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Introduce Yourself / Re: I Need to Make Time
Last post by Pfract - Yesterday at 12:08:05 PM
Welcome Hardtrobe! At your age an implant is always mentioned by doctors That care about their patients and know what they are talking about. Make sure you do your research, because it is imperative that the first procedure goes well. The last thing you want is to go through this ordeal only to need a revision right after.

Maybe there are other doctors close by that you could consider as well?
With or without a specific challenge of Peyronies Disease, it is human nature to squander life waiting to achieve a goal or certain circumstances before you enjoy life.  It is a fool who waits to arrive at the perfect destination rather than enjoying the journey even with all of its challenges.
No one has done any testing. The most that's been done is a quick visual inspection of the outside. They have no baseline and they don't know about its ability to become erect other than what I've reported to them, which apparently doesn't matter. They don't take this kind of thing remotely seriously unless there are very obvious visual indicators on the outside. If it starts turning blue they might see it as urgent but by then it's probably too late.
I know that there's damage because it shrunk, it's numb, it's discolored, it can't get hard, and the skin has gotten thin and sticky.
I can't keep taking PDE5s because of possible complications.
I think the only thing that might possibly help at this point is an implant, but I don't know if it's even possible to get that done anywhere on short notice. I'm desperate for some kind of help. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
Quote from: Mikel7 on Yesterday at 12:07:36 AM"Delaying gratification is a process of scheduling the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the pleasure by meeting and experiencing the pain first and getting it over with on your terms. It is the only decent way to live."

in my own life that is oh so true.!
But the urologist thinks there is no problem???

Refresh my memory, didn't you see more than one doctor?

I used a VED for 10 years under all kinds of circumstances and protocols, including along with retention rings and high-pressure clamps on traction devices.  I still can't see how what you did could have caused damage.

There is no doubt that few men could get an erection if they speculate every time they look at their penis that it might fall off.  If you are convinced of damage, you have no choice except to go to another urologist and then another one until you find one who will take you seriously.
I agree you can't have a satifisifed mind unless you take steps to address the addressable.

Curvedcarnivore - yes, Pygnogenol is Pine Bark (Pinus Pinaster), but not all Pine Bark is Pygnogenol. Pygnogenol is a patent/trademarked name that indicates the product is always sourced from Pinus Pinaster. There are other, cheaper Pine Bark products on the market but they can come from other species of Pine.
Hi Pfract,

Something in the mix is definitely working so I will continue :D I am not particularly deterred by a lack of concrete scientific evidence. There is not the same financial incentive (or industry demands) to study and promote natural supplements. The science isn't exactly rock solid or settled even when it comes to the mainstream approved treatments that are commonly prescribed for Peyronies. Nor is there complete consensus among experts in the field itself about what does and doesn't work. None of it has been studied exhaustively, really.

For each of the supplements on that list, there is at least some research and rationale behind their use. For many, if not all of them, the mode-of-action by which they could *possibly* help with peyronies is fairly well understood. In most cases that's antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory activity, circulatory support etc. We know this to be helpful, if not just to arrest peyronies, but to promote overall good health and assist the body in other ways. I'm still in the stage where conservative/oral treatments could make a difference and turn things around for the better. So if it's not hurting me, and is possibly even helping me, then I have no reason to change tack.
Introduce Yourself / Re: I Need to Make Time
Last post by Mikel7 - Yesterday at 07:30:42 AM
Welcome Hardtobe to the forum. Thank you for filling out your signature line. Also please download and study our survival guide -->Survival Guide .

 I am sorry to hear about what you are dealing with. Life does present us with many challenges and relationships are not easy at times. Peyronies on top of that can seem to make things worse. The fact of the matter now is it looks like you have a new mindset and are progressing towards some good changes in your life!

I searched the forum and could not find any members who had knowledge of Dr Kuan. May I suggest that you find another Dr, one that is a peyronies specialist. Do you know that we have Dr Trost and Dr Eid here on the forum answering questions. Dr Trost is in Utah and Dr Eid is in NY. Dr Eid is the one I would go to if I were having an implant done. Dr Trost is the one I would go to for any Xiaflex injections. They are both experts in their fields and come highly qualified. They are also wonderful human beings. I do believe that you could do a virtual consult with either of them.

Usually if you are able to get an erection other means of correcting bends and curvatures with traction, VED and surgery are used first before an implant. Yes traction takes time and is in no way a guarantee. The mindset though with peyronies is this a marathon and not a sprint. I think your eyes are now opened to healing your relationship and you want everything repaired now. Let go of regret and the shoulda coulda woulda thinking. Things will improve for you little by little. The fact that you are here should show you something.

In your case you need to be evaluated and I would highly recommend you get an erect ultrasound. It's good to have you here. :)

Introduce Yourself / I Need to Make Time
Last post by hardtobe - Yesterday at 03:16:16 AM
I am almost 65 and I have had peyronies for over 20 years. It began with an unusually large erection one night. Over a few months it developed a curve for which my doctor injected verapamil. This went on for several months without any progress. He sent me to a urologist who suggested Nesbitt procedure with   possible complications requiring an implant. At that point it was about 90° but I could still get an erection and it sort of worked. So I never went back. Eventually my wife and I grew apart and sex fell by the wayside. Now I am retired, rekindling our relationship and taking care of neglected health issues which I never thought I had the time for while grinding away at work. The angle has become worse, about 130 and I don't get a full erection anymore. After reading many posts on this forum, I have concluded that I indeed need an implant and due to posts I've read here, I'm not afraid anymore. We have lost a big part of our lives and straightening my penis from its current bend seems like a long, uncertain path, wasting the few opportunities left to us. I could see that xiaflex and restorex would prepare me for the implant, but it just appears that they couldn't fix it while we run down our time. Ironically, I may be going back to the urologist who scared me off the first time. I searched many urologists in Seattle, and he seemed to be well qualified. Now that i signed up here, i will search for Dr. Kuan in the forum and see if anyone has been treated by him.