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Title: Huge improvement
Post by: samsam on October 29, 2021, 11:47:45 AM
Last month or so I have seen huge improvements. My biggest issue was inflammation, loss of feeling and a very small feelable but unnoticable curve.
 I’ve been taking pentox for about a year. Coq10 for 6 months. Some months ago I added neprinol and biocell collagen + optiMSM.

I have no idea if its the meds or of its just time that goes by but currently im at 85% pre peyronie. I still definitely feel theres something there when looking for it but not constantly as it was before. The pain is gone and erections are “ok”. With tadalafil im at 100% pre peyronie

Again, no idea whats causing this and if this will work for anyone but Im planning to keep the meds for another 6 months.

For anyone that just started this journey. We all been there, just know that things will get better. Maybe not perfect anymore but definitely better.