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Thanks for all the advice guys.
Introduce Yourself / Peyronies 3 & A Half Weeks ago
Last post by Alias018 - Yesterday at 03:18:21 PM
Hi all,

To Introduce im 23 living in the UK, and I started having Peyronies Disease Symptomns about 3 and a half weeks ago.

At that time I initially noticed whilst masturbating that my penis was appearing as if it was leaning/bending more to the left side, It has always been a little curved to the left however it appeared distinctly more so than usual, I also felt that my erection was somewhat shorter or only at 80% of its usual strength, and noticed I have a red patch on my foreskin.

A couple of days afterwards I realised that my penis was a good bit shorter than it usually is whilst flaccid with almost all of the tip hiding behind the foreskin in a way I'd never seen before, often it is difficult to pull back the foreskin past the head now. And that I had a big decrease in libido/ability to get and maintain an erection + no/weak morning wood. I also noticed I had a feeling of leaking fluid from my uretha but it would only occasionally leaving dampness in my pants (this seems to have stopped now), also I've had a strange tingling feeling in my testicles and sometimes anus (this is becoming less frequent but seems to come on whilst sitting down most times). As well as this I felt I could feel a stiff area on the left side of my penis,

I spoke to my GP who suspected I had an STI so i went to a clinic and provided a urine test which came back all negative, later I saw a physician at my GP's who I explained my symptomns to and did a physical exam, he said he could not feel any lumps on my penis but suspected I may have epididymo-orchitis due to tingling sensation in the testes. I also showed him photos i took of my erection on day 1 of noticing curving to a week after, which he agreed there was a difference and to keep an eye on. He has referred me to a urologist who I am apparently on the waiting list to be referred for (NHS for you), and next week I am having an Ultrasound on my kidneys, bladder, and testicles, but not penis :(

Another week after and I just about managed to get an erection from physical stimulation but to my horror my penis appeared slightly shorter again, far more bent to the left side and with a dent/indentation in the middle before the curve to the side.

To where I'm at just now, yesterday through incredible difficulty I was able to get a bit of blood moving down below but upon taking off my pants I now see that what I felt was an erection resulted in something only a bit bigger than my current flaccid size with the bottom of my shaft widened, the middle of my penis in wrinkled (fore)skin bunched up tight together, and the rest past the wrinkled section in the middle un-erect and weak looking leaning to the left side.

I've been reading various posts on this forum and reading online about Peyronies topics, Erectile Dysfunction, Size and Girth loss, deformity, hourglassing (I think this is what I now have since yesterday is called?) and I have ordered the recommended oral supplements mentioned in the survival guide, am in the process of ordering a traction device (RestoreX, although im not sure if i will have difficulty using it in my flaccid size which looks to be about 2 inches or less), and also possibly a VED, im also taking steps to reduce inflammation in my diet and include more anti-inflammatories in what I eat.

The thought of living with a permanent & progressively worsening condition such as this is terrifying to me and has left me feeling utterly hopeless, depressed, and scared about my future life, I've booked in counselling sessions once a week for 8 weeks which I will be starting this Saturday, have opened up to my parents & a close friend about what is happening with me, needless to say however I haven't been coping with this well whatsoever I had my first proper breakdown 15 minutes ago on the phone to a mental health hotline number.

Nevertheless I am glad that there is a forum as big as this for us unfortunates.

Penile Implants / Re: 37 Year old athlete implan...
Last post by Stepone - Yesterday at 02:52:17 PM
I think you have had the longest implant installed on this site.
My reservoir does not show at all.
It's brand new, so maybe after a few months....and once your hair grows back, you will not notice it all.
Can't wait for the big unveiling.
Best wishes
Penile Implants / Re: 37 Year old athlete implan...
Last post by Arthur - Yesterday at 11:14:15 AM
Quote from: IwillbeatPD on November 28, 2023, 02:10:16 PMHello all-

Officially implanted by Dr. Hakky and in recovery now. Still loopy from the anesthesia when we talked but he said all went well.

It was a Titan XL 26 with no RTE's.

He said due to my low body fat he really had to hide the reservoir. But said you can't see it or the tubing. 

If you have seen my before pic you know I had bad narrowing. I'm still in shock about the vid Hakky sent because it looks like it's almost completely gone. But it's an under view of my penis so I can evaluate more when bandages come off.  He did say though that when he inflated me it filled out. That was surprising, but good to hear since that was my biggest concern. Also said my post op length was identical to the measurement right before surgery.

Pee'd at the hospital before leaving and it burned like hell, but it was successful so happy about that.
Wishing you a very speedy recovery!

Good luck, brother!

Enjoy your new life!
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello. I'm at 90 degrees [...
Last post by xfan - Yesterday at 08:40:14 AM
Quote from: RexRG on November 28, 2023, 01:08:58 PMGood info about the monk fruit, thanks.

I'm sorry you're dealing with a 90-degree bend. Just curious, how long have you been using Restorex? Doing the counter bend also? It's a slow process. I'm at the 9-10-month mark and it's worked pretty well. But it's anecdotal, of course, since I can't do a study with/and without Restorex. My length is back, and the curve seems less angled. I think it took about 4 months to see much difference.

Ive been using the RestoreX for about 3 months but the first 2 months i was doing it like once every other day. Ive been doing its 3 times a day for about 3-4 weeks now.
Awareness/Advocacy/Activism / I wish I could open up the fir...
Last post by Mikerey - November 28, 2023, 10:01:58 PM
If I win the lottery! There are many urologists and hospitals and clinics but no where is there a special hub place. (Imagine) an in patient unit where surgical uros work but people with urological problems can stay there instead of being discharged and left to deal with it on their own. I'm in a city where they do have men's clinic where the urologists are competent BUT this would only happen if one of us in the community of uro health consumers could win the sweepstakes/ lottery. It would be one of a kind!
General Discussion About Erectile Dysfunction / Re: achy perineum?
Last post by Mikerey - November 28, 2023, 09:55:18 PM
I sometimes get itchiness in the perineum when I take a hot shower. It's like the nerves are delicate. I have heard about donut cushions to help ease the pain!
I once had penile fracture, circulation has been a problem. I sometimes feel numbness in my right thigh.

I can relate that it's no picnic. Someone once told me it's a hard disease because it keeps you on guard, high anxiety, always stressed out, high BP and stuff.

I hope we kick this illness!
I mean it's just frustrating. All the abstinence is good for the soul but what about the expectations about getting better?

Everytime I think I have this in the bag something pops up, such as today, felt a pain in my left side of penis upon getting out from car smh. It just seems like so long!

How many of you have had finite healing of Erectile Dysfunction from penile fracture, in regards to being 100% and without pain. I have been told hardships are the pathways to peace and that ever problem solving has its ups and downs!
Penile Implants / Re: 37 Year old athlete implan...
Last post by IwillbeatPD - November 28, 2023, 07:50:09 PM
First official question/concern (I knew it was only a matter of time).

It seems like my reservoir is showing slightly. Hakky said this was because I have incredibly low body fat, which is true. But is this the same location your reservoir was placed? If so, isn't this a problem for rough sex? I'm imagining banging this area against a partner over and over. Or even having a girl on top. Should I be worried this could damage the reservoir later on if have rough sex/or my partner on top?

Photo here: