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Thanks for that. Being older, I am unfortunately technologically handicapped.
But you are right, pictures tell the story. The harder the erection, the higher the degree of curvature, so sometimes I think I'm improving, but just wasn't as hard as the last time!
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Last post by Hawk - Today at 01:18:24 PM
Thanks for the update.  Pain during inflation is about the best news you can get with an implant. You are still gaining size.
I totally know what this does to you mentally.. shape, feeling, size.  I had two placations because the first one I had at Mayo in FL after 8 months ended up turning straight up looking me right in the eye.  The Second one done in Alabama mentioned in my others made me even shorter..I think pulled all my stuffing down to the bottom of the shaft and somehow pinched a nerve in the area of the gland attached to the shaft. I am straight, 4" erection good for nothing, I am a mangled man by this Dr. and I asked him about the pain and he said, O, that will never go away. Great. So I have pain and short stubby.  The stitching job needed 4 sessions of Kenalog injections done locally by a urogynecology Dr. that asked why we were not having intimacy. She numbed me and did the shots so i did not look like a porcupine.  However she could not help, no any other Dr. I have seen can help with the pain at the crown and shaft. I called this Dr. mentioned in prior note and asked him to totally remove all stitches and let me just be as whatever comes out. Hoping this would release the stitch or pinched nerve at the gland. His answer was, I am not doing any further surgery on you.  Naturally he documents his notes on the on line file slightly different.    But as far as mentally what this does to you....its been almost 3 years since he shortened me to useless.  intercourse is basically impossible... I know, I am not a man.
Hey guys, it's been a long while since I posted on here - hope you're all good. I'm one of the fortunate ones whose Peyronies Disease seems to have "settled", so I've just been going about my journey - with a bit of light VED use here & there to keep things in check.

Decided to follow my usual 20 minute routine this morning, didn't do or feel anything out of the ordinary.

However, at the end of the session when I took my penis out the pump I was bleeding out of my urethra. Not a massive amount of blood - if you imagine how you might dribble precum when you're super excited... it was that kind of quantity. But obviously any blood coming out the penis at all is enough to be alarmed at.  :-\

I cleaned myself off, gave the pump a little wash & then headed to the bathroom to urinate a few minutes later - a little nervous & fully expecting it to be a blood bath. However, there no visible blood in my urine at all. For all intents & purposes, it seems as if it was a momentary bleed - which I can only attribute to pumping. I've been in a long-term relationship for the better part of a decade now, & I'm confident neither of us has strayed - which rules out an STD. So, as I say, I'm fairly sure the VED use must be the culprit.

Obviously I'll be avoiding using it again any time soon, but I wondered if any of you have had this before?
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Last post by Stepone - Today at 07:25:34 AM

Everything sounds normal.
Eventually the pump will come loose or it did for me and many others.
If you read other journals you will find others have reported this too.
Stay positive, stay well.
I think you need to just give it a try and see. Different curvatures can present difficulty in intercourse. A change in position can make an improvement. One thing to remember is to have a rock solid erection and use a lot of lube. Let pain be your guide. I have read where a man had a 90* curve and with a little creativity he was able to have intercourse. Mind you he probably had to get into an uncomfortable position, but he did it. Creativity came into play there. Just give it a go.
This is a success story.

I'm 6 months post plication from a 45-50 degree upward bend right in the middle of my shaft.  My Peyronies Disease came on gradually over 6 months and started with a slight hourglass.  Eventually, it became absolutely unusable.  I would get a good strong erection but it would just bend in the middle.  Sex and masturbating became impossible.  In in my 40s and that is not acceptable.  I tried the RestoreX but I'm a physician with several kids and a busy practice and I do not have time for that crap.  And it didn't seem to be working.  My plaques were like steel.

I flew to Mayo and paid cash to see Dr Ziegleman.  I'm a physician and he was recommended by a urologist friend of mine. I am super busy and did not have time to return for multiple xiaflex injections and those things are extremely spendy.  Plus, no one in my home area does them so I would have to travel for each one. I had surgery the next day in the office under local anesthesia because I am self pay and Mayo quoted me $30k for a plication under general anesthesia vs $10k in the office.  I do not recommend doing this under local anesthesia unless you are pretty tough.  It was quite painful, not because of the physician, it's just a tough place to get completely numb. If you can do this under general anesthesia, that would be preferred.  But if you're tough, it's totally doable in the office and can save time and cash.  After the operation I went back to my hotel, got drunk and went to sleep, and flew home the next day at 5 am.

The next few nights at home, I also drank myself to sleep, with a cooler full of food grade ice packs held onto my shaft and chode, which also seemed quite sore. I had a vasectomy at the same time.  The worst part was in the coming month, I continued to get a raging boner about 3 times a night.  I didn't realize it happened that frequently.  I would wake up in excruciating pain as it felt like my penis was being ripped apart.  I would jump out of bed, stand up, and at times drop to my knees with pain.  I would walk around and try to get my erection to detumesce, and then the pain would subside.

Now I'm 6 months out.  My shaft is pretty straight, my erections are strong, and my wife and I are having a good sex life again.  I lost minimal length.  Masturbating is the hardest part.  My shaft doesn't feel the same, I can feel the plaques with my fingers, the sutures are palpable but not painful, and distal to my hour glass deformity I think my girth is a little more narrow.  At first, I couldn't masturbate.  I felt ashamed of what has happened to me.  I feel like I'm not as manly as I once was.    However, it is all a mental hurdle and if I can just forget about that crap, I can get'er done.

All in all, I would choose this option again and I will report back in another 6 months.
I haven't had sex since having peyronies, but plan to soon.

I'm not sure how it's going to be for her or me with my condition.

I have leftward curvature and upwards curvature that varies 20-40°.

Any thoughts?
Glad to hear you're starting to see some potential curve reduction. Try posting a picture if you can. I'd recommend uploading to google drive and then posting a link to the photo. The good thing about doing it that way is if you ever want to delete the photo from the post, you can just delete the photo from google drive and it will no longer load.
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Last post by nickadams - Yesterday at 03:17:13 PM
Day 15

Pain has dropped to 0/10 when I am just laying around, 3/10 when I am out and about, and 5/10 when I am cycling.

Handling the pump no longer hurts very much, it is just the discomfort of being inflated now that causes pain.

I am completely off painkillers and starting to resume a semi-normal life.

One thing that bothers me is the bottom of my pump seems to be stuck to my ballsack.  ???