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I use to regularly take the following combination on a Saturday night 1-2 times a month over a 2 year period.

40mg Tadalafil
200mg Sidenafil
60mg Dapoxetine

This was so I could have lots of vigorous sex in swinging clubs in a night. I remember the highest amount of women I slept with in one night was 7.

I would go home afterwards and go to sleep and wake up the next morning with a semi hard penis.

I wouldn't say this was ever priapism as it wasn't ever fully erect after playing. Just a bit big in a flaccid state.

I would watch porn and see men have vigorous sex all the time on ED drugs so thought it must be fine as they seem to be doing it.

I guess this trauma didn't help and led to peyronies eventually.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and took medications to make them last longer, causing trauma?
You should look into the military, they will certainly give you a new direction in life.
In short, my inability to be somewhere on time (which I never am, ever), has led me to possibly lifelong despair.
Yes, I'm uncircumcised.

I think it could be to do with too much pressure or not washing the pump regularly.
I have readed that so many people here on Tadalafil (cialis) mixed with pentoxifylline (trental) have noticed long erection and they have frequent erections.and regain night erection while sleep and morning erection after wake up.. some even reach level that they fear of getting priapism.....the
long erection and more frequent and especially the night time erection while sleeping and morning erection after waking up is they key to maintain erection for endless years...please every one join here and type thier experience so the new comers and every one can benefit from this powerful combo
The negative force produced by the cylinder is stretching everything out in all directions. Mostly your girth  and to a lesser extent your length. There are micro tears that happen inside of your penis that heal and that is what produces your regained size.
I have never once heard of getting thrush from using a VED. Are you uncircumcised?
Penile Implants / Re: My Implant Journey - 1 Yea...
Last post by ohnoohno - July 18, 2024, 08:26:51 PM
Thanks for the write up!

Did you notice how much " in length you gained?

How much " were you before surgery?
Is it causing slight tears or something to the penis?

I am awaiting my surgery for implant but trying to regain as much of my length as possible.

3CM+ would be ideal to gain.
I am fully behind this message. Been trying to quit for years but always end up going back to it no matter how long my streaks are. What I have noticed is that every single time I quit for long periods my mental health takes slow steps forward for the better. I just feel like I am a little less anxious, a little less irritable and much calmer.

I've read tons of research about the negative effects of it due to the way it hijacks the reward center and creates unbalanced levels of dopamine. It's really been pretty much a life long battle. Truly hope the day comes where I can put this behind me and never ever go back to it.