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Post by: james1947 on February 27, 2017, 05:47:00 PM

A short summary of the forum rules for easy remembering. 
1 Choose an appropriate screen name without numbers other than year of birth.  Changing your name requires approval.  Read detailed rule for more info.
2 Vulgarity and gratuitous profanity are not be allowed
3 Stay on Topic - don't hijack someone's topic - respond to the topic owner's post
4 Open personal attacks and threats are not allowed
5 Double posting the same message is strictly prohibited
6 Politically controversial statements are not permitted - We are also not here to promote or bash religion
7 We can use the quote button only when we want to quote a small portion of another post - delete the part of the quote not needed
8 Members may only register under one name and have only one user account unless receiving prior approval (Violaters permanently banned)
9 Spamming the forum with promotions, links, or trolling for membership are not allowed
10 Posts related to the purchase, sale, or transfer of regulated drugs - members agree to abide by applicable laws and regulations,
   and will not ask or encourage members to violate this rule.
* The introductory board is limited - everyone gets only one topic on that board - limited to 10 posts

For detailed information on forum rules please read:,6.0.html (,6.0.html) - Peyronies Society Forums