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Title: Strengthening the base
Post by: DWA911 on September 10, 2013, 04:11:48 PM
I've just got a quick question, my actual scar which is really soft i can't feel any hard plaques or anything just feels like the tissue is softer at the top than the middle. For me its like the bass of my unit cant hold it straight so the weight at the top just make its lop side to the left, but if i hold my unit at the bass it isn't really bent that much at all.

I'm just thinking if i can strengthen the base of the penis, surely that will cure some of my issues?

If anyone has any exercises is could try, please let me know.


Title: Re: Strengthening the base
Post by: jackp on September 10, 2013, 09:35:40 PM

The VED exercise is the best one for your penis.  It is easy and only takes a few minutes a day. I have posted the single cylinder exercise I used in the VED section. Any question don't hesitate to ask.

Title: Re: Strengthening the base
Post by: NeoV on September 10, 2013, 10:30:01 PM
You won't find any penis exercises here, but VED will help, and is one of the few things that does.

I do not have a ved, but I have a similar problem as you. I find that it is important for me to induce the hardest natural erection possible during sex or masturbation. Masturbating with a less than perfectly hard penis can make it worse, as well as masturbating by stroking only above the base. Use your entire penis and do so lightly. Take your time so it's completely filled out with blood. I also have to avoid clenching my pelvic muscles to achieve orgasm. If I do, only the top of my penis fills with blood, instead of getting an even erection like I should have. Try not doing any clenching and really being careful to fill it all out with blood.

After that, you could try stretching / traction, but you really want to be careful with that. I suggest getting a ved, or a bathmate and trying that out.

Also, for those who have a problem with hinging like you describe, lightly stretching your suspensory ligament may help allow your penis to hang more naturally. My penis hangs much straighter and fuller immediately after doing light stretching in that area. PM me if you want to hear what I do, but none of this is scientifically proven, just things that have made sense to me and see to work.

Bottom line, get a VED, and be more careful with masturbation and sex, and attack peyronies just as everyone else is suggesting.