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Penile Implants / peeing after implant, and band...
Last post by jj21 - Today at 02:14:31 AM
Hey guys,

just implanted and discharged. My penisisbandaged, if this gets a little wet during peeing, is this okay or should i replace thewhole bandage?

Also, im urinating with 5 streams going up, down, left, right, backwards, is this common post implant? I know thedoctor did a cystocopy as well and looked down the urethra.

There is a section of this forum under peyronies disease treatment boards->VEDs for peyronies where many have shared their experience. It sounds like some have had success, especially user Old Man who has posted a lot of great info. Some said it helped, some said it did nothing, and some said it made it worse. I think it depends on your case, and how you use it. I think the worst thing is to panic, be too extreme and make it worse.

If you are early stage, i would ask a doctor! But sometimes they really dont have a good answer. My urologist didnt really know, but as i said suggested ved and prescribed cialis and pentoxifylline. My first question to you would be, do you smoke or drink? What is your diet and lifestyle? Make sure that is also all good and setting you up for success. BTW if you are in turkey, best wishes to you and hope you are ok.
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Just got Diagnosed :(
Last post by supernova - Yesterday at 10:43:50 PM
There is some videos but they aren't that clear and I'm still unsure if I want to do traction since the curve isn't present when I'm fully erect and even sometime semi-erect. Should I wait to see if it starts curving ? I'm scared of causing damage since the curve hasn't appeared yet

Good thing is being gay I can still have sex without using my genitals for now, so if it comes to that I guess that's what I'll do, still unsure how to talk about such a delicate subject tho when the time comes.

I will not go forward with fasting, I'll try my best to still eat healthier but it shouldn't really have an effect on Peyronie's I guess

I'm kinda nervous about the pain that the palpation exam gave after not feeling pain for a couple of days, should I worry about that or is it normal ?
aaeerr what bad stories happen from ved? trying to understand what i should avoid
Quote from: LWillisjr on January 26, 2023, 10:16:42 AMbut rather it is pain cause by your erection trying to stretch newly formed plaque on your Tunica that doesn't want to stretch.

Hey so I'm going through this now, when I get erect I feel that pain - which I assumed was because of it stretch this plaque.... Is this good for us? Should we keep that stretching? We should promote that pain? Otherwise it will form and solidify?

I notice if I dont get erect for a day or two then the pain is worse, maybe solidifying more?
Progression of Peyronies Disease / Re: Just got Diagnosed :(
Last post by FrankPD - Yesterday at 10:36:36 PM
I've been fasting after 5pm Mon-Fri for about 14hrs since September and I haven't noticed any difference in my Peyronies Disease.  In the end eating better is beneficial to your overall health. 

Be well.
Appreciate you Sonic, I wish the exact same to you and everyone else on this forum... I believe there will be new studies and hopefully cures in future too but yes right now we're all abit in limbo waiting for something / trying our best!

Trapper - My plan currently is I'm taking about 2.5mg of cialis daily and I try do the VED/SomaErect whenever I can, also a COQ10 supplement... I'm not sure what else I should do right now so maybe some new research is in order... I live a healthy lifestyle of clean diet, excercise and stuff so that's also an addition I guess..

So Sonic / Redemption are you saying you're completely cut off from masturbating/porn etc? You think this is best? So still get erect to promote blood flow but dont use it

Penile Implants / Re: T.E.P (tunica expansion me...
Last post by FrankPD - Yesterday at 10:30:22 PM
Wow, what progress!

Happy everything went well!

That sounds a better way to put it "a tight band of tissue below the glans" and the restricting blood flow, sounds like me...

Honestly I'm travelling right now and not using the SomaCorrect/VED daily but I try as much as possible so can't define if its helping or not... I'm not sure if anything I'm doing is helping or not unfortunately as I've mainly seen things get a bit worse but im not sure if thats just naturally getting worse or cause of what ive tried... When I first got into this world I saw "manual traction" and believe I damaged myself from this and it's just been a ripple effect... oh well I guess... I'm going to try be more consistent with the VED as Mikel7 says, hoping it helps! It is what my urologist in London said to keep doing so...

Penile Implants / Re: T.E.P (tunica expansion me...
Last post by jj21 - Yesterday at 10:14:19 PM
Quote from: Pfract on Yesterday at 09:59:45 PMWhat a journey this has been for you. I remember so Well our conversations about restorex and now here you are at the final frontier. Happy for you that surgery went well you are optimistic about it.

Fingers crossed on your recovery. Thank you for posting pictures. It means a lot for me and other members that maybe thinking about it.

Thanks man, I still remember our skype video call, and you did mention the implant to me then, I was against it at the time, look how things change.

Thanks for the support.