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Title: Newly Diagnosed-Size the Cause? Please Advise!
Post by: Acesandjacks on August 23, 2020, 12:53:42 AM
First of all, I am nervous to even post this because I see that sometimes those with “larger penises” get shrugged off or have their motives questioned. I honestly just want help for my peyronies and also want to be a member of your community. I respect all of you and would like your honest advice and opinions, whatever they may be. I just don’t want anyone to think Im bragging in some way.

I saw my Urologist, today and he prescribed topical Verapamil and Vitamin E. Initially, he told me that he was skeptical that I had peyronies because I am 31 and don’t fit the demographic. Upon examination, he felt substantial plaque near the head. I thought it would have been closer to the middle. He told me that I do have peyronies and that it is in the early stages. I asked a lot of questions, as is my nature. He told me that it was most likely caused by rough sex and that my size contributed to the problem. He stated that I was “well endowed” and that this explained my issue, saying I was more prone to damage and that if I was not fully penetrating the vaginal cavity and one of us slipped, the injury could have occurred. I also asked about how I position my penis and how I don’t point my erections up because they become visible over my waistband. His response was that this did not cause any damage but that it likely was making it worse. He suggested that I wear a jock and point it upwards, as my substantial length should not be stuffed where it didn’t fit. I did mention my loss of one inch in length and was told that this was part of the condition but that I would not garner sympathy because most guys fall between 4 inches and 6 inches. I also asked about my loss of vascularity and how my erections no longer firm up completely and sort of hang down. This causes me to use my hand during sex to get my penis where it needs to be. With the new curve, I can’t fully penetrate in most positions and because it is somewhat limp, I need my hand to stabilize the base. His explanation was that there was not enough blood to fill my penis. Again, back to size. He mentioned that my size represented about 1/10th of a percent of his patients. I asked about him needing to see my erection and he said there was no reason. I didn’t push.

He was very nice, professional and knowledgeable. His practice was booming and he seems to know his craft. I am as just surprised by his fixation with my size. He seemed almost miffed that I was even complaining about the curve. He dictated his notes in front of me and noted my specific size three times. I was actually speechless when he told me I would not garner sympathy. So then, my questions are these; Is size actually a factor? Does what he said make any sense? Why did he not need to see my penis erect? Will the topical treatment do anything? Sorry for the rant, but I am new and would like your help and perhaps to hear of similar experiences, if there are any? I don’t want it to get worse, if I can help it.

As always, thank you.
Title: Re: Newly Diagnosed-Size the Cause? Please Advise!
Post by: TonySa on August 23, 2020, 01:55:52 AM
Aces, welcome and please don’t feel inhibited because of your size, you’re suffering from Peyronie’s as we all are.  Be sure to read the the survival guide and bring your questions here.  I’d ask dic to prescribe pentox and especially low dose nightly generic cialis (2.5-5 mg).  The latter will help w erections and both will help to remodel plaque to healthy tissue.  I’d also consider traction, restorex if you can afford it.,12163.msg112616.html#msg112616
And yes, those w more length seem more prone to Peyronies Disease.
Title: Re: Newly Diagnosed-Size the Cause? Please Advise!
Post by: bustedchubb on August 23, 2020, 08:02:22 AM
The sheer attitude and fixation on your size is befuddling.  I honestly would be looking for another urologist and one that specializes in Peyronies Disease treatment and/or andrology.   Peyronie's disease really sucks no matter what size you have, don't let anyone make it less of a deal because you are larger than most. 
Title: Re: Newly Diagnosed-Size the Cause? Please Advise!
Post by: TonySa on August 23, 2020, 05:33:38 PM
Search the site for hard flaccid...physiotherapy is mostly recommended.  I also think that since both pentox and cialis help w blood flow-they may help as well. 
Title: Re: Newly Diagnosed-Size the Cause? Please Advise!
Post by: TonySa on August 24, 2020, 10:02:22 PM
Yes, they should do so.