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Welcome to J Francois Eid, MD - Directly answering member questions in the "Medical Professionals" section below the Treatment boards.,17819.0.html

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 on: Today at 05:31:37 PM 
Started by thx1138 - Last post by Hawk
As stated, Multiple RTEs are always the result of making an implant do rather than fitting you for an implant.  I hate to say that, but it is just fact.  On occasion, one RTE might be needed but never two.

Getting an 18cm with (2) 1cm RTEs is NOT the same as getting a 20cm implant.  RTEs do NOT inflate, so they do not stabilize the end of the implant going into the body.  Think of a post in a post hole when the hole is a little too large.  If the post inflated on the base, it would tighten.  If it does not, it wobbles and can be unstable.  With multiple RTEs, the inflated penis will be hard but point down, not straight out, and not upward.

Also, RTEs are a smaller diameter than the implant.  The variation is even greater on the LGX or any Boston Scientific implant, so if they are stacked, it compounds the "wobble problem."

Finally, the rear of the implant where the fill and drain tube connects is moved forward.  That makes the tube easier to feel and harder to hide in body fat/structure.  Sometimes they are even visible on one side of the penis.

All of this is why one of the questions in our document about selecting a surgeon advises asking a Dr. about his use of RTEs.  Also, ask if he takes multiple implants into the OR, so he has options.  I have known Dr. Eid, even after measuring in the OR, to be unsatisfied with his choice, remove it, dispose of it, and put in a longer implant.

 on: Today at 05:14:36 PM 
Started by Curvekiller94 - Last post by Curvekiller94
Yeah I am it’s just a hard decision to make. The hardest part is I want a clear answer on where my pain is coming from. Dr Trost doesn’t think my pain is peyronies because I have pain that shoots down my leg which is more like siatica but I’ve heard many on the forum with this same problem.   I’m going to see a nerve doc I finally got a referral to go see. Hopefully he clears things up a bit but if he doesn’t think it’s nerve pain and it’s peyornies related pain I’m feeling then  I will then go further in my process with dr. Eid.

 on: Today at 05:10:15 PM 
Started by sonnyjim - Last post by 20yo
bro i want to give you hope but i don't know how to.
i think of ways to cheer you up but then again it probably wouldn't work.
what i can say is that i am in a similar situation, my penis is injured and like you i am young and single and very sad (often i hope i was dead).
but im still fighting to go on. going out and talking to friends hurts because i feel like i cant fit in with the relationship/sex talk.
but sometimes i still do go out because i know it's good for my mental health.
working out hurts because i think: what's the point of a nice body if i can't use it to turn my partner on.
im not capable of working out consistently but i still work out because it's good for my mental health.
im sad and hopeless but i still go on and i hope you can too.
i think some disease are chronic and cant improve, but emotions, feelings can change.
and even if i will be sad for the rest of my life, at least i will not have killed myself. i have all eternity to be at peace, resting (i dont believe in an afterlife)
so while im here i go on.
i see A LOT of young people around me that are sad. and that's just what I see. who knows what they dont show?
it's ok (imho) if you want to vent and think about death but please remember that suicide is not how you deal with this problem. life is full of problems and if people killed themselves when they had a serious problem the world as we know it wouldn't exist.
also please keep going to a therapist. if you think it doesn't work try a new one maybe? or a new type of therapist.
feel free to message me if you want to talk

edit: i forgot to say the most cheesy and clichè thing. it's hard thing to acknowledge. it gets better. if you work on yourself

 on: Today at 05:07:35 PM 
Started by ohnoohno - Last post by ohnoohno
In short, last week my penis was curved to the right all of a sudden when erected.

I now went down the rabbit hole of google, seeing my dr etc.

They tell me to wait it out for a bit but after research online people say don't leave it and take action.

I was considering using some prescribed cialis 5mg and traction (light/gentle) for now. It seems effective to a lot of people online.

Anyone here tried it?

 on: Today at 04:52:17 PM 
Started by joavyer - Last post by lightcurvedpenis1
Congratulations on the surgery you had.

I think 8 days is still very early in the healing process. The first few weeks are very tough. I guess after 6-8 weeks you can get more of an idea of the surgery results. You just have to be patient for now.

 on: Today at 03:18:14 PM 
Started by orriw - Last post by James884
Tobyg hot baths also work for me too.

