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Title: Newly diagnosed - My first try at manual traction was surprising.
Post by: Playnaked37 on August 31, 2019, 08:12:54 PM

I was just officially diagnosed with Peyronie's on Aug 27, 2019.  I am a 51 year old, married 14 years.  I have had no issues with my penis until last fall when I noticed I had a soft lump in my shaft. Did not think much of it.  I waited until this April to tell my doctor about it and he was not concerned but still referred me to a Urologist.  My first appointment was very quick, the Urologist did a physical exam and said that I do have a large Peyronie's plaque and my bend backwards was concerning  enough I should get both injections and surgery right away, and he knows a really good surgeon who can do it.  So now I am waiting for the next appointment to be scheduled.

After watching a really good Manual traction video Utube by Neoman I performed light easy manual traction on myself for about 2 hours last night. This morning I when I woke up I felt nothing for the first time in weeks, the pain was completely gone.  Although it is now past dinner time and I feel the pain agin,  I am so looking forward to trying manual traction again tonight in hopes of another pain free morning tomorrow.

My plan so far is to get the baseline testing done soon as I can and then see what the specialist thinks.
If the traction keeps helping with my pain I am definitely going to ask to include it in my treatment.  I am really considering not doing the injections and just waiting to schedule the excision and grafting surgery when my disease has progressed to the stage where it is required.  If traction and a healthier lifestyle helps maybe I won't end up needing to have surgery. 

One thing I am confused about and could not find an answer for is:  Why when I asked the Urologist for a low dose trimix prescription he said No, not a good idea for someone with my condition?   

Thank you for reading... 


Title: Re: Newly diagnosed - My first try at manual traction was surprising.
Post by: Hawk on August 31, 2019, 09:14:52 PM
The reason your urologist said no to TriMix is that poking a needle in your penis with a substance that can potentially cause plaque even in a healthy penis is NOT a good idea.

For starters, read this slowly and carefully then read it again with your wife.,3180.0.html

My personal view is I would NOT rush into surgery.  You do not mention how much of a deformity you have or if it seems to be worsening, or whether you have Erectile Dysfunction and if so to what degree.
To what degree can you and your wife have mutually satisfying intercourse considering deformity and Erectile Dysfunction?

Title: Re: Newly diagnosed - My first try at manual traction was surprising.
Post by: jj21 on September 01, 2019, 12:38:15 AM
Hey bud,

Before rushing into surgery have a look at the improvement forum here. Many members have healed themselves of a severe bend with VED, traction, heat therapy and pentox, cialis daily...

Keep in mind the risks of surgery - a lot of the time there's no guarantee the curvature will be healed and you may end up with a more severe bend. Also in most cases you will lose 1-2 inches of size from surgery itself.

Title: Re: Newly diagnosed - My first try at manual traction was surprising.
Post by: Hawk on September 01, 2019, 07:48:47 AM
I cannot agree with everything JJ said but some surgeries can end up with a loss of length, Erectile Dysfunction, and a need for more surgery.  Before you even consider surgery you need to know a lot about all the surgical options and great surgeons vs the mediocre surgeons.  You also need to at least try less aggressive options.

If you can have satisfactory sex for you and your wife it is likely no time to be going into surgery.
Title: Re: Newly diagnosed - My first try at manual traction was surprising.
Post by: Playnaked37 on September 01, 2019, 09:07:22 PM
Thank you for the replies and for the link, I had not seen that page.

My bend backwards is 60 degrees if I measured right.  It's enough that I have started having trouble with penetration so I stopped trying.  I can get erections by gentle manual stimulation but they are not usually lasting ones, just up and down.  With stimulation on my own it is a just a semi that I was probably being to rough on.  Until reading this forum I did not realize it was bad to handle yourself roughly when not fully erect. 

Until my penis recently started to bend and hurt I did not have any issues with Erectile Dysfunction. I have used Viagra on occasion but more for an extra fun boost when I wanted one.   It is over the last few months I lost all confidence in being able to have an erection.  I get anxious thinking about it.  Even taking Viagra doesn't make any difference anymore. 

Last night we finally had a really good talk about my condition, and for the first time in a while I was able to have a more lasting erection (with no viagra) although it didn't completely work in the end.  Just having started to talk openly about it together is a help.  Up until this week I had avoided having the conversation which probably didn't help at all.

I also did the manual traction exercises as I had done the night prior, and again today I was pain free until about dinner time.   Doing them again tonight. :)

The surgery is something I hope not to have.  If I did it would hopefully be a few years away.   I am just so afraid of needles that I might not go through with any treatments involving needles period.  This might be an issue for the specialist I am going to be seeing.   I know it sounds crazy but I am more at ease with the idea of a surgery than a single round of injections in my penis.   

The reason I am asking about the trimix injections is mostly because of this issue.  I have high hopes I can inject myself and having done it a few times before my first meeting with the specialist I might know if the needles are really going to be a major stumbling block in my treatment.  I am seeing my regular Doctor this week and plan to ask for his help.  A few years ago I went for a colonoscopy and just the little  iv needle in the back of my hand was a huge embarrasing ordeal.  I don't want to screw up my chance with the specialist.  I looked him up and he specializes in reconstructions and Peyronie's surgeries.   

I have hopes that the combination of traction, medications, VED, heat therapies etc and just maybe some injections will make enough of a difference that I never get to the point of having to ever go for surgery. 

Thank you for reading.




Title: Re: Newly diagnosed - My first try at manual traction was surprising.
Post by: Hawk on September 01, 2019, 10:02:40 PM
I am not sure you understand the issue with injections and the various kinds.  Trimix is for erections.  It usually works better than oral meds.  It is done with a very fine needle with not even enough pain to call pain.  It has drawbacks of potentially causing plaque.  If you have a 60degree bend, I personally would never consider injections for erection.  The last thing you need is something to trigger more plaque when you obviously have a predisposition to for developing plaque. The other issue is that the very fact that you got a better erection after opening up and talking is pretty conclusive evidence that your Erectile Dysfunction is more psychological than physiological.  The solution is a more open, honest, intimate relationship.

I think it is critical for you and your wife to read that link together.  That especially applies to the short section dealing with relationships and the psychological aspect of Peyronies Disease.  I have no clue what the status of your relationship is but I can tell you that if you and your wife are both committed to each other that you can develop an even deeper intimacy as you work through this.  This is truly the most important aspect of your battle.  If your penis is not returned to perfection and you have a deepened intimate bond between you and your wife all will be fine.  If you lose that relationship and gain a perfect penis, in the end, there will be a tremendous loss.

The injections you doctor referred to are probably treatment injections.  They come in the form of Xiaflex which softens plaque (newer treatment) and Verapamil an older treatment for the same purpose.  Those injections are far more invasive.  They would be a challenge for someone that strongly dislikes injections.  They require a doctor skilled in giving them and often leave your penis bruised and swollen in the short term. It usually requires several rounds of injections and has mixed results with no guarantee.