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Title: Dr. Karpman
Post by: AlohaPete on October 02, 2020, 09:43:35 PM
Aloha guys,

Well I got some good news. I live in Hawaii and my first appointment with my new Urologist who specializes in Peyronie's in Hawaii. However, I am more versed in some areas. He had only done implants with AMS and had not heard of Titans nor Restorex for that matter. Anyway, the one real positive is that he has a relationship with Dr. Karpman and Dr. Karpman comes to Hawaii regularly and does procedures. Apparently, he is an avid surfer. My Urologist wasn't sure if Dr. Karpman used Titans, but I see here that people have claimed that he has. Obviously, Dr. Eid is the gold standard and was considering flying to NY, but having no issues with insurance paying for it, not having to travel at all and being able to recover the whole time in my home with my girlfriend who is a nurse seems to good to pass up. Still I would like some reassurance that Dr. Karpman is the man. I see more RTE use than with Dr. Eid for example. Please advise.

PS I recently changed my Profile name from Pete030 as not be confused with a similar name.
Title: Re: Dr. Karpman
Post by: TonySa on October 03, 2020, 01:04:41 AM
Dr Karpman will do Titan if you let him know that’s all you want.  He does minimize the RTE’s as well.  Don’t ask for no RTE’s, he’ll only add one or two for added length.