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Title: Effective traction for hourgalssing at base
Post by: Hricco on January 11, 2022, 09:09:56 AM
Hi Guys

Quick question. 

First, Im a big advocate for heat therapy and traction, and have been doing it, since the onset of Peyronies Disease.  Im convinced it has kept me from a more severe form, I have about 10 degree upward curve and slight twist to the left.  Very functional with low dose of Viagra.

Recently i started to notice some thinning at the base on the right side, right where the shaft meets the body.  I have been able to smooth out dents before with traction over time.  but this one is in a place where the when traction is used, its really stressing that area in particular.  Think about how when you do manual traction, and stretch your penis forward, it thins out at the base, like stretching a piece of bubble gum.   

I'm wondering if traction has caused this hourglass type effect. 

Does anyone have anything like this? tip tricks thoughts for what to try to help smooth it out?