Hi orris... as you already know we both have very similar conditions through reading each others posts. My thoughts....
Honestly my pain has been getting the better of me these last couple of weeks. Fed up really is an understatement. I've recently changed doctors. My new doctor is a phsyco sex therapist too. I didn't know this before my appointment. She was really nice and seemed to care. Anyway after listening to me she said she has no doubt I've had a traumatic experience and yes there is scarring, but.... believes my pain is more associated with my anxiety and depression. (I've been told this before and been quite annoyed by this verdict/ prognosis. It's physical I can literally see the huge bloody scar and it hurts!) But maybe there is some truth behind this?

Years ago I injured my shoulder.  After 6 months I had an mri. I was told I had osteoarthritis in the ac joint. I felt pain all the time. After this penis injury I barely feel my shoulder at all. So yeah maybe my head is working against me. I think about my pain too much!..... I'm guilty of worrying about what if's I know.

I have had a penis fracture confirmed by the urologist with a scan. I do have an hourglass shape when it's cold that never used to be. I can clearly see the scarring when it was never there before. I suffered a fracture then a year later a priapism. I can physically see the scarring plain as day. Which confirms in my head (problem) it confirms the pain in my head.

When I hurt my shoulder my right scapula was a lot lower than my left. This confirmed my pain.

My right scapula is still a lot lower than my left but I no longer feel pain.

Is my penis scarred but I'm imagining the pain? It's very possible. Some days I'm really struggling just to function. What if this is all in my head?

Does anyone else even consider this with themselves? It's hard to even acknowledge that you could possibly be wrong and your head is the real problem. Do any of you suffer with anxiety? Do you have an obsessive personality? I'm afraid I do.
I wish I knew what to do about it. No matter what I do the pain is still there. I know one thing I really don't want to go back on antidepressants.

 on: Today at 11:37:43 AM 
Started by Lee1979 - Last post by Stepone
Let me repeat.
Lee is blessed to have YOU!
You are not the norm, you are a definite 10+.
Yes, we have all suffered  in silence for too long.
I have a good supportive spouse, but you are perfection!
Big hugs to both.

 on: Today at 11:15:50 AM 
Started by Lee1979 - Last post by Lee1979
I came back in to add that I think it is very important for men to know exactly what to expect, given that every man, and every experience varies-but knowing what happened to this one guy, and this other guy-that helps so you personally can plan for all contingencies.

I know that Lee was afraid of the surgery for many years, we tried just about everything to see if that/this would work instead, and we couldn't get our luxury health care plan we've had over a decade to pay for it. It wasn't till he reached Medicare age that it became possible. The path has been difficult and bumpy. But we never gave up.

He went through a horrid depression for years about this, as well. Right before the surgery, in this last year, he gave up being intimate at all. Very aloof. Lots of hurt, there.

But I've seen him smile, and his eyes light up, at the thought of what his life is going to be like now in the last 24 hours. That's been worth it all. He actually tried to catch his nurse at the door to the bathroom (me) and try to sneak a kiss this morning.

My contribution is for guys here to know what they might experience in the hours after, and for girlfriends/wives to know how to care for their loved one throughout the process. If one person reads this thread and is helped in some way, it's been worth it.

Lee will be back here tomorrow to give report. I'll pop back in occasionally to give an update, as well. Do you have a "Ladies Section" here on the forum?

 on: Today at 10:40:16 AM 
Started by Lee1979 - Last post by Lee1979
Thank you for the ideas, StepOne. Lee has mentioned already that he can't wait till day 7 and a bath. He is diabetic, so we have to wait till then instead of day 5.

I am in nursing school. But that aside, Lee and I have waited years to have this done. He has to do all the hard work-the surgery and then the healing. We wanted to make sure this was done right, and we had an action plan in place. Anyone in a support position could do the same for their loved one. We looked all over the internet at different forums and websites to gather ideas on care after the surgery. From travel/hotel room selection to communication with Dr. Lentz and his staff, all the way through.

A good doctor who has an understanding of a man's needs, is super confident, does hundreds of these surgeries a year, and knows how to get a good handle on the pain afterwards and to prevent infection is THE first step. You just don't know till you experience this whether or not you made the right decision on a doctor. This is not the time for a mistake, and men need to be positive they have picked the best one for them.

Dr. Lentz has exceeded expectations thus far.

 on: Today at 10:10:42 AM 
Started by Jimmi85 - Last post by Jimmi85
Thanks Mikel, that's also very reassuring to hear.

When you say erosion, i assume you mean he tips breaking the skin?

If this were to happen, would it mean an almost certain infection or is it not as serious i am making out?

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