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Penile Implants / Implant Afterlife
Last post by RexRG - May 11, 2024, 04:36:54 PM
Life with a penile implant is kinda like riding a bike with the kickstand always down. 
In the protocols for Xiaflex, there are two hand modeling procedures described: flaccid and erect.
Page 4: Disease.pdf

Is there any evidence that the erect modeling (right hand side of page 4 in above document) would be beneficial in general practice? In otherwords, would gentle straightening while erect help someone that hasn't had the xiaflex? Is the same effect gained by using ved you think?

I am still not sold on the risks of Xiaflex. If Trost was an option I would probably be on a plane. I have a list of a few Drs close enough (from Xiaflex site indicating 20+ in the past 12 months) that I may eventually choose one and look into that route again after the bad experience with the jerk Dr. I think I would ask any of them what their specific protocols are and compare to Trost's before considering.

"An entire treatment course of XIAFLEX® consists of up to 4 cycles and takes approximately 24 weeks to complete."
Coupled with
"Within 24 hours after treatment, your penis may appear bruised and/or swollen and you may have mild-to-moderate penile pain. Ask your healthcare provider if over-the-counter medications are appropriate."

THAT seems intense and is a barrier to me. I can't see fitting that much into my life right this moment.

So for now, just wondering if it would help to add some modeling to my current regime using RestoreX, or maybe adding ved to my regime so I have both the right and left hand sides of the document.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Lemme introduce myself aga...
Last post by Mikerey - May 11, 2024, 08:01:16 AM
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Mikel7 you're a stand up guy! Erections at night are painful on the ride bottom side of shaft. It feels like the sheath is strangling the penis, I can give you the dopplar results: she confirmed that nothing was wrong but she said exam was difficult due to my physical habitus: I was 370 lbs at time of the exams. Plus she told me to hold my penis , which I could not because I could not reach it with my hand due to overweight. Also she didn't touch it, she instead rolled the device on my flaccid penis on a few spots. The last time I had a dopplar the radiologist held my flaccid penis, did front back side to side plus pubis and groin areas. Much more competent than this time around lol.

I understand peyronnies has timing too. Like, it has a worse curvature at onset because the plaques may shrink or heal in some time.

I have been a sketch head since this injury, So I remain optimistic about having peyronnies because it's not as bad as penile fracture. I emailed a private doc(urologist) yesterday sharing my sentiments. I guess I gotta pay to play so to speak. BUT I appreciate the view that shockwave is bogus, it saves me a lot of money.

I've been reading up on the shockwave phoenix, but I don't think I shall buy die to my physical habitus: obese, concealment, small in size. If I can't reach down there how can I apply the shockwave you know? Plus it's like a hundred(s) of dollars!

Since this injury I only got laid once. It was done nice chick due to mercy. She wanted to help me out. Man, talk about coming back from the dead. I had an uncle who took verapimil and I would opt for oral solutions. I told dr urologist that I was not ok with certain types of treatment, but that's just come down to personal choice.

No surgery, traction devices because fear of refracture, only injections and oral tablets and cream no shockwave too is what I'm learning.

Anyway I'm staying optimistic, and I thank you for your reply mikel7. It's just a little uncomfortable putting off social events with friends until I feel a lot better. I try to stay low stress and lots of walking at the park. I must pray for this. I appreciate all good vibes too

I may as well tell you a little bit about my psych history: I developed psychosis at the onset of injury, it pushed me past the threshold of what I could handle. I have since gotten professional help. Just to an aside, I accidentally put in 50 pounds due to doubling of my medication. I used to be a healthy 284 lbs, I am nowadays 340 or so. Ty for reading my post. Like I said, dear mikel7 you're a stand up guy while others sit down lol.
Greetings: presently using Verapamil topically..oral arginine and Vitamon E oral and topical. I Have had one noticeable dent in upper right side of my penis that I noticed in February 2024. No pain and erections are (still)good. Doc and I can both feel small spot of scar tissue under skin.

I was quick to visit my urologist b/c I knew this was not normal and I wanted to be proactive, not just obsessive like most of us here understandably are.

My question is: How many others here started this way.. as I described... and progressed to a much worse situation? Also are there others here whose progression did not continue to worsen?

Thanks and best of luck to all
Tom H
Introduce Yourself / Re: How I Got Here, What I’m D...
Last post by Mikel7 - May 11, 2024, 06:52:20 AM
What Sonic has said is good advice and this is the best forum on the internet with over 22,000 members and still counting. Your post was long which might have stopped some from reading it. You did not fill out your signature line which may have been a complete turn off for some. This gives the reader a short quick glimpse of where the individual is in their own peyronies journey.

Hopefully you have downloaded our survival guide -->Survival Guide. This will give you a better understanding about peyronies treatments and there outcomes. Also studying the forum will also help you.

One of the biggest problems with peyronies is the mental anguish/anxiety it causes. Some men need temporary help with this through medication for depression and anxiety. Don't be ashamed if you need such an intervention.

