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I'm beginning my RestoreX journey after hearing the glowing reviews from @NeoV and others. I already love the device for the amount of time it saves me, 30 minute treatments vs 3-6 hours with PMP (this alone makes it worth the rather steep price point.) I still like the PMP, being able to wear it for extended periods of time is nice because it allows me to stretch while gaming or watching movies, etc. I'm only on day 5 or so but I already have a few observations. The clamp is a bit awkward at first and I've had some trouble with slippage (If there was a RestoreX 2.0 with a PMP style vacuum it would be perfect) but I've found that wrapping the tape on both sides of the clamp as well as my glans helps with this. I also have some trouble with hiding the white lines. I started just using the lowest amount of traction because it still feels quite strong (stronger than any manual traction I've performed) with the hopes that eventually I'll be able to progress to higher amounts later on. Today I was able to finally hide the white lines at first but about 5 minutes in it slipped up and the white lines showed. I think I'll be able to do it eventually, I'm still just getting the hang of things. I haven't attempted counter bending yet either but I think getting used to the straight stretch first is the best way to go. I'll continue to update this thread, I'm planning to do the protocols for the suggested 12 weeks and seeing how my condition improves.

I haven't taken proper measurements of the angle but my erect penis has a significant upward curve originating from the proximal base and it makes intercourse quite awkward. My penis points straight up in the air towards my stomach. My injury is rather unusual as well because it's located on the base of the ventral side of my penis (I can feel some lumps and indentation) which is counterintuitive because one would expect upward curvature to result from a dorsal plaque. This has left me rather confused about the best direction for counter bending but I think I will try both up and down (with caution of course) and see which stretch feels the best. I imagine I need to go upward to stretch the injured tissues but also downward to 'model' the penis in the correct position. I believe the way @NeoV described his injury sounds very similar to mine and so his consultation would be greatly appreciated but unfortunately it seems he's been inactive on the forum.
I appreciate all the info - truly, but I can post this article as a retort:

Also - it looks like Dr. Trost doesn't consider it directly related to Peyronie disease...ED and depression - no joke with those, but topical at least appears to have legitimate studies as recent as 2022 saying the sexual side effects are pretty nominal and not nearly as bad as the oral route.

It all does make me more paranoid though...
Xiaflex Injections / Re: Unsuccessful
Last post by Sebtp1973 - Today at 03:20:45 PM
Doctor Trost will tell you he is getting his best results from patients who went through a few rounds from a different doctor, then are treated by him and his protocols. He'll make you wait a year from your last injection though. He thinks the softening from the initial rounds, then the year of healing, sets the patient up for exceptional improvements using his protocols.

That's how I was treated. I had over a 100 degree composite curve, and after one round of treatment with Trost, my penis is straighter than it was pre-peyronies.
I walk as well but I will take nitric oxide before I get started and that really moves the oxygen in the bloodstream and I will feel it in my penis as it plumps up some. 
Taking a wide array of supplements and medications can indeed feel overwhelming, both in terms of the number of pills and the frequency of dosing. It's wise to periodically reassess your regimen with the guidance of a healthcare professional. They can help you prioritize and streamline your list, ensuring you're getting the most benefit with the fewest possible risks.

Consider focusing on the essentials and eliminating anything that may be redundant or unnecessary. Quality over quantity is key.
It's concerning to hear about the side effects you experienced, particularly the extreme orthostatic hypotension and bleeding issues.

It's crucial for anyone considering or currently using pentoxifylline to be aware of its potential side effects and interactions, especially if they're taking supplements like vitamin E and curcumin that can further thin the blood. Your experience with verapamil injection underscores the importance of cautious medical management and monitoring when combining treatments.

Thanks for sharing your story and the reminder to stay informed and safe when managing health conditions. Wishing you all the best on your journey towards better health and well-being!  ::)
These symptoms could potentially indicate issues with circulation or nerve sensitivity, but only a thorough examination by a healthcare provider can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

In the meantime, continuing to avoid activities that exacerbate your symptoms, such as movements that strain your penis, and practicing self-care measures like rest and gentle exercises may help alleviate discomfort. Keep track of any changes or new symptoms you experience and communicate them to your healthcare provider during your appointment for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Take care, and I hope you find relief soon  ;)
It's understandable that you're concerned about the recurrence of symptoms despite your efforts with medication and VED.

VED therapy can indeed be beneficial in managing symptoms of Peyronie's disease by promoting blood flow and potentially reducing curvature over time. Nonetheless, it's essential to ensure you're following a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your condition.

Remember, open communication with your healthcare team is key to managing any medical condition effectively.  :)
Xiaflex Injections / Unsuccessful
Last post by SquareEfficient7618 - Today at 11:17:49 AM
I recently completed my 3rd round if Xiaflex injections.  It was unsuccessful at improving my bend at all.

The plaque has been reduced a good amount and is softer and more pliable, according to my doctor.
The hourglass shaping is practically nonexistent now.
I do not think I have lost any length.  It's hard to tell when you are bent.  When I stretch flaccid, it still looks like the same length.  If I lost anything at all, it would be 1cm.  Like I said, its hard to tell when you can't measure yourself straight.

I still have a 90 degree straight up bend.  It's not a curve.  I am bent in half.  Absolutely no improvement.
I now have a slight S-curve going on, likely from the stretching and RestoreX usage.

I do have a consultation with Dr Trost in a few weeks to get a 2nd opinion.
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Plaque Position
Last post by McQueen - Today at 07:14:30 AM
Thanks for the replies.

That's what I thought, to be honest.

Went to the doctors, told him I was suffering symptons of Peyronies, and he said it was something "in the skin", and not attached to the penis, and it was nothing to worry about.

Hope he is right !