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I was looking at some older videos and photos from last year until now.

At the start of 2023 I had a completely normal penis.

Then towards the end of 2023 it begins to show the early signs of curvature.

I was having vigorous group sex and orgies every other weekend for an entire year.

Then by early 2024 the curvature began to set in.

I'll try restoreX.
If I was in your position being only a couple of months in since the curve began I would start using a restorex as soon as possible since the best results with traction come from those very early on in to this
Has anyone had success with reducing curvature with VED?

I have a SOMMAerect and it claims to reshape and reduce plaque.

It claims that after 6 months of consistent use that curvature is reduced.

So has anyone on here had much success?

I'm looking at getting a RestoreX to compliment it as an additional treatment.
Sorry, above post should read "10 week"
So, now at the 10 month point for my Restorex usage.

Curvature, my primary concern, remains in the 30-40 degree range.

Erections are good, sex has been good, although penetration requires concentration as penis wants to bend towards the plaque ( my bend is about 1 1/2-2 inches in front of gland)

My condition seems to have stabilized, which is a big win for me.

I am optimistic that I will see curvature improvements over time with Restorex.

I have just started using a new protocol with my daily Restorex usage, and I wanted to see what you guys think.

I do 30 minutes of straight traction, take an hour or more break, then do 30 minutes of counter bend traction.
At the end of the day, I do a 30 minute session of 15 min straight and 15 min counterbending.

So with the 30 min of straight traction, I am able to get to 6 or 7 "clicks" on the extension rods. Prior to this, I was getting to 4-5 "clicks". I am getting a better straight stretch this way.

With the 30 min of counterbending, I am able to do 15 minutes at 90 degrees, then 15 min at 120 degrees. I was rarely able to achieve 120 degrees without slippage when I was only counterbending for 15 min. So, I am getting a better counterbending stretch over all.

Hoping for expediated results from this!

Will keep you posted.
Quote from: Wetwater on May 30, 2024, 02:48:38 PM.....
Once I started only going to the first click it wasn't worse....

Did you use it the entire 30 minutes in the 1. Click?
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Last post by Wilsonmill - Yesterday at 11:12:26 AM
Not in that position any longer, glad I got my implant and revision.
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Last post by AJS - Yesterday at 07:19:11 AM
First post here for me
50 years old had peyronies since-21
Looking for information and help from men in same position
Implant is the only help for me says doctors in Sweden

Hi there,

I'm glad to hear that tadalafil has been effective for you in managing your sexual dysfunction. However, it's very important to address any potential side effects, especially those affecting your vision, with caution. Here are a few key points to consider:

Consult Your Doctor: It's crucial to discuss these symptoms with your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Blurred vision and eye irritation can be serious side effects, and a professional can help determine whether it's related to tadalafil, your chronic eye condition, or something else.

Quality of Medication: Ensure that the tadalafil you are using is from a reliable and reputable pharmacy. Using medication from trustworthy sources can help reduce the risk of side effects and ensure that you are getting a quality product. Always purchase medications from licensed and accredited pharmacies.

Monitor Your Symptoms: Since you've decided to pause your tadalafil use, carefully monitor your symptoms to see if there's any improvement. Document any changes and share this information with your doctor.

Alternative Treatments: If tadalafil is causing issues, discuss alternative treatments for both your sexual dysfunction and Peyronie's disease with your healthcare provider. There might be other options that are safer for you given your chronic eye condition.

Your health and safety are paramount, so please don't delay in seeking medical advice.

Take care!

I can recommend a few options via private message. Could you please let me know how much you were paying for Cialis at River Pharmacy/SonnConnex? Additionally, I want to remind you of the importance of using only reliable pharmacies to ensure the quality and safety of the medication.

Thank you!