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Last post by Mikel7 - Today at 06:00:02 AM
There are a lot of makeshift traction devices out there but you can end up strangulating your glans because of the way they attach. Most of them are made in China.
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Last post by jj21 - Yesterday at 09:43:26 PM
Very happy for you!

I have noticed some of your issues on FT, and trust me, after a few weeks they will be non-existant.

I'm glad you found Dr Hakky, I will be seeing him too if my issues don't resolve within the next year.

Try take it easy, rest, keep your mind at ease. If there are no signs of infection, you will be fine and living life as your pre-peyronies self (or possibly better) within the next few months.

Cycle, but if there is excruciating pain, take it easy. Remember, you have a whole year to get back your gains.

Despite my issues, I can see how an implant can really give you your life back to Peyronies sufferers.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Last post by Hawk - Yesterday at 09:27:40 PM
Quote from: Dent4ever on November 14, 2023, 09:43:37 AMI hope for our sakes AI will come out and cure this ailment with a better solution than this "3-5yr implants.

This quote needs a direct response because it is blatantly false.  Men and couples would read this and walk away more ignorant than when they came here.  The purpose of the forum is to provide a source of accurate information.

I have had an implant for 5 1/2 years, and it has not been treated gently.  There is not one man on this forum who has had a properly installed implant that worked after surgery that later broke or wore out.

No knowledgeable person would ever even suggest that the useful life of an implant is three years.  Some men have implants they use for over 20 years.  A realistic estimate would be 7-15 years.
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Last post by IwillbeatPD - Yesterday at 03:38:56 PM
Quote from: ohnoohno on October 14, 2023, 04:32:06 PMI think it's goign to be a shock when I eventually post photos of my situation.

I hate to be so negative today people but think everything is worth documenting at least in some way. I will hopefully come back to this one day and all my posts and be able to reflect differently and hopefully better life.

If anyone knows any posts they can link where someone has had a very deformed/messed up penis (w photos) and then things have gotten better with implant or omsething please link, I can't find any which adds to the anxiety.

Hey bud-

Take a look at my photos in my journal. I had severe hour glass and narrowing. My dick wasn't too curved but it looked terrible. Once I got implanted it immediately looked better than it ever has. As long as you go to an high volume/ experienced surgeon, you will be just fine. If there's any possible way to get the money, I'd say do it sooner than later.
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Last post by IwillbeatPD - Yesterday at 03:31:49 PM
Great insight, Step.

I can relate some here being somewhat younger at 37. Many surgeons or people will dismiss the idea of an implant for someone young, especially as young as you. But my advice is, you need to use your own logic here on what makes sense.

First of all, I'm really sorry you're experiencing this at your age. It's unfortunate, but also not the end of the world. There are solutions. I'm only going to speak about an implant and my decision to get one at a young age. I will also assume you have tried everything else listed here for at least a year without improvement.

This was my case. Joined this forum a year ago with zero symptoms other than a small bump on my shaft. Aside from that, everything was normal. 2 months later went to a urologist who said I had Peyronies Disease. A year after that, I was implanted because everything else didn't work and my condition worsened to where I couldn't have sex. So like you, I was faced with the decision of implant or not. As Step mentioned, I would rather gave 40 years of sex starting at 21 than 40 years of sex starting at 40. One, we're never promised tomorrow so you have no idea how many days you'll even be here. Two, as Step mentioned, there will likely be advances in implant technology, so the hope would be by the time you need a revision, there's a better solution. And three, I think this condition takes a toll on men more than some realize. At your age, you should be enjoying life and growing into the man you'll be as you age.

Don't be afraid of an implant because of your age if you've tried everything else and can't have sex. Dr. Hakky just implanted me and made a comment he's implanted people your age. Don't let this define your life.
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Last post by Stepone - Yesterday at 03:05:53 PM
Hey guys, I am sorry you are experiencing problems with your penises at such a young age. I was in my mid 50's before I started having issues. St first I started losing my erections. The doctors said I had venous leak, but viagra worked most the time.
But one time while having incredible sex, I broke my cock and that's when Peyronie disease started.
From that point I suffered with injections and bad sex for almost 5 years before I discovered implants.
I wished I had known about implants sooner.
So I am older and now I have sex 2-4 times a week, with my spouse limiting the number of times.
The lifespan of an implant varies based on usage, but I've seen anywhere from 10-20 years. I seldom see any numbers information based on usage.
But my point is "who cares"!
If you are not having any sex now and sex is impossible, I would rather have sex for 8 good years, than no sex.
I can only assume that as time goes on, things will get better for replacing as needed.
On the other hand if sex is ok and you only have problems sometimes I would not get an implant yet.
It's a decision you have to make.
Good luck and I hope this helps.
Hello Hawk,

Yes. I also think its unlikely I had a priapism episode. My doctors seem to think the same. I had no physical symptoms and the fact I had sexual relations indicates otherwise. My daily pain persists, but I have not noticed a decrease in EQ.

Furthermore, I found this article:

Where they tested 100mg sildenafil on Potent men. The sildenafil had on avg 3.6 erections ± 0.5 over a 5hr period. Its more likely I woke up with erections twice during that night than just sustaining one long one. I took half that dose in any case, and had not taken any cialis in any amount in atleast 36hrs before that. Therefore, I think I was safe.

Getting my MRI with caverject done here in the UK this tuesday, then 21st of december discussing results with Dr. Annoyed I have done US doppler flaccid & MRI Soon but no US doppler with caverject. Depending on what the Dr says, I will either be looking for second opinions, presumably in Peru and thw USA. atleast I will have imaging to aid the decision and my discussion with surgeon.

will keep updated

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Last post by benneb - Yesterday at 01:39:10 PM
Anything new regarding this?
I fast regularly and I just brush my teeth 3 times a day and I'm good. Be sure you're brushing your tongue and flossing daily as well.
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Last post by Arthur - Yesterday at 11:01:03 AM
Quote from: IwillbeatPD on Yesterday at 10:57:18 AMHad my follow up appointment this AM and Hakky said everything looked good. I think about 95% of the swelling and bruising in my sack is gone. It looks almost normal now.

Hell yeah! Congratulations!