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Quote from: RexRG on Yesterday at 10:11:59 PMBut what can you do?

True, not much can be done except trying to self help with traction or ved. I really used to be stuck in a loop where I kept dwelling on it every single day, I am very pleased that I have now reached a point where those days have become very few. I've just accepted it. Some days I still think about how everything was prior to the condition but those thoughts are incredibly harmful. Still happens from time to time where I think about all these different possibilities and what could have triggered it, I guess that is just a part of normal human behaviour but generally I have moved on.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hey everyone
Last post by Mikel7 - Today at 05:16:20 AM
Welcome Slid to the forum. Here you will find a great community of men who share what you are going through as we have all been there. Read the survival guide per Stabler's recommendation and you will get a better understanding about peyronies.

One thing to first get control over is any anxiety and worrying regarding this as that will do more damage than peyronies sometimes. I would look into VED and traction therapy and heat therapy if you are in pain. Doing nothing will solve nothing and things could get worse. Remember to adopt the mindset that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Also please fill in your signature line.  :)

For the pain I would first suggest trying heat therapy several times a day. I am not familiar with hard flaccid so I can't comment. I do believe that starting some gentle traction possibly with the PMP could help you. Then after a while adding in the VED therapy.
The plaques that are calcified show up on an ultrasound as distinct white objects. Those that are not calcified are just bits of scar tissue. Dr's have a difficult time interpreting these bits and pieces sometimes as they can hide in the ultrasound.
I'm sure that anything related to peyronies is a possibility because of its unpredictable nature. Peyronies can strike a man sometimes without any prior event. Priapism from NTE is probably very rare. I do know that Cialis and like minded drugs do give a man a very very rock hard erection.
My onset was after a few nights of extreme NTEs. Maybe a week of them. When they stopped, I noticed the lump at base, then another lump a couple of weeks later. I'd just increased the TRT dose a week or two before. 

Yes, I think it's possible that very hard erections can be a factor. 

But what can you do?
Penile Implants / Re: Active phase and implant.
Last post by Aussiemale - Yesterday at 06:50:25 PM
Booked for next month. I'm hoping to join the ranks of others who have put this disease behind them as best they can with a successful implant.

Quote from: Mikel7 on Yesterday at 05:54:04 AMI know that for me when I was taking Cialis I would automatically wake up when I had an extremely hard erection from it. Absolutely normal.

Speaking of Cialis and prolonged erections I have a question. I had an episode around 4 years ago where I was taking this, (10mg). Woke up one morning with a erection that was quite literally hard as a rock, I wouldn't say it was painful but it definitely felt uncomfortable, took around 30 mins for this to go down, the issue is I do not know how long this erection lasted in the sleep. I hade some penile aching for around 3 days after this episode.

Sometimes i think to myself that I might have had a priapism while sleeping and that this event is what triggered my peyronies or some type of inflammatory process. Could it be possible?
Which one would you first recommend to try and which might work better for chronic flaccid pain?
I have an unstable base and hinge effect and pain near there (a dent).