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Title: Sanctioned for critiquing Dr Trost’s studies
Post by: madscientist on January 11, 2022, 02:04:08 AM
Hi gents,

I hope the new year is treating you well.

Not too long ago, last Nov, I made quite a lengthy post delving into critiquing the nature of and methodology employed in Dr. Trost’s Restorex studies.
The salient gist of the points I raised were:
A) Dr. Trost is the inventor of the device and therefore as the sole lead on all Restorex studies, this represents a conflict of interest. Although Mayo Clinic disagrees with this, stating that he had “the opportunity to pick between being an investor in the company and conducting research and he chose the latter. I poised a question relating to the financial incentives he may/may not get from Restorex sales or the promotion of said device.
B) The improvements reported in the studies in question circumscribe around preserving penile length and straightness/reducing curvature. Markers of pain - a significant cause of morbidity in peyronies as you all know, were not assessed. The change in girth measurements; were not measured/reported either - this was in spite the fact that the study medically induced erections in the participants. The studies also failed to measure plaque sizes/numbers, as measured by ultrasound.
C) The studies report “no adverse effects”, not one, and the commentary trivializes discomfort/soreness (these very well side effects of a treatment).

I think it’s fair to single out Restorex, as it’s the only device of its kind that’s been approved by the FDA and peddled for Peyronie’s. The approval process seems rather rushed in my opinion, and the device - with all it’s merits - should be scrutinized.

Hawk, the fine gentleman and founder of this great forum we all use, sanctioned me after this, and found my comments crude/ my tone unfriendly.
I felt this to be rather unfounded, and believe this forum should focus on debating the scientific discourse and medieval ways medical institutions still manage this godforsaken disease.

With blessings and respect to all,

Title: Re: Sanctioned for critiquing Dr Trost’s studies
Post by: Hawk on January 11, 2022, 08:43:40 AM

I am glad you found it necessary to bring this topic up. It opens the door for me to publically discuss your violations which are usually kept private. I hope many will read this as an example to fully understand how we operate their forum and enforce rules. Most of those rules were voted on by the membership we serve so they can continue to have a valuable resource. So, in large part, your gripe is against the members.

In addition to violating the members' rules, you blatantly lied to the members about why I deleted your post. 

You are one of the very few (I think less than a few) who have ever committed the violation of registering under multiple names without being permanently and totally banned. At the time of your official warning, you not only committed that supreme violation, but you also violated the rule of posting on Dr. Trosts Board without filling in your signature line and not having at least 5 posts.  Both are requirements for that board. The rules are prominently displayed at the top of that board. AS YOU WELL KNOW, THOSE ARE THE REASONS I DELETED YOUR POST, NOT BECAUSE YOU QUESTIONED ANYTHING!

As proof that you lied, here is a copy/paste of your warning.
 Your post has been deleted for violating rules for posting on in the professional area of the forum. It is clear that you either do not think it is important to read forum and board rules, or you choose to disregard them.

In addition to your post being deleted, your posts will currently be moderated until a final decision is rendered on permanently banning you for registering under multiple names, another serious forum violation.


I also took the time out of my  busy schedule to send you the following PM offering help!


The proper thing to do would have been to discuss with me your concern with your display name. Since you had never posted, it would have taken me about 10 seconds to change it to MandScientist while keeping the same account. You would have still logged in as MNAS___, but nothing but MadScientist would have been visible to the forum.

Also, if you had trouble with a signature line, I would have walked you through the process or done it for you. So rather than violating rules, it is essential to ask first. It is actually amazing that you were not permanently banned and that this conversation is even taking place.

Here is a link on how to fill in your signature line. If you try and can't do it, let me know, and I will gladly do it for you.
LINK -->,10819.0.html

Once we get your signature line in place, I will clear you to repost. However, it was deleted, and no copy was saved, so you will have to redo it. You could have spared both of us a lot of unnecessary time by asking, reading, and following rules.

As you retype it, please consider that I do not mind direct questions, and I am certain Dr. Trost feels the same. However, I am concerned that your post sounded a little confrontational to one of the most sincere, dedicated doctors I have ever known. He is acknowledged by his colleges and friends as having a brilliant mind. He is also taking time from his family and practice to help men here for free. I think he deserves a little more friendly tone.


You not only disregard the rules put in place to provide the best resource on the internet for men with Peyronies Disease and Erectile Dysfunction but worse, you also appear to be a brazen liar. I will probably think about this and let the members decide your fate.

Title: Re: Sanctioned for critiquing Dr Trost’s studies
Post by: madscientist on January 11, 2022, 03:47:53 PM

-I made a different account to be able to post without being identified - the previous account was made with a name that I often use in public settings - you very well know I had been transparent about this in our correspondence, and had never used my m______6 account to post, period.
-Being new to the forum I didn’t fill my signature line - not out of any explicit reason, but it faded my mind. I corrected this promptly.
-Your tone is extremely confrontational, in all correspondences (both our private and here) - men here are experiencing stressors and I don’t think used charged vocabulary and reducing someone’s discourse to a “gripe against all members” is conducive or healthy.

I’m not sure why you’re attacking me, but I still feel that one the reasons you deleted my post was your disagreement over the supposed “tone” employed in my message - sure amongst other violations - but these were not of malicious intent as highlighted as above.
I’m an academic, first and foremost, and medical student second. I’m not here to butt heads with you man, and would appreciate you actually replying to my critique’s of Dr. Trost’s work, rather than ripping me apart. Kindness goes a long way. Happy to stay or leave.

Title: Re: Sanctioned for critiquing Dr Trost’s studies
Post by: Hawk on January 11, 2022, 09:35:20 PM

You are WAY overdue for a permanent ban and only about one post away from that outcome. You posted a lie, as evidenced by my reply, which you apparently did not read. If you had, you would know the only decent response would have been an apology to the members. Any literate person can read my PM' to you and see it was the opposite of "confrontational in all correspondence ..." Again, that is not the mistake of an illiterate. It is yet another lie. That PM from me should have never been sent because you should have been banned, yet instead of banning you, I offered help and explanation on how you could repost your "critique."

If your inclination is to spin what is open for inspection, then you just as well leave now. There are 20,000 members here, and I will not continue to entertain you. Do NOT attempt to explain why you violate the rules in rapid succession.   As an "academic," it must not have been because of your ignorance. That leaves maliciousness or an egocentric view that you alone are the exception to rules that even I, as the founder, adhere to.
Title: Re: Sanctioned for critiquing Dr Trost’s studies
Post by: madscientist on January 12, 2022, 06:47:09 AM
Look man, I have nothing to add other than all the respect and peace to you as the founder.
Back to furthering science.