)

3. As far as natural methods to have the erection go it just ice, masturbation, and exercising? I also have some prescribed antidote from Hakky that I'm supposed to inject if I'm still erect at 3-4 hours. I guess this would come at 3 hours if I can't get it down naturally?

4. How do I know when I'm at the right dose of trimix? What I gathered from Hakky was that I should get to maybe 60-70% hard from the trimix. Then the rest comes with arrousal. I've heard other say they got fully hard from the injection alone. How do you all judge when you're at the right dose?

5. Based on reading the trimix guide, it sounds like the bio static water and trimix freeze fried powder can stay at room temp, and only needs to be cooled after being mixed. Is that right? And after being mixed, is there a threshold of time you could leave the mixed solution out for without it going bad? Or it has to be cooled 24/7? I ask this because it would be convenient to pre load a syringe and take it with me if I was going on a date. I am single so I would be doing this discreetly.

Thanks so much for your help!
Penile Implants / Re: Is it time for an implant,...
Last post by Hawk - September 16, 2023, 12:25:00 AM
I think there is no doubt that a Titan would stretch out the hourglass to the point that there was no trace during inflation. If it did not do that from day one, it would surely be greatly reduced and completely resolve it over a few months of cycling.

Everyone heals differently, but this implant will not restrict your activity in the least when it comes to the long run.  You can start working out in 6 weeks, and it might be another month or 6 weeks before you are doing maximum heavy squats (maybe sooner, especially at your age).  On the other hand, your body will appreciate the break, and your muscle memory will jump back into shape fast, so don't fret over a minor break.
Penile Implants / Re: Is it time for an implant,...
Last post by IwillbeatPD - September 15, 2023, 11:32:54 PM
Thanks Step/Hawk-

I've been fortunate to have you all for first hand advice on and off the forum- and I am truly thankful for that. I mentioned to Hawk the other day I've definitely had my ups and downs. Sometimes I'll go months without thinking about it and I'll try to resume life as normal as possible with a modified sex life. Other time, I just feel down like I need to just do the implant and be done with it. I definitely think due to my length it's necessary to get the implant. These were also Hakkys words. Having such length at 8.5 inches and only average girth, it's not a good mix. Then add in a hinge and hourglass midshaft-it's just so risky. Not to mention the cosmetic deformity.

After much thought, there are two things holding me back. If you all could offer any advice on these I'd be so appreciative.

1. The hourglass. I'm confident a titan xl will give me more than enough rigidity to where stability will never be a concern. But I'm wondering how an implant would affect the appearance cosmetically. As of now it doesn't look good. Kind of like a bottle neck effect mixed with hourglass. Almost like my penis is two separate pieces. I've read that some surgeons do incisions on the plaque during the implant to allow it to expand. I'd be using Dr Hakky and I think I'm a video he mentioned trying to break up the plaque before inserting the prosthesis. I'm curious from those who had a bad deformity, and what your experience was like after getting a titan? If it got better, how much better?

2. Working out. I guess I'm what you'd consider somewhat of an "extreme athlete". Mostly just gym workouts, but I go hard-really hard. Fitness is a huge part of my like and to not be able to do the things I do now would be a major consideration in this. I fully understand there's a recovery period. Hakky said 6 weeks. But I've also read of people who experience pain for long periods of time after. I can handle a small amount of discomfort or a twinge of pain here and there, as long as it's not bad enough to prevent me from getting back to my workouts. What do you all think a reasonable time frame would be before I could get back into hard training again? I'm assuming at 6 weeks it would be slowly easing into it only.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Too young for this
Last post by IwillbeatPD - September 15, 2023, 11:29:33 PM
Hawks response right here. Your kindness is worth a thousand words too.

Couldn't have said it better myself to an 18 year old. Words of wisdom right here.
Surgery for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Extra tunical grafting or ...
Last post by IwillbeatPD - September 15, 2023, 11:24:23 PM
Hey C Dub-

Geez, even though that's a helpful answer, also discouraging. I've thought about ETG on and off, but aside from the downsides you already mentioned, I'm sure insurance doesn't cover it since it's a cosmetic procedure. And also, what good is it if your penis looks better but is still unstable.

I had an appointment booked with Brian Christine also but canceled to see dr Hakky as I thought if I do anything it would be an implant. If stability wasn't an issue for me and it was only cosmetic, I'd def spend the money on ETG before doing an implant. Then again, after your 30% statistic of Erectile Dysfunction- maybe not. Those are high odds.
Oral Treatments for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Leaving Cialis due to Tinn...
Last post by V_Frost - September 15, 2023, 06:53:00 PM
Quote from: Sonic on September 15, 2023, 12:32:50 PMI used to take 5 mg a day. IDK about the pricing for your country but here taking a tablet every day was way too costly, a packet only contained 28 tablets. So I consulted my Urologist and switched to taking it Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It worked well for me, (minimized side effects and still had a good effect all week)

I'm taking 2.5 every other day, do you think it might still be effective at that dose???
Just want to give a success story. I'm still in chronic phase (confirmed by ultrasound), but was experiencing pretty severe pain during erections. Sex was painful to the point of complete avoidance.

I was put on Cialis 5mg daily and started Restorex. After the first few days I cut the Cialis dose back to 2.5mg because it was too strong (I actually just cut the 5mg pills in half).

Happy to report erectile pain resolved pretty much entirely within the first week of starting treatment and have continued now in about week 3 of steady use. Having very strong erections with no issues now.

 I'm not exactly sure whether the meds or device had the most effect but plan to continue both indefinitely.

Oral Treatments for Peyronie's Disease / Re: Leaving Cialis due to Tinn...
Last post by Sonic - September 15, 2023, 12:32:50 PM
Quote from: V_Frost on September 14, 2023, 01:25:57 AMTrying Cialis every other day (one day yes one day no) could still be effective??? Was about to introduce L Citruline, what's your opinion on it either alone or with Cialis???

I used to take 5 mg a day. IDK about the pricing for your country but here taking a tablet every day was way too costly, a packet only contained 28 tablets. So I consulted my Urologist and switched to taking it Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It worked well for me, (minimized side effects and still had a good effect all week)
350 USD shipped... its brand new in original packaging
Causes of Peyronies Disease / Re: Edging
Last post by Sonic - September 15, 2023, 10:38:37 AM
Are you in pain while doing it? If so then it is never good. Always best to avoid pain with this disease. Do you do it rough or gentle? If you do it gentle so that there is no bending or anything else that can create trauma then there is no harm to it although I will say, edging for hours... How do you even have the energy to jerk it that long man?

 ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D