Don't do manual traction as you have no idea at what tension you are pulling at. Traction through a device like the PMP or Restorex is all you should use for that. The Cialis will also help you as will VED therapy. Read the forums guidelines and don't deviate from that. Heat therapy does work for the pain and does promote healing. Can you get yourself a heating pad and try using it on low with a towel barrier?

As far as predicting how much you will heal up and if the deformities will correct themselves is impossible to say. Reducing sensitivity in the penis is probably a nerve issue and may take some time to heal up on it's own. Healing for myself with traction and VED therapy has helped me immensely! Also heat therapy has helped with the pain. I saw my improvements after about 18 months of continued use and still now use traction and VED occasionally. You need to get your mind in the position that this takes a lot of invested time and consistency. Sometimes years for an acceptable improvement. This is a marathon and not a sprint.    :)

Introduce Yourself / Re: Lemme introduce myself aga...
Last post by Mikel7 - May 11, 2024, 06:32:23 AM
Welcome Mikerey to the forum and thank you for filling out your signature line. Please download and study our survival guide -->Survival Guide . This will give you a better understanding of peyronies and it's different treatments.

So it has been 19 years from your injury till now. Also congrats to quitting porn as this is can be difficult to do but you will benefit in the long run!

So it sounds like you do like your 2 Dr's that you have but you think that you upset the one because of the ultrasound mishap? So what did the Doppler confirm or show? Your physical symptoms show you that it is peyronies but how much internal scar tissue was shown on the imaging? You say that there is a ton of scar tissue.

I would stay away from shockwave therapy as it is a money maker for Dr's and it is not proven to help. Stick to traction and VED therapy and reducing body inflammation. How are your erections and do you have any pain? Getting on Cialis can help bring in fresh oxygenated blood and help keep things stretched out.  Of course getting a Dr that is educated in peyronies is good, but if you can find a doc that will work with you is better than none at all. Educate yourself on peyronies and study the forum then make yourself a list of questions for any future Dr appointments. Also adopt the mindset that this is a marathon and not a sprint which I think you understand.


The one through Amazon appears like the one sold through the company. Although if you read through the customer reviews they state that the tube sizes can be different and none of the parts are covered under the manufacturers warranty. Customers also complain about the pump handle being flimsy and breaking off. It could be a knock off one compared to teh original.
Introduce Yourself / Lemme introduce myself again: ...
Last post by Mikerey - May 11, 2024, 12:58:57 AM

Hi y'all Right now I need some guidance. 

I was 22 years old when I had my penile fracture. I am now 41 putting the final touches together whilst healing it. I haven't jacked off to porn for about 4 months or longer. 

I had 2 uros in my pocket. One of them is old, he won't return my call and he usually gets back within the same day. The other one is young and hip. He ignored my last query to see him because I think he's sick of me. He also has private practice where he treats peyronnies regularly out of pocket aka your own cash. 

See I was slated for a Doppler but I got sick with pneumonia and I had the dopplar done incompetently while in hospital instead of at his prescribing dopplar date. That's why I think he dropped me , won't return calls because I did not go to his dopplar, instead someone else did it and sent him the results. Geez I could see why he's upset because I didn't go through him. I'm freaking pissed if at both of the free uros. And one has a private clinic where I don't feel welcome.

So anyway I have peyronnies, lack of size , penis pointing down to the ground and tons of flipping scar tissue.

I have a bright idea about another pay for what you get Uro. He is a cool guy. I trust him. But how much is it gonna cost for friggin shockwave?! In Canada.

What are your suggestions or recommendations. Please and Ty, Michael.

Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Agressive peyronies, multi...
Last post by Sonic - May 10, 2024, 08:22:06 PM
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Anytime bro. Honestly I wish I had an answer. Most urologists don't even have one (lol)

I've read most of your posts on here and we share many similiarities, I am 4 years in and I feel like it has not really stabilized completely yet, the curve did for me, rather quickly actually, it stabilized and has not gotten any worse with the years but the narrowing and dents seem to. I don't think there is much you can do except traction and VED, though if I were in your shoes I would skip traction completely and get a VED with a cylinder that matches your girth well, that way you can force it to stay straight in the cylinder whilst at the same time promoting good blood flow down there and hope it doesn't get worse.

Some people seem to get worsened dents by traction.

The fact that your urologist said you have scarring pretty much everywhere when performing your ultrasound is no good news. That indeed sounds worrying and I am confused as to why he seemed so calm about it. How is your EQ? that is probably what matters the most in your case. As long as you can get close to max hardness when erect you will at least prevent the ''shortening'' effect. (losing length) It is crucial to have the best possible erections you can have and as long as you can have satisfying sex I guess all is good..
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Thanks for sharing. It sounds very interesting. I'll go through the threat and, if there're some accounts of improvement, I'll try it to (got nothing to lose:p )